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Social Optimise Optimised Social Media Profiles Distributed In One Click

Do you have valuable staff members send the occasional tweet or posting images and limited content on Facebook

Why not use authoritative content that you develop for your website and  distribute this to your social media profile as well.

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Social Media Marketing – How Social Optimise™ Can help your business

  1. Will help improve your standings with Google
  2. Doesn’t involve any additional work on your part
  3. Gives you a quality consistent profile within the social media channels
  4. Can become an integrated part of your marketing approach when used with Social Optimise Content and Social Optimise Campaign

The Positives And Difficulties of social media Within Business

  • +ve Social media profiles appear to be having an impact on search / web performance
  • +ve Like it or hate the world is moving into social media and authority is coming from having real people as likes / followers
  • – ve With lots of social media platforms you could spend your entire business day just on social media
  • – ve Most companies social media profiles haven’t been developed / designed from an optimum corporate branding perspective
  • – ve There is a real difficulty is in managing the profiles and ensuring they are delivering high quality messages to the audience

LinkedIn and Facebook

Social Media Marketing is a rapidly moving, dynamic marketing space. We have major platforms that no longer exist e.g Google Plus, we have platforms like LinkedIn which are striving for more authority within the B2B space. Twitter that seems to be falling out of favour with many B2Bs and Facebook which in some very niche circumstances can work successfully for B2B.

If you would like an open and frank discussion on the relevance of Social media to your business contact Andrew Goode and experienced business development consultant or click here to see case studies 

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Influencer Manufacturing Marketing

Social Optimise is Ideal for those with No or poorly set up (non corporate branded social media profiles)

  • We will set up the profiles to match corporate style guidelines
  • We will install Social Optimise on your wordpress website
  • We will give you training so that you can add content and then publish to the Social media profiles with a single click
  • Additionally if required we will create high quality web content that can then be distributed via Social Optimise
  • For more information on Social media and other marketing campaigns click here

What is Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is the process of creating and publishing high-quality sponsored content to any of the various social channels. Supporting your business to promote your products and services. The aim of these highly targeted ads is to help drive traffic to your business and convert leads into paying customers.

A strong social media advertising strategy focuses on meeting your target audience where they are, where they choose to spend their time and engage with others. Whilst organic social can bring great results to your business, you can enhance the effects of your campaigns. Expanding their reach with the power of paid ads.

At Blue Dolphin  we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating and executing various social ad campaigns, complete with expert content creation and copywriting to create high-quality visuals. With the right management, skills, and tools, we can set you up for long-term success, fast-tracking your visitors into trusted and returning customers.

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