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Strategic marketing is fundamental for you to achieve differentiation and profitable positioning.

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Project: Identify What Marketing Activities Would Be Required To Develop the UK Market

Output: Detailed analysis of the UK market allowed for presentation back to the US manufacturers

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Project: Market analysis to identify if / size of commercial opportunity

Output: Impartial analysis provided confidence to develop niche product

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Project: Formalised marketing and sales planning with management team to allow prioritisation

Output: Structured strategic thinking & planning sessions with management team led to clear product development and sales strategy

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Project: Development of a National Account sales proposal & presentation

Output: Successfully gained new product listings and range development

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Project: Identify if competitors really offering incredibly low prices and short lead times.

Output: Established exactly how competitors responded to a sales enquiry and what the actual prices and lead times were.

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Project:  Market analysis to identify commercial opportunity and key competitors

Output:  Comprehensive findings allowed for detailed strategic discussions

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Grow Your Business Through Effective Strategic Marketing

Before you waste time or money on marketing or promotional activities, you need a robust marketing strategy in place to ensure you perform these activities effectively.

6L Strategic Marketing from Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd Marketing and Sales Strategy
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We have developed our Strategic Marketing services over the last 20 plus years of helping businesses gain and retain profitable customers.

Warning completing a Strategic Marketing process with Blue Dolphin will

  • Give you an increased understanding of your customers
  • Help you identify which target prospects to target
  • Establish which of your products or services have the ability to generate you sustainable profit
  • Give you detailed knowledge of your competitors capabilities
  • Challenge your assumptions about the business
  • Help you identify which marketing  will give a return on investment

Strategic marketing covers 4 key areas starting with situational analysis “where are you now”. So this can be a very challenging question especially for older more established businesses. In these situations with history, heritage, baggage and people in place evaluating where you are now can be a complex process.

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Once this is completed the next stage is to establish “where you want to be“? Again depending on the people involved this can be a difficult and challenging task. We have worked in businesses where among the Directors growth aspirations have ranged from 5% to 50%. Now achieving a consensus in these situations requires insight in order to make realistic predictions. You can see examples of strategic projects here

The third stage is to establish what marketing and sales activities need to be completed in order to achieve the goals. Developing a Marketing and Sales Action plan with key activities and time lines provides a key route map. We are passionate about measurable marketing and this is critical if you are looking to be able to quantify marketing effectiveness.

If you would like to know more about Strategic marketing then contact one of our marketing advisors alternatively look at some of the strategic marketing projects we have completed

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Strategic marketing is the process of developing a long-term marketing plan that aligns with the overall goals and objectives of a business.

Fundamental principles of strategic marketing that are essential to creating an effective marketing strategy.

  1. Customer Focus: Strategic marketing places a strong emphasis on understanding and meeting the needs of the target market. This requires in-depth research to identify the needs and preferences of the customers, as well as monitoring changes in the market to stay relevant.
  2. Differentiation: Strategic marketing involves identifying the unique value proposition of the product or service being offered and communicating that value proposition to the target audience. This helps to differentiate the brand from competitors and creates a unique selling proposition.
  3. Alignment with Business Objectives: The marketing plan should be aligned with the overall business objectives of the company. The marketing objectives and tactics should be focused on achieving the overall goals of the company, such as increasing revenue, market share, or profitability.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Strategic marketing involves ongoing evaluation and refinement of the marketing plan to ensure it remains relevant and effective. This includes measuring the success of marketing campaigns and adjusting tactics based on performance.
  5. Integration: Strategic marketing involves the integration of various marketing channels and tactics to create a cohesive and effective marketing strategy. This can include using multiple channels, such as social media, content marketing, and email marketing, to reach and engage the target audience.

Overall, the fundamental principles of strategic marketing focus on understanding and meeting customer needs, differentiating the brand, aligning with business objectives, continuously improving the marketing plan, and integrating marketing channels for maximum impact.

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Proper marketing planning prevents poor business performance

A marketing action plan is dynamic and when prepared well will provide you with a structure that includes key tasks and dates with resource allocations demonstrating commitment to action not just to planning.

There are 4 key steps in the logic of preparing a marketing action plan:

Step 1: Establish where are we now?
Step 2: Identify the strategic options available and decide which way to go
Step 3: Consider the financial implications, human resource needs and operational issues
Step 4: Consolidate all the earlier steps by setting out a timetable, budgets and role allocation

Avoid These B2B Marketing Mistakes

If your company

• Has lost its business direction
• Is struggling to find new customers
• Finds it difficult to up sell and cross sell
• Is looking at diversification as a route forward

Call 01733 361729 where we will be happy to discuss how a marketing action plan could help you grow your business or click here for more information. Andrew Goode has many years of experience in creating marketing action plans click here

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Creating A Marketing Action Plan

Elements that will be covered within the marketing action plan include

• Analysis of existing customers
• Analysis of your existing product base
• Evaluating organisational strengths and weaknesses
• Identifying if you are capable of making the required changes
• Looking at options i.e.
• Staying pretty much the same
• Supplying new products to existing customers
• Supplying existing products to new customers
• Diversifying by offering new products to new customers
The above provides an overview in the development of a marketing action plan.

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