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Photographers In Peterborough

Photographers In Peterborough Helping In The Sales Process

Good photography can help a Peterborough business in several ways:

  1. Showcasing local products and services: If the business offers products or services that are unique to Peterborough, good photography can help to showcase them and make them more appealing to potential customers. For example, a local restaurant could use high-quality photographs of its dishes to entice customers to dine there.
  2. Highlighting the local area: Peterborough has many attractive landmarks, parks, and attractions that can be used as backdrops for business photography. This can help to create a sense of place and showcase the beauty of the city.
  3. Creating a sense of community: By featuring local people in their photographs, businesses can create a sense of community and show that they are part of the fabric of Peterborough. This can help to build trust with customers and create a loyal customer base.
  4. Supporting other local businesses: If the business works with other local businesses, it can use photography to showcase those relationships and demonstrate its commitment to supporting the local economy.
  5. Enhancing online presence: Good photography can help to enhance the business’s online presence, whether on its website or social media channels. Eye-catching photographs can increase engagement and drive traffic to the business’s website or physical location.

It is commonly appreciated that great imagery is what initially captures the attention of the prospective viewer / reader / shopper / user. As a business the imagery that you use on your website, printed materials, adverts, within the offices / organisation provides a significant amount of hidden communication.

We have probably all been on a website where the company has a page with the team of key staff on it. Now this is a really positive step, unfortunately in many cases the images of the staff make them look as if they should be on crime stoppers or in an identity parade.

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What Images Do You Want

So if you want to portray a professional approach from the images you use whether they are

  • Product photography shots where the quality of the image will ultimately lead to more products being sold off the page (printed or web). Now interestingly from an online perspective the quality of the image could be a key factor in encouraging the site visitor to click for more information
  • People photography. If you want to showcase your key staff why not have them looking at their best.
    • You might want to come over as professional and serious
    • How about appearing in an open an honest format
    • Fun and approachable
    • Perhaps you had just thought of a people photograph as just that a photograph and had never really considered that it had the ability to lose you a sale or turn off a potential customer!
  • Creative and imapctful to showcase examples of who, how and what you do

Photographers In Peterborough Selection Criteria

When you are looking for a photographer to shoot great images that will benefit your business, here are 4 things you might want to consider

  • Do you have a clear marketing brief that you can provide to give the photographer a steer as to what you are trying to achieve
  • In talking to the photographer do you get the feeling that they have a clear understanding of your business. Unfortunately there are some photographers who will shoot what they like (as opposed to what will engage with your customers)
  • Do they have a portfolio of still photography and video that they can show
  • Can they illustrate how their photography has made a genuine business improvement / impact

For more information on photographers in Peterborough click here, for some great car and bike photography by photographers in Peterborough click on this link

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Photographers In Peterborough How To Choose The Right One For Your Business Need

Choosing the right commercial photographer for your business needs can be a daunting task. Here are some steps you can take to find a photographer that’s the right fit for you:

  1. Determine your needs: Before you start searching for a photographer, it’s important to determine what you need. Do you need product photography, headshots, event coverage, or something else? Understanding your needs will help you narrow down your search and find a photographer who specialises in the type of photography you require.
  2. Research potential photographers: Once you know what you need, research potential photographers who specialise in that area. Look at their portfolios and websites to see if their style and aesthetic matches what you’re looking for. Read reviews and testimonials from past clients to get a sense of their reliability, professionalism, and quality of work.
  3. Schedule a consultation: Before hiring a photographer, schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and expectations. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss pricing and timelines, and ensure that you feel comfortable working with the photographer.
  4. Review contracts and pricing: Make sure you review the photographer’s contract and pricing carefully. Understand what’s included in the package, including the number of images, usage rights, and delivery timelines. Make sure you understand the pricing structure and any additional fees that may apply.
  5. Communicate clearly: Communication is key when working with a commercial photographer. Make sure you communicate your needs, expectations, and timelines clearly from the outset. Provide examples of what you’re looking for and be open to feedback and suggestions from the photographer.

By following these steps, you can find a commercial photographer who will meet your needs and help you achieve your business goals.

