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Simple Guide To Domain Transfer web design and marketing Blue Dolphin Peterborough

Simple Guide To Domain Transfer

Domain name selection One of the first steps to create a great website is choosing the right domain name. Popular domain names go quickly. So, once you've thought of one you like, use a domain name search such as LCN…

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Your First Ecommerce Store is your website designed for customers web design and marketing blue dolphin peterborough

Your First Ecommerce Store

The need for SME's to consider Ecommerce In a challenging and fast moving business landscape, establishing a robust online presence has become an additional consideration for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). As the digital marketplace continues to flourish, SMEs are…

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the ideal marketing person market research web design and marketing blue dolphin peterborough 5

The Ideal Marketing Person

In today's dynamic business landscape, successful marketing goes beyond traditional advertising and posting on social media. A true marketing professional is a strategic thinker, a meticulous planner, and a versatile executor on multiple platforms. To provide a total solution for…

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A Guide To B2B Discounting Blue Dolphin Business Development

A Guide To B2B Discounting

While offering discounts can be a powerful tool to boost sales and build strong B2B relationships, it should be part of a comprehensive strategy that considers the long-term impact on profitability, customer loyalty, and the overall positioning of your business…

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Ensure Your Marketing Is Profitable blue dolphin business development

Ensure Your Marketing Is Profitable

Should marketing be considered as a cost or an investment? Marketing for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) is a critical aspect that requires careful consideration regarding its classification as a cost or an investment. While the traditional mindset might perceive…

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Guide to Website Development web design peterborough blue dolphin

Guide to Website Development

What is website development A website stands as the virtual storefront, the first encounter for users seeking information, services, or products. Behind the sleek interfaces and interactive features lies the intricate art of website development, a process that encompasses a…

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what are wordpress website pluginst

WordPress Website Plugins

What are Plugins? Applications are everywhere. But no app can be all things to all people, and that could be why you're asking "what are plugins?" No individual piece of software can deliver every function for every user — no…

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The Importance of Quality Content & Backlinks blue dolphin

The Importance of Quality Content & Backlinks

Did you know one of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings, regardless of your niche or industry, is to increase the number of "quality" backlinks to your website. In this article on Quality Content & Backlinks we…

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Marketing Strategy For SME’s

Marketing Strategy For SME’s

Marketing is CRITICAL for SME's Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, but it is especially important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to compete in a crowded market. A well-crafted marketing strategy for SMEs can help them…

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competitor research blue dolphin

Competitor Research For SME Businesses

The ability to understand and adapt to the moves of your competitors is paramount for sustainable growth. For B2B enterprises, where intricate relationships and strategic partnerships shape the market, conducting thorough competitor research becomes a strategic imperative. In this article,…

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unleash the power of keyword research

Unleashing The Power of Keywords

As a business trading in todays digital environment where information is king and visibility is key, mastering the art of keyword research is the gateway to online success. Whether you're a seasoned digital marketer, a business owner, or a budding…

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Marketing Campaign Measurement Marketing Metrics and Analytics saw tooth graph Blue Dolphin Marketing Consultant

Marketing Campaign Measurement

Marketing campaign measurement should not be about proving ROI, but improving ROI. Marketers tend to overemphasize their assessments of media and marketing channels, since these align to the budget allocation process and tend to be visible to the MD and…

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