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Photographers In Peterborough

Photographers In Peterborough How To Choose The Right One For Your Business Need

Photographers In Peterborough Helping In The Sales Process

It is commonly appreciated that great imagery is what initially captures the attention of the prospective viewer / reader / shopper / user. As a business the imagery that you use on your website, printed materials, adverts, within the offices / organisation provides a significant amount of hidden communication.

We have probably all been on a website where the company has a page with the team of key staff on it. Now this is a really positive step, unfortunately in many cases the images of the staff make them look as if they should be on crime stoppers or in an identity parade.

Photographers In Peterborough

What Images Do You Want

So if you want to portray a professional approach from the images you use whether they are

  • Product photography shots where the quality of the image will ultimately lead to more products being sold off the page (printed or web). Now interestingly from an online perspective the quality of the image could be a key factor in encouraging the site visitor to click for more information
  • People photography. If you want to showcase your key staff why not have them looking at their best.
    • You might want to come over as professional and serious
    • How about appearing in an open an honest format
    • Fun and approachable
    • Perhaps you had just thought of a people photograph as just that a photograph and had never really considered that it had the ability to lose you a sale or turn off a potential customer!
  • Creative and imapctful to showcase examples of who, how and what you do

Photographers In Peterborough Selection Criteria

When you are looking for a photographer to shoot great images that will benefit your business, here are 4 things you might want to consider

  • Do you have a clear marketing brief that you can provide to give the photographer a steer as to what you are trying to achieve
  • In talking to the photographer do you get the feeling that they have a clear understanding of your business. Unfortunately there are some photographers who will shoot what they like (as opposed to what will engage with your customers)
  • Do they have a portfolio of still photography and video that they can show
  • Can they illustrate how their photography has made a genuine business improvement / impact

Photographers In Peterborough

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