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Tools To Improve Your Marketing

establish authority and credibility videos provide a great approach web design peterborough Blue dolphin

360 Degree Product Photography Growing In Importance

A recent Adobe report looking at the effectiveness of various rich media techniques used by on line retailers produced some fascinating results.

  • Side by side comparisons, Lifestyle imagery (i.e. having the product photographed in a room or actually on a person), colour swatching or colourising, product comparisons and zoom all achieved a below 15% improvement
  • Adding audio, having interactive design tools, and interactive catalogues / brochures all achieved a 30% improvement
  • Shop by outfit, room or collection and 3 d visualisation achieved a 60% improvement
  • 360 degree product photography achieved a 170% improvement

360 Degree Product Photography – What Is It

360 degree photography is a photographic process whereby the item to be photographed is placed on a rotating turntable. Multiple still photographs are taken of the product as it rotates typically on a turntable. These still photographs are then animated using specialist software and uploaded to the website. When a person / shopper visits the site they can simply use their mouse / touch pad to control the animation speed and recreate a view of the original product spinning at 360 degrees so that they can see every possible view of the product. The process is at a relatively early stage so as a result it is known by a number of different names such as

  • 360 spins
  • 360 degree spins
  • 3d objects (Note they are not actually in 3 dimensions as compared to more complicated and complex 3d rendering)
  • 360 photography

There are three key stages to 360 degree photography

1. Stage one the photography – which requires more time and expertise than traditional single image photography

  • For starters  – there are lots more images to be taken
  • Each image needs to be lit correctly
  • If you are shooting reflective products you need to manage reflections
  • Gaining consistent images can be a challenge, a range of turntables will be needed to be able cope with items from a ring to a scooter
  • Styling of the product to make sure that it looks correct from the very first shot is critical. Again if you get the wrong style at the start it will be replicated for all of the images, that could lead to lots of re shooting. Typically 36 images will be required per rotation i.e. an image every 10 degrees

2. Processing – the removal of dust, scratches, colour balancing from all 36 images to ensure consistency and continuity
3. The final stage is animation

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Briefing Commercial Photographers in Peterborough

When preparing a brief to hire a commercial photographer for your SME manufacturing business, it’s crucial to provide detailed information to ensure that the photographer understands your specific requirements and can deliver images that align with your brand and objectives. Start by outlining the purpose of the photoshoot, whether it’s for product catalogues, e-commerce platforms, marketing materials, or any other specific use.

Clearly articulate your brand identity and style preferences. Share your brand guidelines, if applicable, including preferred colours, aesthetics, and any specific visual elements that should be highlighted. This helps the photographer capture images that are consistent with your brand image.

Specify the type and quantity of products to be photographed. Provide details about the size, dimensions, and any unique features of the products. If there are specific angles, details, or functionalities that should be highlighted, communicate these clearly to the photographer. Include any relevant technical specifications that the photographer should be aware of.

Communicate the intended audience for the photographs. Understanding the target demographic will help the photographer tailor the images to appeal to your specific customer base. Whether your products are designed for a professional audience or consumers, conveying this information can guide the photographer in creating images that resonate with your target market.

Detail the preferred background and setting for the photos. Whether you envision a clean and simple background or a more contextual environment, communicate your preferences. Include any specific props or staging elements that should be incorporated to enhance the visual storytelling of your products.

Provide examples of existing photos that align with your vision. If you’ve come across images that you find particularly appealing or that reflect the style you’re aiming for, share these references with the photographer. This can serve as a visual guide and help the photographer understand your expectations more clearly.

Discuss any specific post-processing requirements. Clarify whether you expect basic retouching, colour correction, or any other specific enhancements to be applied to the images. This ensures that the final photos meet your quality standards and are ready for use in your intended applications.

Establish a timeline for the project, including the deadline for delivering the final images. This helps both parties manage expectations and ensures that the photoshoot aligns with your overall marketing or product launch schedule.

Finally, provide contact information and encourage open communication. Establishing a clear channel for feedback and discussion throughout the process will help address any concerns or adjustments that may arise during the photoshoot or post-production phase.

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