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Marketing Strategy For SME’s

The Importance Of Strategic Marketing Analysis

Strategic analysis is a process which will provide directors and managers with relevant and timely information to support strategic marketing decision making in a dynamically changing world.In the article below we consider the elements for consideration and the approaches to formulating a marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy For SME’s

Strategic Marketing Elements For consideration

  • What are the appropriate approaches required to identify and evaluate the likely and possible causes of change.
  • What can you do identify the opportunities and threats in the broad-scale environment.
  • Analysis of market trends and segments, critical success factors the basis of competition
  • Identifying customer needs and problem identification lading to a detailed understanding of their purchasing behaviour
  • Competitor identification and analysis, in order to establish your competitive position
  • Identifying the value networks, supply chains, possible collaborations that provide competitive advantage
  • Establishing your sources of competitive advantage to allow customer value creation.
  • Ensuring your brands & brand equity are developed as a key strategic asset
  • Ensuring that rigorous, inclusive evaluation conducted
  • Are you internal capabilities, resources, systems, processes, structure, culture, and agility capable of developing strategic market requirements
  • The relationship between your company and its external environment at all levels, 

Approaches To Formulating Marketing Strategy  

  • What will allow you to achieve of competitive advantage.
  • The need to balance short & long term aims / performance requirements
  • From what position do you need to develop the strategy, emergent, turnaround, growth, consolidation. rapid growth etc
    • Market entry and development, market exit, motivation, methods.
    • What is it that provide your differentiation,
    • Where are you aiming to set your market positioning
    • How important is branding.
  • Identifying risks and opportunities
    • What are sources of uncertainty and how can these be reduced,
    • How can we mitigate the risks or enhance the opportunities.
    • Preventive & contingent action.
    • Establishing Critical Success Factors (CSFs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Marketing Strategy For SME’s

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