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Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd
Registered Office
Fraser Ross House, 24 Broad Street, Stamford, PE9 1PJ
Company Number 6123312
Vat Number 900 988 119

Phone: 01733 361729


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Our Team

The team at Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd has been assembled over the last 18 years and incorporates a number of trusted associates who have worked with us on numerous projects. The team is made up of specialists in

With experience in engineering / manufacturing along with other aspects of the supply chain before getting into Marketing and Sales. Our strategic consultants are pragmatic, able to see the bigger / longer term picture and happy to tell it how it is.

“Strategy shouldn’t be an excuse for inactivity of pontification. We help companies think about the bigger business picture so that effective marketing and sales can be implemented”

WordPress is a brilliant platform with great capabilities to make it a very good tool for marketing and sales. Our developers have many years of experience configuring, integrating and customising to maximise its capabilities.

“We love WordPress it provides us with the perfect platform to create web functionality that meets the marketing and sales requirements”

A website must now look great across a wide range of devices (mobile, tablet, laptop etc) our designers design great looking sites that work across all platforms.

“We love it when clients go WOW, its even better when we can see that visitors and customers are clicking and taking action on the site”

In today’s fast, furious and crowded business environment, there has never been a time when its been so important to stand out and get noticed (for the right reason). Good graphic design can help documents get read, web pages get clicked and importantly enquiries get made.

“Over the last 12 years we have designed brochures, created adverts, designed hundreds of logos and icons, produced product graphics and designed websites that customers get noticed”

Our designers can create a wide range of motion graphics. From the simple eye moving egg, through to complex revolving and moving imagery than can effectively communicate how something will work.

“If you are trying to get a web page / email noticed, the addition of motion graphics could help encourage click through and action”

If you want to get in front of your digital customers immediately then adwords (PPC) provides an option. Our team have experience in running campaigns for both Google and Facebook.

“If you have set up your own adwords campaign and seems to be burning cash without generating enquiries our analysts can help”

In today’s digital world content is king. Our team or experienced copywriters produce a range of optimised web content produced to get found along with authority content designed to increase credibility and showcase capabilities.

“We recently produced a series of client optimised web articles. We adapted this content to create an authoritative download white paper. Once the designers had added their creative input it looked very impressive and authoritative”.

All our SEO practitioners practice White Hat SEO techniques. From setting up 301 redirects, sitemaps, speed optimisation, to ensuring pages are optimised for Google. SEO is a bigger picture activity and its not possible to con Google so our team follow the best practices available.

“SEO requires a range of skills and we have these in house allowing us to effectively work on client projects”

We find for many of our B2B customers Email marketing still consistently delivering the highest ROI. Our team will create the offer, write and design the email and manage the delivery activity and campaign measurement.

“We primarily use Mailchimp for email campaigns and find it integrates brilliantly with WordPress and workbooks”

Our team have completed a wide range of videos. From simple product demonstrations, through to corporate videos that showcase a company’s capabilities. We also complete a lot of editing to existing video footage to shorten (removing unwanted elements) and adding corporate credentials.

“If a picture paints a thousand words, what could you communicate in a thirty second video”

Building and maintaining your customer database is a core activity for today’s businesses not only to comply with GDPR regulations , but to allow them to gain the knowledge to make future decisions and perform marketing actions.

“There are numerous CRM systems available, as a company we primarily use Workbooks. If you have a CRM issue we would have no hesitation recommending our approved CRM partner”

Our team have designed retail POS cards, packs to effectively display small high value components, promotional packs that get noticed.

“We recently designed some artwork for decals that were going to be water transfer applied to complex shaped aluminium components”

We Help You

  • Achieve your business goals.
  • Create compelling and convincing propositions that you can put in front of Customers, Stakeholders or Directors with complete credibility.
  • By presenting information in a common sense way No BS.
  • By cutting the rubbish, and delivering outcomes.
  • Quantify the marketing and sales process so that you can see what is / isn’t working
  • By delivering what we promise.
  • Be seen as different from the rest.

Our Approach To Customer Care

With many of our customers we have long term working relationships. Customers choose us because

  • We are very responsive – All requests logged and assigned and urgent requests are typically completed with 24 to 48 hours
  • We can be trusted – We apply of bucketful of common sense to any request. So we will let you know exactly whats needed so we can complete a task to your specification
  • We add value within a relationship – We are experts in strategic and tactical marketing so if you ask to do something and we think there is a better or easier way will let you know
  • We communicate well – The innovative and collaborative approaches that we bring to a project ensure that everyone knows what is happening
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