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Website Design Criteria Blue Dolphin Website Design Peterborough

Website Design Criteria

Your website is the place where the majority of people will have an interaction with your business. Your offline and online marketing / promotional activities will most likely send prospects to your website. They will primarily go to the website…

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Benefits Of SEO Website Marketing Blue Dolphin Binoculars

The Top 19 Benefits of SEO

What Are The Benefits Of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) And Why Do You Need It? The leading search engines are Google, Bing, YouTube, and Yahoo. Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website to maximise organic traffic from…

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SEO Website Marketing Blue Dolphin Magnifying Glass With Covid Mask

Web Marketing SEO

Search Engine Optimisation Helps You Maximize Your Marketing & Sales ROI To make profitable sales and retain customers, you must be visible where your customers fact-find ( do their research) hangout, communicate and exchange opinions, and potentially shop. Following the…

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Web Marketing Benefits Website Design Crucial Stages Man On Rocks Looking At Sun Blue Dolphin Website Design

Web Marketing Benefits

If you're running a business or involved in a smaller business the likelihood is that your to-do list runs to multiple pages of A4 With a schedule of urgent and important actions, business owners can’t afford to chance around with…

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Website Marketing Guide Blue_dolphin_website_design_peterborough Crop

Website Marketing Guide

A good website is a great marketing tool that you have complete control over. It represents the shopfront of your business on the Internet the marketing element that most prospects / customers will see first. Making it one of the…

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Should You Put Prices On Your Website Pricing Board Blue Dolphin Business Development Website Design Peterborough

Should You Put Prices On Your Website

Reasons / Excuses Given For Not Putting Pricing Information on Websites Firstly this article doesn't refer to Ecommerce websites as the entirety of an Ecommerce  website is about pricing. This article is aimed at B2B / Business websites, yes if…

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Website Design Crucial Stages Random People Wandering Blue Dolphin Web Design

Website Design Crucial Stages

Are you are considering improvements to your website, or possibly even completely redesigning it? If yes where is the correct place to start? With numerous components that make up a website, it can be difficult to know where to start…

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Website Marketing Plan Website Design Peterborough

Website Marketing Plan

How to Create a Website Marketing Plan for Your New Site Lets consider the following scenario. After weeks or months of hard work you have finished creating your website and made your new website live! That’s a major milestone. But…

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Website Marketing Techniques Cant See The Woood For The Trees Website Design Peterborough Blue Dolphin

Website Marketing Techniques

The importance of getting found. You can have the best product or service in the world, but without effective advertising and promotion, no one will know about it. This is particularly relevant if you are operating in a highly competitive…

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Website Marketing Strategies Blue Dolphin Website Design Peterborough

Website Marketing Strategies

Correctly Executing Website Marketing Strategies The list of internet / website marketing strategies I have included below is by no means complete but includes in my opinion the more timeless ones. By nature of being timeless ( as opposed to…

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Top 5 Small Business Website Marketing Tips

Top 5 Small Business Website Marketing Tips

Top 5 Small Business Website Marketing Tips 1: New content is required frequently and consistently to build search engine presence. 2: Consider your website as a lead generation machine. 3: Get Proactive with Social Media and Email. 4: Your website is never finished. 5: Keep on top of your websites health and performance
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Does Your Website Help Generate New Business Does The Site

Does your website help generate new business?

For many companies having a website is almost part of the marketing shopping list Business cards -  make sure, they are well designed and printed on quality stock 400gsm min Email address -  use a personalised address e.g. not…

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