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Marketing For Manufacturers

Marketing For Manufacturers 3 Top Tips

Marketing For Manufacturers Overcoming Ineffective Approaches

Many approaches of marketing for manufacturers are ultimately ineffective and costly. In working with manufacturing companies over the last 20 years these are some of the problems that we hear manufacturing companies identify when we initially talk to them.

  1. Our website is useless and does nothing to generate us new business
  2. We have tried most advertising methods but none of them seem to work
  3. Its difficult for us to know when to make time for marketing
  4. There are so many ways to do marketing now we don’t know which will be the most suitable
  5. Its harder than ever before to gain and develop new customers
Marketing For Manufacturers 3 Top Tips

Marketing For Manufacturers Top 3 Improvement Tips

Marketing For Manufacturers Tip 1: Make sure your website is connected with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful, easy-to-use reporting tool. With just a few clicks you can decide what data you want to view and then create reports to help with analysis, An important part of the analysis is being able to help you understand which parts of your website are performing well (or alternatively under performing) and which pages and elements are most popular so that you can create a better experience for your customers. The tool is very intuitive and the reports it produces buy zithromax z-pak make it easy to measure and understand engagement and usage on your site. Additionally it only takes a few clicks to quickly create customised reports, visitor segments, and identify important data.

Manufacturers Tip 2: Measure all marketing activities

If you are not measuring the performance of every single marketing activity then you will not be able to identify how well specific activities are performing. Measurement can take place on both online and offline activities.

  • To measure your website performance use Google Analytics as above
  • If you are producing adverts then why not use unique tracking telephone numbers on the advert.
  • Create measurable call to actions and identify which calls to action generate the highest number of actions

Manufacturers Tip 3

Think about the benefits that the product or service provides as compared to just the features that it provides . Many manufacturing companies seem to concentrate on the physical attributes of what they produce as opposed to the benefits that the product provides. This can often lead to adverts that resemble technical specifications. Thinking about how your product helps your customer can lead to a significantly improved customer message.

Marketing For Manufacturers 3 Top Tips

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