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Security Secure & Protect

Your website is under continuous attack. At some point, it’s going to get hacked and when it does your site will be infected with Malware. Malware will let criminals control your site in order to send out spam emails, use your site as part of DDoS attacks on other bigger business, or just deface it.

Secure and Protect is our security update service and provides the following benefits:

1: Your site will block suspicious logins from attackers

  • This reduces the chance of your site being hacked with the malicious code added to your site or your content being changed.
  • Your site becomes a part of a network or secure WordPress sites and if any one of them is under attack, it tells all the other sites in the network to block that attack. The network is made up of millions of other WordPress sites so the protection is huge.

2: Your site will speed up

  • Latest Plugins and a spring clean tune up will result in your website becoming faster
  • Faster websites engage your visitors for longer and rank higher in a Google search results. Click here for more information

3: Updating WordPress and Plugins closes security holes

  • As hackers find ways into WordPress, WordPress block these holes and they release updates to the WordPress software. Old versions are easy to hack because these holes become well known. Updates to the latest WordPress will block these kinds of attacks.

4: There is practically no website downtime

  • During upgrades (downtime could be up to 1 minute) as the majority of these updates are done in the background

Find Out More About WordPress Security & Updates

For more information on WordPress security and updates contact Andrew Goode and arrange a consultation. Click here for more examples of work we have completed for clients in there digital marketing.

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