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Services Overview

Marketing and Sales Discovery

The suite of Marketing & Sales Strategy services includes the Marketing and Sales Discovery process helps you look at your marketing and sales from a different perspective. It has value as it creates an opportunity for you to think afresh about your approaches. But it is much more that just taking time out as it also brings you the support of Blue Dolphin’s team of Business Development consultants.

Our experienced commercial consultants will challenge your current marketing approach to unlock greater opportunities for successful plans and campaigns. They all have extensive practical marketing and sales experience and will introduce you to some new thinking and techniques. This is possible because of their work with other clients and the time they invest in keeping abreast of the latest innovative marketing and sales developments.

The aim is to help you ensure the marketing and sales planning process is truly driving forward the vision of the business, and not simply an annual exercise for restructuring budgets. For more information on marketing and sales discovery click here


Marketing Strategy & Sales

Warning completing Strategic Marketing with Blue Dolphin will

  • Give you an increased understanding of your customers
  • Help you identify which prospects to target
  • Establish which marketing will give the highest return on investment
  • Establish which of your products or services have the ability to generate you sustainable profit
  • Give you detailed knowledge of your competitors capabilities
  • Challenge your assumptions about the business
  • We help you create your sales and marketing strategy
  • Interested in creating a marketing action plan find out more
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Market Research

They always say “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

A range of practical approaches to gathering you research for improved information and Knowledge .

Our Market Research services

marketing is really scary

Rapid Test Marketing

Rapid Test Marketing For Immediate Results

  • Looks at marketing activities and identifies accurately what is working
  • Allows targeted marketing actions to implemented rapidly and measurements in place to analyse marketing effectiveness
  • Overcomes the subjective nature of a marketing and sales activity performance
  • For more detailed information on rapid test marketing click here

Rapid Test Marketing could provide your business with an effective way to test a new marketing approach

Rapid Test Marketing Blue Dolphin Business Development

Cost, Profit Analysis

Identifying and maximising your most profitable customers / products and services.

  • Which customers are your most profitable?
  • How many customers do you have?
  • How many customers would you like to have?
  • How big is the income of every customer?
  • How much does it cost to serve a customer?
  • Is every customer as profitable as the other?
  • Do you have unprofitable customers?
  • If yes – do you know who they are?
  • If yes – what will you do with them?
  • How profitable are your transactions?

The most common measurement of business success is based purely on sales income in relation to volume – ‘what is our bottom line?’ But ‘bottom line’ figures are often the result of numerous business transactions over a particular time-scale; the resulting data is a simplification of a complex mix of costs.

Marketing & Sales Strategy – Cost & Profit Information

For more information on how you could increase your profitability through a marketing and sales strategy contact Andrew Goode an experienced business development professional. For more information on marketing related topics click here

How profitable is each customer?

How do you find out whether you are really profitable (or not) per customer, product, and/or service?
This kind of information will allow you to identify and focus on more profitable customers/products, whilst also identifying those less profitable areas.

More than a historic approach to sales analysis…
Analysing product and customer profitability…

Cost & Profit Guard (CPG) is an analysis product which calculates the profitability of individual customers, products and services.

You may already be producing lots of accountancy data…but does it allow you to easily make decisions?

CPG uses information from your existing sales income and overheads (operational and manufacturing costs) to provide you with accessible and comparable business information.
You can have up-to-date profit/loss figures for every customer and product in any defined accounting period at your finger tips.

From raw data…to improved decision making

Base future decisions about dealing with customers in a factual, clear and understandable way
Information is presented in an easy to understand and structured way helping you make fully informed business decisions.
You can review the electronic results shortly after the monthly invoices are complete. Results consist of a 12 window matrix where the position of customers/products depends on volume (size) and profitability.
As a live tool this information can be entirely and instantly customised to your particular needs.
The information provided is invaluable:

  • how do your customers buy?
  • what is the impact on selling prices?
  • what are the costs involved?
  • how do the sales, pricing, purchasing, operational and production systems function?

Marketing Campaign Measurement, Marketing Metrics and Analytics

If you would like to know more about marketing metrics and analysis contact Andrew Goode MBA, MSc, FCIM Click here to arrange a call

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