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customer lifetime value marketing by Blue Dolphin

Customer Lifetime Value Calculation

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the metrics that any growing company should be measuring. You can measure how long it takes to recoup the investment required to earn a new customer by measuring customer lifetime value in relation…

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maximise your marketing asure your marketing for improved sales blue dolphin marketing and websites

Maximise Your Marketing and Sales Activities

The majority of businesses would ideally look to maximise their Marketing & Sales activities. In this article we look at some key principles that when applied can significantly improve the chance of your business making profit. Work through the list and identify where you are under performing and where changes could make a difference.
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Mobile Website Design Issues mean_green_mowers-website-on-mobile-phone

Mobile Website Design Issues

The importance of website design for mobile applications Today, almost 50% of users access the web from mobile devices. What does this mean for you as a business and web designers? It means that we must consider mobile website design issues…

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How To Design A Website Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd website design peterborough laptop and monitor

How To Design A Website

How To Design A Website for maximum performance is a complex subject. Designers and developers have to consider both functional design (how the website works) and visual appearance (how the website looks). The process of design can be tricky, with…

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Marketing For Manufacturers Blue Dolphin 7 costly mistakes manufacturing waste Blue Dolphin

Marketing For Manufacturers

Nine Approaches to Marketing for Manufacturers In the first part of this article we will consider what marketing techniques of Marketing For Manufacturers you should be adopting if you wish to expand your business. We live in a time now where…

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Creating A Marketing & Sales Action Plan Blue Dolphin Business Development Website design

Creating a Marketing & Sales Action Plan

An approach to help improve your marketing and sales Rationale for an Action Plan I often get asked by companies, why do we need to actually have a strategic document or a formalised business plan? It amazes me that today's…

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6 costly mistakes missing out on support Blue Dolphin

6 Costly Mistakes Manufacturers Are Unknowingly Making

Manufacturing Company Business Mistakes The six mistakes covered within this article are costly and painful and can destroy your manufacturing business. If you stop making them, you will have a more successful, enjoyable and profitable business. Nearly 90% of small…

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Marketing Forecasting Blue Dolphin Business Development website design

Marketing Forecasting & Implementation

Marketing Forecasting That's Highly Accountable Forget Fluffy Forecasting - Marketing Needs To Get Real Forecasts matter. MD's, FD's and board members are impressed by accurate, forward-looking forecasts; especially those that cover a longer time frame. At most companies this is…

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Marketing Campaign Measurement Marketing Metrics and Analytics saw tooth graph Blue Dolphin Marketing Consultant

Marketing Campaign Measurement

Marketing campaign measurement should not be about proving ROI, but improving ROI. Marketers tend to overemphasize their assessments of media and marketing channels, since these align to the budget allocation process and tend to be visible to the MD and…

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marketing revenue analytics funnel from awareness to customer Blue Dolphin Business Development

Marketing Revenue Analytics

Marketing Revenue Analytics To perform well in today’s changing marketplace, marketing must begin to operate and sound more like sales. Marketing must “manage a predictable, reliable funnel with a plan that ultimately produces higher value leads and maximizes revenue. ”Today’s…

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Marketing Measurement Metrics Marketing Metrics and Analytics charts on laptop Blue Dolphin Marketing Consultant

Marketing Measurement Metrics

Marketers have to be clear about what marketing produces and the Marketing Measurement Metrics they use. Sales sells, but what does marketing produce? A marketing answer might be brand awareness, enquiries, leads, and sales tools. Unfortunately the above marketing answers…

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marketing roi diagram Blue Dolphin Marketing

Marketing ROI Planning

Should Marketing Have To Justify Its Position with Marketing ROI The two most common questions asked by non-marketing business people are: “Does our marketing generate any value for the business?” “How do we know that marketing really works?” Unfortunately, these…

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