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Services Overview

Website Design Services

With a strong business development background and highly creative team we provide completely bespoke web design in Peterborough for businesses and organisations who are looking to grow.

Website Design Agency

As a web design agency we recognise the importance of site design and UX design ( user experience ). If you are looking to get more visitors to your website in 2022 contact us.

Our digital team comprises of creative web designers, SEO consultants, digital content creators and optimisation experts. Don’t just take our word for it – Click here to check out our work.

WordPress Websites

WordPress websites designed and built with a purpose click here for more information

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4 Features Your Ecommerce Website Must Have

E Commerce Websites

Whatever the complexity of the product or service you sell, we can develop an Ecommerce websites to sell the items. Our Sell IT approach is a unique method that we use to ensure that the Ecommerce site is specified and developed in line with the business objectives. If you are looking at an e commerce site then going through SellIT process will ensure that your E commerce site is developed in the shortest possible time and the lowest cost.

For more information on Ecommerce websites ( WooCommerce / Shopify / Magento) click here

Website for Marketing and Sales Fiesta Furniture website design peterborough blue dolphin

Secure & Protect

Your website is under continuous attack. At some point, it’s going to get hacked and when it does your site will be infected with Malware. Malware will let criminals control your site in order to send out spam emails, use your site as part of DDoS attacks on other bigger business, or just deface it.

With a secure and protect your site will block suspicious logins from attackers. This reduces the chance of your site being hacked with the malicious code added to your site or your content being changed.

With a secure and updated site your site will speed up. By having the latest Plugins and a spring clean tune up will result in your website becoming faster. Faster websites engage your visitors for longer and rank higher in a Google search results.

Updating WordPress and Plugins closes security holes. As hackers find ways into WordPress, WordPress block these holes and they release updates to the WordPress software. Old versions are easy to hack because these holes become well known. Updates to the latest WordPress will block these kinds of attacks.

There is practically no website downtime during upgrades (downtime could be minutes) as the majority of these updates are done in the background. For more information on Secure & Protect click here

secure and protect website security and updates

Search Engine Optimisation

Once you have a great website you then need to have prospective customers visit it. Making sure that your can be found within the search engines as easily as possible is important.

All of our websites are designed to be as search engine friendly as possible. A lot of rubbish is spoken about and promised on SEO. There are other activities that can be completed to improve your organic rankings. Find out more about Optimise our SEO improvement service.

Click here for more information on SEO dispelling many of the myths and vagaries

For more information on How To Leave A Google Places Review click here

get found

FREE Website Performance Check

Find Out If Your Website Performance Is Losing Your Business

  • Speed plays an important part in website performance how well does yours perform on desktop and mobile?
  • Is your site mobile responsive if not how many customers are you losing?
  • Is your site HTTPS?
  • With GDPR in place is your site legally compliant?
  • Find out about loads more website performance issues
  • Contact Andrew Goode FCIM to discuss your website design
website performance report

Work with web design experts who create websites that generate business

We’re a small web design agency that loves creating websites with a purpose. Our experienced team of website designers have unparalleled experience in creating great looking responsive websites for businesses that actually get results. By focusing on the end user and their user experience allows us to develop a website that matches your business. With over twenty five years of website-building knowledge and over fifty years marketing experience between us, we’re able to create a website design and that works for your business

Responsive web designs

Today with people using a multitude of devices from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones your visitors expect a site that will work easily on different screen sizes. Characteristics that search engines focus on include UX, speed, and multi-device customer journeys. Your website could be the first interaction a prospect has with your business so your website should be working for your business, not against it. Our website design services focus on engaging with your visitors, and ultimately encouraging them to take action.


Bespoke web design services

Every site we create is unique to a customers specific needs and we believe in a bespoke approach when it comes to website design. We use proven WordPress themes, content management platform (CMS)  and functional tried and tested plugins to create the functionality you need. Nothing we deliver is packaged and repurposed for other clients. What makes Blue Dolphin different as a web design company is our strategic approach to creating a website. We’re experts in business development and making sure your business website stands out against competitors

SEO-ready websites

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the highest-converting channels for websites. Correct “white hat” search engine optimisation will fundamentally improve your online presence and gain you a lot of Google love. If it’s done right. We design websites with SEO in mind. From getting the fundamentals correct like keyword research, through to getting the technical elements of the site sorted like site speed, SSL certification, and a strong technical SEO foundation.

Website Design, Web Marketing & SEO Resources

We have produced the following guides and information. These are being constantly added and updated.

Website Design & WordPress Web Design

In todays millennial world it appears that anyone can build a website, but not many website agencies help you build your business. We offer a wide range of marketing and sales, design-led solutions. Whether you are an established business who needs an injection of professional and creative marketing or a small growing business. We will develop a website tailored to your specific businesses needs.

Working with you we help develop your business to achieve the next level of business growth whilst maintaining your brand integrity.

A crucial part of website design is to listen to and understand your needs. We are confident that the finished website is not only exceptionally functional, but good looking and impactful too. Our creative and practical WordPress CMS platforms give you the control you need to easily update or edit content at the touch of a button.

Take a tour of our website portfolio to see examples of sites created. Remember each of these sites is designed specifically. so the site built for you wont be built from a template

web design peterborough tee-kay02
How To Spend Less On Your Next Website Blue Dolphin web design peterborough

Our smart WordPress website solutions ensure that your website continues to be accessible on the ever-changing range of monitors, laptops, smartphones  and mobile devices.

We utilise a wide variety of development tools to optimise your customers user experience. By strategically working with you we design a website around the user experience required by your customers to ensure they have a great website customer journey

By keeping in touch with current trends and technological developments, we ensure that your website design never lags behind the times.

We have specific industry experience and specialise in website design for manufacturing marketing 

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