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5 Top Tips For Success In Video Marketing
Marketing is very subjective and there are numerous ways to approach it. We firmly believe that within marketing understanding the end destination and objectives is the key element. With the improvements in broadband, the ease of distribution and the millennial generation video has become an increasingly popular, but video can be a very ineffective marketing tool . In this article we will look at 5 tips to help you be more successful in video marketing.
Digital Marketing Snippets
The world of digital marketing changes at an alarming rate. In this article I am going to cover some digital marketing changes that I have become aware of. So in no particular order lets go through the digital marketing snippets Google My Business – You can now place adverts on maps (these are called promoted pins) Voice search update – with an ever increasing number of voice searches being made ( where people ramble on) searches
Marketing - Dare To Be Different
Getting heard today can be incredibly difficult. With so much “noise” around and so many marketing and promotional messages intruding our business and personal space how do you make sure that your marketing gets noticed. Now you might not be lucky enough to have a golden egg that looks dramatically different from all the other white eggs in the market place. Communicating messages that look just like your competitors might not be enough to get
6 Marketing Approaches For Better Business
Marketing is all about understanding needs, being different and identifying opportunities to add value. Hopefully some of the pieces withing this article will provide as much inspiration as a well pulled pint. Innovation that comes from improvising a solution ( Jugaad) There are 6 key principles Do more with less Keep it simple Think and act flexibly Seek opportunity in adversity Include marginal customers in your thoughts Follow your heart – be passionate Frugal Innovation
Getting Your Proposition Right Through Keywords and Conversations
If you own a shop or business, you have conversations with your prospects and customers (The same is true with the opportunity presented when they land on your website). On the web people are using keywords / key phrases in search because they are looking for help to a problem, question or purchase So, let’s consider the following fictional (or not so fictional) scenario Keyword used – Dog friendly boat hire Wroxham Real world conversation
Key Drivers in Purchasing Online
Thinking about the issues that impact on a customer when purchasing online (or even purchasing through a traditional route i.e. in-store or from a sales call). Objections could be seen as “needs” in disguise. By answering these objections can help in the decision-making process Why should I Do I really want too Am I ready In the online world there are often indicators to encourage purchase Timers – countdown how long the product on offer
5 E commerce Set Up Factors For Success
If you are looking to Sell products online – and take payment Create wish lists  – so customers can compare and contrast Provide the ability for a customer to request a quote – so you can respond back with a price Showcase some products clearly – so a customer has information for further action Then an e commerce platform could be just what you need. Whether it’s Shopify to give you a low cost start,
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5 Creative Killers
The world is a more interesting place with your ideas in it. Within the workplace it is only when we discuss and collaborate that we can stimulate creative and innovative change. Look out for the 5 creative killers within your organisation. 5 Creative Killers I don’t know how to start I’m not allowed I just don’t have time I’m not a creative, no one cares what I do I’m not good enough Creativity is nearly
All You Ever Wanted To Know About SEO
There is a lot written about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in this article we will go through some of the myths and misconceptions associated with the subject. As SEO is only part of the marketing mix when it comes to generating business through a website some of the myths are of a more general SEO perspective. So lets look in detail at the Top 8 SEO myths Myth 1: SEO is a Scam SEO is
digital disruption blue dolphin business development ltd
Disruption and change are a constant threat and opportunity to business. Over time businesses have had to adapt to the Agricultural revolution, Industrial Revolution and now the Digital Revolution. This change means that there are winners and losers. Just because you have a great product or service now doesn’t mean that you will have a product for the future. Think of the following scenario – in the past to complete difficult mathematical calculations you could
How Having A Strong Brand Allows You To Charge More
How Having A Brand Allowed A 30% Increase On Price When comparing apples with apples one of the elements to be considered is brand. Now I hadn’t realisd that there were any brands of apples, I mistakenly thought that you were just purchasing a “variety” of apple. So you buy a Cox’s, Bramley, Golden Delicious etc.  There is in fact a brand of apple and that brand is “Pink Lady”. Now this brand has been
Approaches To Improve Your Sales
The Start Point For Sales Approaches to improve your sales, a fundamental basis is that you must have the following three attributes; hope, faith and integrity. This then links with having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). There are many descriptions of PMA, I think it can be summarised as having a can do / will try approach with the ability to get going (i.e. no inertia). Additionally the two principles of Reciprocity (i.e. doing others
Embroidered Work Polo Shirts
Embroidered Work Polo Shirts – Matching Men’s and Women’s Styles Choose from a range a stylish, high performance polo shirts, many with matching men’s and ladies styles..  These styles can be easily embroidered with your logo or design. Choose a reputable decorator (manufacturer) who will manufacture to the highest standards ensuring your logo is clear and sharp. Embroidered Work Polo Shirts – Personalised Once you place an order you can typically expect a sample of
Welding Inspection – Criteria, Reasons and Approach
Welding Inspection is a crucial role and there are three certification levels available. These are Senior welding inspector Welding inspector Visual welding inspector In many instances it is the role of the senior welding inspectors to manage and supervise welding inspectors team to complete the welding inspection to deliver compliance of welded structures and products. Welding Inspection – Criteria There are many characteristics of a weld that can be evaluated during welding inspection. Some of
Thin Double Glazed Units – Technology For Heritage
Thin double glazed units provide the perfect solution for solving the glazing conundrum on heritage or historic properties that have previously suffered from the heat losses associated with older single glazing. Being thin they match the visual aesthetics of the original glass but have significantly improved thermal characteristics. In this article we look at thin double glazed units and the benefits they provide. Thin Double Glazed Units – Why They Are Needed As the pressures
Maximise Your Marketing & Sales Activities (Part 2)
In maximise your marketing & sales activities part 1 we considered a number of factors including Keeping business objectives simple Identifying why customers should choose you Marketing metrics Customer lifetime value The fact that marketing is a professional specialism, just like accountancy, legal, HR, Engineering etc In this article we will consider additional activities that should be considered Maximise Your Marketing & Sales Activities 11. Don’t fail to train With marketing techniques changing and developing
Maximise Your Marketing and Sales Activities
The majority of businesses would ideally look to maximise their Marketing & Sales activities. In this article we look at some key principles that when applied can significantly improve the chance of your business making profit. Work through the list below and identify where you are under performing and where changes could make a difference. Maximise Your Marketing & Sales Activities Ask yourself the question “Why should I choose you” If the answer is based upon “we are
Improve Your Sales Profitability Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd
5 Recent Examples Of Issues Impacting on “Profitability” Over the last 2 months we have spoken with a number of companies who have all faced “profitability” issues. In working with them the following issues were identified as impacting on profits Response to a sales enquiry Complicated purchasing process Wasting money on ineffective marketing Poor / No management of existing customers Being a best kept secret These issues are considered in more detail below 1 Response to a sales
Listen First For Great Marketing
In B2B good marketing should be a conversation between the buyer and the selling. In order to optimise this process the art of listening needs to be gained prior to the discussing and selling that will need to take place, but often occur too quickly and often at the wrong time. In this article we will look at the 3 stages Listening Discussion Selling 1: Listening The reason and importance of quality listening cannot be understated. You
Marketing Transformation – Impact of Technology
Marketing is being transformed within every sector through technology. Cloud computing with smart phones puts super computers in the pocket of a massive quantity of users. This now provides the opportunity to reach anybody at any time (through a wide variety of communication media – telephone, e mail or any of the appropriate social methods) This can be seen as beneficial as research indicates that 6 to 8 touch points are still required to educate and inform
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