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Peterborough Marketing Tactics

Peterborough Marketing Tactics vary company by company, sector by sector.

Just because some marketing tactics work within a business or sector, doesn’t mean that you can simply copy them, apply them to your business and expect success. In this article about Peterborough Marketing Tactics we will consider this from the basis of customers through to competitors

What is marketing  – a very big question and we summarised it by SCP (satisfying customers profitably)

1. Why do Customers buy from you – evaluation by the 5 L model developed by Bob Hogg

  • Live – those businesses / people you currently do business with
  • Loyal – those who love to purchase from you
  • Likely – the element that many focus on first – due to the thrill of the chase and naivety
  • Lapsed – those who we fought hard to get but who haven’t purchased again
  • Lost – those who have dropped out of our radar and are buying elsewhere

2. Is the product or service you supply FIT for purpose

  • Considering segmentation – the process of breaking the market into smaller groups of people who exhibit similar needs. So that we can identify what the exact needs of the segment are
  • Where is the product in its product life cycle
  • Considering what makes up your product or service from the perspective of
  • Core benefit – problem solved for the customer
  • Actual product – the physical design / functionality
  • Augmented – warranty / after sales service / branding
  • Potential – future developments
Peterborough Marketing

3. The importance of being different

  • Are you just the same as your competitors or do you have a Blackpool Tower factor
  • Looking at the issue of direct, indirect and future competitors
  • Establishing where you are positioned in relation to your competitors against the factors of pricing and perceived user value

4. Why a marketing action plan is important

  • the importance of having an effective strategy (doing the right things) and combining it with efficient tactics (doing things right)
  • Looking at your business from a customer and product perspective in order to identify which approaches are market penetration – doing more with your existing customers
  • Product/ service development – identifying what new developments could be offered to your existing customers
  • Market development – which new customer segments could you target
  • Diversification – do you need to offer new products to a new target audience
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5. How to get found on the web

  • What is the search engine of choice – almost 100% use Google
  • 4 key factors to get found on the web
  • make sure its for a highly relevant term
  • make sure that there is actually traffic for that search term
  • choose a term that isn’t massively competitive
  • make sure that if you get found for the term it has commercial significance
  • What happens when a visitor arrives at your website?
  • Can you use offline activities to get people to your website
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6. An approach for Marketing Return on Investment

  1. Know your target customer
  2. Make the offer and message relevant
  3. Select the relevant media
  4. Establish what action do you want them to take
  5. Measure

How To Overcome Ineffective Peterborough Marketing Tactics

4 key reasons why Peterborough marketing tactics don’t work

  • The nonsense of not concentrating on selling more to existing customer’s
  • The energy sapping and inefficient activity of going for new customers
  • How new products or services get developed without knowing if there is a customer need
  • Why sometimes the best thing to do is something completely different

How you can significantly improve your Peterborough marketing activities

  1. Clearly segmenting their existing customer list
    • Which existing customers would you benefit from sacking (that’s right, are there customers that would actually be beneficial for you to lose or give to your competitors)
    • Which type of customers are the most profitable – not all customers are equal, are there certain customers where you should be providing a higher level of service
    • etc
  2. Targeting and profiling which new customers they want to gain
    • If you know the reasons why existing people use you it makes it easier to work out who to target
      • How to target them
      • When to market to them
      • etc
  3. Identifying from existing customers what additional products or services they have a need to purchase
    • Especially if they tell you about shortfalls in current supply
    • Pains that they have that aren’t being met
    • The value that they would be prepared to pay if such a product or service was available
    • etc
  4. Knowing how well their existing products or services matched the needs of their existing market
    • Sometimes the product you were making just isn’t relevant any more Analogue Televisions, Slide Rules etc
    • What if you come across a unique product that is suitable for a completely different set of customers
    • etc

Marketing tactics for Peterborough Independent Retailers

  • As an independent retailer in Peterborough are you looking to increase your sales and grow your business?
  • Would you benefit from some practical training, support and advice focused around your business activities?
  • Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities both offline and online i.e. achieve more at a lower cost?
  • What if you could test some of your Sales messages and Promotional materials before you committed to £ spend?

The Peterborough Marketing Action programme for Independent Retailers is designed to help you develop the most effective marketing actions for your business.

“This is the most exciting initiative I have seen offered to retailers in years. It provides practical and expert marketing guidance to make a genuine difference to retailers. At virtually no cost, there are huge benefits and I believe this is a great opportunity for the Independent retailers in Peterborough”

Steve Bowyer – Opportunity Peterborough

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Marketing Tactics For Peterborough Engineering company

The power of video

Working with Peterborough based engineering company Seefold Engineering Services we have developed a range of videos to showcase its wide range of products and services (Key point: it’s all about the messages – not the technology to create the video)

If a picture paints a 1000 words, then how many words are conveyed by a 30 second video. Seefold Engineering Services wanted to showcase information on their HVAC capabilities and specific industry sector information. This was achieved quickly and cost effectively using the latest video technology.

Simply Showcase Capabilities

The video allowed SES to profile their wide range of bathroom fitting capabilities in an easy to follow format for the viewer. The video is also stored on an i phone which allows SES engineers to show customers without web access their bathroom capabilities. Customer feedback has been very positive to this format. The simplicity of the system allows SES to easily add additional images as new bathrooms are designed and installed.

