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E Commerce Stores ( Buy Now / Request A Quote / Product Showcase)

If you are looking for an E-commerce website that will allow you to conduct all your traditional business development activities but you want it to sell products online as well then using WooCommerce could be a great alternative to a full blown Magento site. If you are new to Ecommerce then a chat with an experienced online marketer could be beneficial , or click here to see E commerce examples

Our Ecommerce websites are built on the WordPress platform and after years of development have been developed to provide a great purchase and shopping experience.

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If your “product / service” profile fits these parameters

  • Relatively straightforward products i.e. What you see is what you get
  • Limited volume of products – we would normally suggest a maximum of a couple of hundred
  • Simple / Straight forward shipping arrangements
  • Limited options for discounting
  • Individual products which can be manually imported
  • Few products of a more complex n/ configurable nature – which may require more bespoke information
  • The need for a product to be found on the web and then the customer will select and purchase
  • You want people to easily see and filter a range of products available (but not purchase online)

Then our Sell It Ecommerce could be an ideal way to introduce e commerce / product selection into the business

Magento E Commerce Stores

If you have the following requirements then you may benefit from a full blown e commerce website

  •  A high volume of products – we have built sites on the magento with as little as 200 products equally our most complex site has over 100,000 sku items
  • Complex products that have a variety of configurable options for example on a product do you have options for
    • Size / Colour / Material / Finish
    • Additional option 1 / Additional option 2
  • Complex delivery for example
    • Multiple delivery options
      • Free / UK  / multiple worldwide
      • Products through UPS
  • A complex arrangement of categories
    • Category /
      • Sub category /
        • Product category /
          • Product Item category
  • The need to have related products / multiple pricing handle discounts and coupon options with ease
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