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Marketing For Manufacturers

Nine Approaches to Marketing for Manufacturers

In the first part of this article we will consider what marketing techniques of Marketing For Manufacturers you should be adopting if you wish to expand your business. We live in a time now where there are literally hundreds of ways that you as a manufacturer can waste your money on ineffective marketing!!

1. Update your website and digital marketing

The last few years of Covid have highlighted the importance of online marketing. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are still laggards when it comes to their digital marketing. A fresh websites design, improving your Google business listing, and working on your SEO can deliver huge dividends and almost immediate ROI in terms of new business. Web design agencies with a strong manufacturing background like Blue Dolphin, can assist you to make a real digital impact. If you want some advice or assistance, please feel free to Contact Us.

2. Enter your business (and win) an award competition

Ideally there will be a prestigious competition and awards ceremony that is ideally targeted towards your business sector or product category. If there is a national competition then it is likely to be highly competitive, but the rewards and associated publicity could be significant.

Perhaps there is an industry trade show. Again with the pandemic these suffered and some are still struggling to attract exhibitors and visitors. A “competition” with a range of awards and the opportunity for promotion could provide a “win” “win” situation

If you can’t find an event that is suitable for your business to enter or sponsor, why not create your own industry competition? Creating a manufacturing business competition could increase brand recognition for your company, through celebrating other thought leaders and innovators within your industry. This would then provide a great way to network with prospective customers and the wider community.

3: Printed Business Cards

While digital mechanisms are often the preferred means of promotion these days, it’s vital not to overlook the humble but incredibly purposeful business card! Having a physical asset to be able to give to potential clients when networking is a valuable asset. A well designed and memorable business card may make its way into the recipients wallet, providing a physical reminder  that is significantly more memorable than an email.

Digital printing has transformed the creativity available within business cards. Why just have a single sided name rank and serial number business card. How about printed both sides, what about folded cards, why not have a suite of cards with a range of messages that are targeted towards the specific recipient.

You could have business cards printed with a unique URL that directs the recipient to exclusive website content . The opportunities to get highly creative with your business card and create a marketing tool with real impact are endless. Combine that with the fact that the design and printing process are much more streamlined than in the past.

Marketing For Manufacturers Blue Dolphin 7 costly mistakes manufacturing waste Blue Dolphin

4. Eye catching Infographics

Well designed infographics are a fantastic way to get information to customers and would-prospects! Interesting and simplified drawings, bright complimentary colours and clear text help draw a reader’s attention to your information.

Research has shown that our brains process images quicker than text (back to the adage of a picture paints a thousand words). This is particularly important in todays social media age, as people are more inclined to share infographics than plain text articles. An interesting book for those interested in the theory of infographics is Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling

5. Instructional, Informative or Educational Videos

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video can present 10,000 words. YouTube is almost the go to resource now if you are looking for instructions on how to do something. It got me thinking on the “How to ” videos I had recently watched  and in the last week there were four

Instructional videos can be a great way to showcase your products and services, provide information on how to perform operations or maintenance. Videos can be hosted directly on your company’s website, or externally on a site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Don’t shy away from this platform if you feel you don’t have the technical skills. The video shown here is hosted on YouTube. For more examples of the various type of video styles available click the video marketing link

6. Trade Events & Exhibitions

Trade events and exhibitions provide the perfect opportunity to pitch yourself where your prospective target customers are likely to visit. In many cases Trade shows have changed  and developed for the better in recent years.

Having to transform themselves from a hospitality “day out” type activity to providing delegates and attendees with real value. So many trade shows and exhibitions now include speakers and presentations. This allows you to attend an event, listen to some highly relevant content and pick up much needed CPD points.

So identifying the exhibition’s that will be of benefit to your prospects is an important activity. But that’s just the start. If you are going to the cost ( both time and money) of attending a trade show you need to maximise your potential to generate enquiries at the event.

7. Advertising & Editorial

Advertising is a technique that’s as old as business itself. Advertising provides the opportunity to get your business / brand / product name in front of people who otherwise may not have known you existed.

The traditional approaches would have been printed, papers, magazines and billboards. Now with the internet and digital technologies it means there are many more ways to advertise to would-be consumers. Whether it’s website, TV, Search, Print, Social, YouTube, or any number of other options, advertising can be a way to get “your name out” and hopefully to generate leads. And these days all mediums (video, sound, images and text) are all readily available to help you get your message across.

There are a number of challenges with advertising, the biggest being that as consumers we are now bombarded with advertising messages, so getting your advertising message seen is a challenge in itself.

  • Back in the 1970’s it was reported that the average person saw 500 to 1600 ads per day
  • In 2007, the market research firm Yankelovich estimated that the average person saw up to 5,000 ads per day, and after surveying 4,110 people, half of them said that advertising was “out of control”.
  • Move to 2021, and although there are no official figures, the average person is now estimated to encounter between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day

So think about it, if you are lucky enough to get your advert seen, make sure its memorable and has a strong call to action.

8. Getting found organically on the internet through search

Every businesses goal is to get on the first page of google for the keywords that your customers are using and ideally getting a top 3 placement. The technique to try and achieve this is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Now SEO is a whole series of articles in its own right so we have produced the following articles that we hope are informative

9. Content marketing

Content marketing is a method to build trust with your ideal prospects and move them into your sales funnel. Content marketing has existed for hundreds of years and was not created for the internet.

To show off his printing expertise Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac was created as a form of content marketing . Brands as diverse as Betty Crocker and  John Deere made fortunes using content marketing long before computers became common place.

Promoting content with blog / news entries has probably been the least expensive apparatus in the advertising tool compartment for the last ten years. Recently businesses have started to accept video and webcasts as substance advertising instruments.

Unfortunately the dynamics of content marketing are changing and it means that you need to find new ways to get your content in front of your ideal customers. You need to be more creative and disciplined in how you showcase your authority and expertise.

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