With a great track record of installing heating and plumbing into heritage buildings, SES wanted a video that they could use when initially contacting new heritage contacts. Over time the video could be enhance by the addition of customer testimonials.

The classic marketing problem is that we have clients who say “I didn’t know you did that”, the development of a 120 second video which showcases the diverse services provided by SES allows them to easily give a flavour to a customer of the wide range of services they are able to provide. Note a 30 second can often be developed for as little as £hundreds which can make it a highly cost effective promotional tool.

The Power of Single Focus – or how doing one thing means you get more done

How can we get more done at work

We all want to get more done during the course of the day but what is the key issue that stops us achieving. I have been to a number of events recently where this has been a key focus.

In recent business trips to the US I have listened to Dr Lisa Lang talk about the ‘Theory of Constraints’ and more recently I sat in on a session called the ‘power of single focus’. Essentially what both approaches lead towards is as business leaders / business owners we try and take on too many projects and manage too many tasks simultaneously. This results in us constantly stopping and starting.

“Change your clients mindset or Change your clients”

In summary ‘Theory of Constraints’ and the ‘Power of Single focus’ suggest that if you focus on a single project and complete of much of it as you can before moving onto the next project you will achieve significantly more with the same level of resource.

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Peterborough Marketing Tactics – What is your point of differentiation

As a Marketing Peterborough consultancy sometimes we fall foul of jargon (just like any industry). So key elements of the process

  • Segmentation – to make sure we understand the customer profiles that choose our product / service
  • Differentiation – what makes us different from the others
  • Positioning – how we rate on a price / value basis
  • etc

Wow, Why and Wooh

After 20 years in marketing, I heard an Australian marketeer describe the key elements of marketing in there words Wow, Why and Wooh.
  • So the WOW in a nutshell is the emotion that needs to be created when you first engage with the prospect / customer whether its in person or through communications material. From a business to business perspective this is very well illustrated by the following ” When I get your proposal do i go WOW?”
  • Now Wow things don’t have to be massive to have a major impact. The example of having a fly etched into the men’s urinals  in a number of public toilets is a great example of this. (For those who are interested and cant fully visualise I can supply images.) By having something in the urinals for men to focus on, spillage has been reduced by 80%. Showing that
    • The little things you do can make a profound difference
    • Its the little things that you do habitually that define you
  • Now Wows are never static – in a rapidly changing world we need to be constantly striving to develop our WoWs. So going back to our toilets. In a number of premium quality airport toilets they have a touch screen feedback screen where on exiting the toilets you can rate your experience on the cleanliness of the facilities. A set of 5 icons from smiley face to Unhappy face allow you to rate the experience. In the event of someone being unhappy with there experience a cleaner visits the toilets within 30 seconds — WOW.

Peterborough Marketing tactics

Peterborough B2B SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) can employ various marketing tactics to generate leads and inquiries. Here are some effective strategies to consider:

  1. Content Marketing: Create high-quality content, such as blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, and industry reports, that address the pain points and challenges of your target audience. Share this content through your website, social media platforms, email newsletters, and industry forums to establish your expertise and attract potential leads.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimise your website and content to rank higher in search engine results for relevant keywords. Focus on local SEO by including location-specific keywords, such as “Peterborough B2B solutions,” to target businesses in the area actively seeking your services.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Utilise social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to engage with your target audience. Share valuable content, participate in relevant industry groups, and join conversations to build relationships with potential leads. Consider running targeted ads to reach a wider audience.
  4. Email Marketing: Build an email list of interested prospects and existing customers. Send regular newsletters, updates about new products/services, industry insights, and exclusive offers to nurture leads and encourage inquiries. Personalise your emails based on recipients’ interests and preferences to increase engagement.
  5. Networking and Partnerships: Attend local business events, conferences, and trade shows in Peterborough to connect with potential customers and industry professionals. Build partnerships with complementary businesses in the area to leverage their networks and refer clients to each other.
  6. Thought Leadership: Position yourself as an industry thought leader by speaking at industry events, hosting webinars, or publishing guest articles in relevant publications. This enhances your credibility and increases the likelihood of generating leads and inquiries.
  7. Referral Programs: Implement a referral program where you offer incentives to existing clients and contacts who refer new customers to your business. This can help generate word-of-mouth referrals, which are often highly effective.
  8. Online Advertising: Consider running targeted online ads, such as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on search engines or social media platforms. Ensure your ads have compelling messaging and a clear call-to-action to encourage users to click and inquire.
  9. Website Optimisation: Make sure your website is user-friendly, visually appealing, and optimised for lead generation. Include prominent contact forms, clear calls-to-action, and compelling landing pages that address the needs of your target audience.
  10. Customer Testimonials and Case Studies: Showcase success stories and testimonials from satisfied clients on your website and marketing materials. These can help build trust and demonstrate the value you provide, encouraging potential leads to reach out.

Marketing tactics should be tailored to your specific target audience and industry. Regularly measure and analyse the effectiveness of each strategy to refine your approach and optimise your lead generation efforts. If you would like to know more about Peterborough marketing tactics contact Andrew Goode MBA, MSc, FCIM Click here to arrange a call

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