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Peterborough Business Economy Update

Information on the Peterborough Business Economy April 2015

At a recent HSBC event OP Economic development presented an overview on the Peterborough and UK economy which I thought would be of interest



UK Position

Number of businesses 20145315
Start ups per 10,00050.418th
Patents per 10,0006.46th
Average weekly wages£48025th
Gross weekly pay£469£520
Number of pupils with 5 GCSE (grades A to C)56.2%126th out of 152 (up from 144th)
No formal qualifications12.1%46th
UK’s largest city without a University
 Greater Peterborough Business Challenges
Availability of skilled workers33.9%
Price pressures from competitors33.9%
Price pressures from customers28.6

UK Economy Positives

  • UK Growth 2.5 – 2.8% 2013 projected 2.3 – 3.0% 2016
  • Inflation 0.3% 2015 projected 1.7% 2016
  • Low oil prices boosting the economy
  • Businesses are investing again
  • Real wages and consumer confidence up
  • Jobless total lowest since 2008 5.6%

UK Economy Risks

  • Productivity low
  • Under employment (1.3 million in part time work who want full time work)
  • Job rich pay poor
  • Consumer led recovery
  • Exporting down 4.5%
  • Challenge of the EU referendum
  • Only Portugal and Greece have lower paid employees

Peterborough Business Economy Update

If you are a Peterborough Business looking to grow  Click here to find out more .   To talk to a marketing and sales professional click here

Peterborough DNA What Makes Peterborough

I recently heard of a project being funded that is called Peterborough DNA. As it sounded really interesting and a subject I am passionate about I thought would check out the blurb on the project.

Note this is copied directly from their website

“The strands of DNA in Peterborough are multi-faceted and intrinsically cross-cutting within themselves, as well as being mutually inter-dependent to deliver greater value. Underpinned by real-time data, the proposal incorporates innovation, skills, our city metabolism and intelligent networks. As well as identifying technological solutions as part of the proposal. Innovation is in the DNA of Peterborough. As home of the UK’s environment capital, we have an unrivaled network of high quality, innovative companies and thought-leading organisations. We are a national and international leader in ground-breaking solutions, from the ‘Peterborough Model’ visualisation tool through to collective energy switching and pioneering system integration”.

Peterborough DNA – my take on it

What is unique about Peterboroughs and DNA from a business perspective. Compared to other cities / areas of the country I think Peterboroughs includes something which inhibits its growth or ability to compete with say Cambridge Business DNA. There is definitely an extra warehousing gene in Peterboroughs, unfortunately it seems that the dominant engineering /  manufacturing gene is becoming dominated by the service gene but as an evolutionary process that’s probably a good thing.
From a retail perspective the dominant gene is definitely the same as every other shopping centre throughout the country. No variation with limited independent retailers able to succeed against the up and coming challenge of online shopping and reducing footfall.
Even so Peterborough must adapt and change if the city and its businesses are to survive and thrive.

Greater Peterborough Business Survey Put Your Views Forward

Are You Confident About the Peterborough Business Future

The Greater Peterborough Business Survey of 2014 only had about 200 responses from companies within the area. Whilst this allows certain assumptions and thoughts to be made if a larger number of companies participated then an improved perspective of business confidence could be gained. I believe the survey  is done in conjunction with Opportunity Peterborough so they may well use any findings to base future economic development activities.

If you are based in the greater Peterborough business area and would like to complete the survey then simply click on the link Greater Peterborough Survey . There are only  ten questions and the survey should take only a few minutes to complete.

The survey questions in this years survey are

  1. Which sector do you currently work in?
  2. How long have you been operating in the Greater Peterborough Area
  3. How many staff do you currently employ?
  4. What is your approximate business turnover per years?
  5. How has your business performed over the last twelve months compared to the previous twelve?
  6. How do you think your business will perform in the next twelve months?
  7. In your business do you expect an increase, decrease or no change over the next twelve months in the following areas?
  8. What do you think are the main obstacles to growth for your business?
  9. What would make the biggest difference to the profitability of your business?
  10. What type of support do you think would have the greatest impact on the productivity of your business?

Greater Peterborough Business Survey

For more information and news on Peterborough Business and to find more information about professional market research companies within the Peterborough area  click here

European Agri Energy Conference 17th & 18th November

This two-day conference will bring together an impressive panel of speakers to showcase the latest research and best practice in energy- from-waste, biomass, biogas and renewable energy solutions for the agricultural and food and drink processing sectors.
The event will include a series of presentations, Q&As and networking opportunities with researchers and industry specialists from Italy and the UK, as well as with companies who are implementing agri-energy solutions on the ground.

European Agri Energy Conference Monday 17th November

9.00 – Coffee and registration
9.30 – Welcome from The Mayor of Peterborough, Cllr David Over
9.40 – Welcome from Cllr Cereste, Leader of Peterborough City Council
10.00 – Institutional greetings from Puglia Elena Gentile MEP, Giovanni Genchi, Director of International Affairs, Puglia Region, Giovanni Granatiero, Manager of Rural Development, Puglia Region, Alberto Casoria, President of Meridaunia LAG
11.00 – Break
11.15 – Presentation of the Inter-territorial co-operation project “Apulian in the World” Meridaunia LAG and Introduction to the themes of the workshop – Renato Pavia, Engineer, Meridaunia LAG
13.00 – Lunch
14.00 – Mike Carter, Cambridgeshire Fens LEADER Programme 2014-2020
14.30 – Professor Massimo Monteleone, University of Foggia via Skype
15.30 – Break
15.45 – Phil Hunt, Rural Energy – Biomass solutions Keith Waldron, Institute for Food Research – Exploiting biomass bi-products
17.00 – Close

European Agri Energy Conference Tuesday 18th November

9.00 – Coffee and registration
9.30 – Welcome
9.45 – Dr Stephen Temple, Copys Green Farm – AD from silage Ypatios Mysiadis, Smart Biosystems Ltd – New efficiencies in AD Lee Dobinson, Local Generation – Commercial AD operations Raffaella Villa, Cranfield Centre for Renewable Energy
11.30 – Break
11.45 – Michele Ruberto, Ruberto Farm Tim French, RES Group – Commercial wind farms
13.00 – Lunch and close

European Agri Energy Conference Places are free but registration is essential.

With presentations from:

  • Cranfield Centre for Renewable Energy
  • Institute for Food Research
  • Rural Energy
  • Cambridgeshire Fens LEADER Programme 2014-2020
  • University of Foggia
  • RES Group
  • Meridaunia LAG
  • Copys Green Farm
  • Smart Biosystems Ltd
  • Local Generation
  • Ruberto Farm.
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