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Struggling to Make Time For Marketing Strategy

Developing a Marketing Strategy takes time and effort. These could be the reasons why so many companies without a dedicated marketing resource end up struggling to complete strategic planning. The following personal management reasons could be to blame

  • Attempting to do to much – this is especially true in businesses that have limited resources and are having to cope with
  • Managing other peoples mistakes – often because you haven’t got time to put systems and processes in place
  • The inability to say no – so when other activities occur ( urgent sales proposal, other meetings etc) these get actioned
  • Conflicting deadlines – when business strategy needs to be completed by sales / operations people, there is every opportunity that conflicting deadlines and other priorities will occur

Building habits to create time for strategy

There are 3 motivational drivers

  • FEAR – if I don’t do this bad things will happen
  • Reward –  if I do this good things will happen
  • Attitude – habit of thought
marketing strategy distractions

How can you build habits

Sir Clive Woodward described it as achieving the slight edge. “We didn’t improve one thing by 100%, we improved 100 things by 1%”

  • Success – what we want
    • Results – what we achieve
      • Behaviour – what we do
        • Attitude – habit of thought
          • Conditioning – building habits
            • Spaced repetition

Action: Where can you make small improvements on 5 business issues that would give you dedicated time for strategic activities

High Pay Off Activities – Crisis, Urgent and Important

High pay off activities are those things that move you most effectively towards your goals

Important: Its impossible to to identify high pay off activities without clear goals

Crisis Mode – activities that you do first, manage second, communicate third and finally think about goals

Important – consider is there some way to bring order to what looks like crisis mode

Urgent and Important

  • Urgent – Needs immediate attention
  • Important – Related to your goals

Important – The tyranny of the Urgent

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Proactive Mode – Plan / Do / Check / Act

  1. Plan and set goals
  2. Schedule & Communicate
  3. Implement
  4. Review results

Maximising Productivity

  1. Schedule uninterrupted time to think creatively and strategically
  2. Use high energy time to do important things
  3. Actively avoid interruptions – agree with colleagues when not to be disturbed
  4. Avoid multi tasking – mono tasking is always the best
the tyranny of urgent blue dolphin

Struggling to Make Time For Marketing Strategy

If you are struggling to make time for marketing strategy development hopefully these techniques will help you find the time. If you are looking to develop a marketing strategy that clearly differentiates and positions your business you may benefit from involving a marketing specialist. For more more information click here, or to contact a marketing specialist click here

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