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Digital Marketing Snippets

The world of digital marketing changes at an alarming rate. In this article I am going to cover some digital marketing changes that I have become aware of. So in no particular order lets go through the digital marketing snippets

Google My Business – You can now place adverts on maps (these are called promoted pins)

Voice search update – with an ever increasing number of voice searches being made ( where people ramble on) searches are no longer just about simple keywords

Click Guardians – nothing to do with Guardians of the Galaxy – this is an approach to ensure that if you are heavily reliant on PPC your adwords are not exploited

Digital Marketing Snippets

Google Digital Marketing Snippets

Google Adwords has now become Google Ads – which highlights the breadth of advertising services now being provided

Google Hotel Ads is a new service aimed specifically at accommodation providers

Google are to offer a free website building service – note there may be strings attached

Google Trends is an interesting tool to get a flavour for when people are doing searches. Note for some queries you might find there is insufficient data but it can be a lot of fun to use

Black Friday or Boxing Day – from an eCommerce perspective don’t see them as separate events – sales are being dispersed

Smart shopping (AI) – works better where there are more conversions as its easier to learn

Shopping Ads now appearing in image search

Expanded XL Text Ads now in place

  • moving from 1 headline and 1 description to
  • 2 headlines and 2 descriptions

Lead Ads – these capture leads from a You Tube Ad

Multi stage forms – research has identified that if you can have multiple forms that only ask a few questions you have a greater chance of capturing data. Plus when correctly structured you will have captured the key data ( so can contact the person) and ask them the questions that they didn’t get to answer.

Live Chat – can this have an impact with how customers engage on your site. Note beware they can impact on site speed .

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