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Internet Marketing Peterborough

Internet marketing tips for small business websites

Internet marketing in Peterborough, like any other location, has its own unique characteristics. Here are some of the key characteristics of internet marketing in Peterborough:

  1. Focus on Local Targeting: Peterborough businesses often focus on local targeting, as the city has a strong and vibrant business community. This means that businesses use internet marketing tactics to target consumers within the Peterborough area.
  2. Emphasis on Social Media: Social media is a powerful marketing tool for businesses in Peterborough. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are commonly used to connect with customers, share updates, and promote products or services.
  3. Mobile Optimisation: With the growing number of people accessing the internet through their mobile devices, Peterborough businesses have also placed an emphasis on mobile optimisation. This means that websites and marketing campaigns are designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive.
  4. Content Marketing: Content marketing is a key strategy for businesses in Peterborough. This includes creating and sharing valuable content like blog posts, videos, and infographics to attract and engage customers.
  5. Community Involvement: Many businesses in Peterborough are actively involved in their local community, and internet marketing is no exception. This means that businesses may use online platforms to promote community events or causes, and to build relationships with customers and other businesses in the area.

Overall, the characteristics of internet marketing in Peterborough are shaped by the city’s unique business landscape and the preferences of its local consumers.

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Top Tips

1. Keeping Google happy

  • Make sure your content is fresh – when was the last time you added some new content?
  • Ensure you have incoming links
  • Stickability – what will make a customer stay on your site

2. Do one thing but benefit twice

  • Articles – provide fresh content and the opportunity for links
  • Videos – provide the opportunity for links and importantly conversion

3. Make sure you submit articles

  • A good article should be informative (not self promotion) and approximately 1000 words long
  • It should hopefully have a long life
  • Great article topics include
    • things you must know / avoid
    • reasons for choosing
    • Biggest mistakes

4. Ezine articles

  • – set yourself up as an author
  • Write an article and submit  to
  • Modify say a bullet point – put on your website and “Fresh content”

5. Video – we now watch more video on the web than we watch TV

  • Video is a great medium so why not create a video of a happy customer
  • A video of a before and after experience
  • Your product in action
  • Remember – if a picture paints a 1,000 words, a video is about 10,000
  • Windows movie maker is great for editing, You Tube is great for hosting

Internet marketing tips for businesses

Having a website is no longer enough. There are lots of people who can create you a website, but the number who can create you a website that will help you generate more business are limited.

This is where professional and experienced digital marketers come into play. Internet marketing is an extension of traditional marketing so look for people / companies who have qualifications and a track record of internet marketing tips for small businesses.

For more information on internet marketing services click here. To talk to an experienced and professional digital marketing expert click here

Internet Marketing Peterborough – 4 step approach

The following 4 step approach seems to summarise the e commerce and internet marketing process.

1. Build your mailing list –

Seems easy but how are you going to do it effectively. In our experience clients who have purchased e mail lists have regretted it. For us quality is everything in the list. better to have 500 quality people in the list than 5000 random people.

2. Build relationships –

Just like allot of marketing its all about TRUST. So what can you do to start the process of building a relationship. If you were going on a date you wouldn’t ask your partner for marriage straight away. We find that with many on line sites the suppliers are asking for an order to soon. We have no relationship and no trust, which makes us suspicious. We have a variety of approaches that we use with clients to help them build on line relationships with their prospects.

3. Sell product & services

Ultimately for many online businesses we only start to generate cash once we have sold something. So ultimately we need to be selling products / services. Now there are two schools of thought, one is that you need to be laser focused with your product offering i.e. You only sell small left hand widgets. the other approach is that with a wider range you have the ability to up sell and cross sell.

4. Enable others to sell for you

Now this is the interesting part. What is the opportunity to get others to help sell our products or services? What if suddenly there were another 1000 people looking to help us sell?

Internet marketing – 4 step approach

If you would like to know more about increasing the numbers of people who can promote your product or service on the web then contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here. For more information and news on digital marketing click here

Internet marketing - 4 step approach

Is there anybody out there searching the internet for your services

5 Search Considerations

  1. As you are looking at ‘actual’ keyword search numbers (quantitative information) it allows you to banish any previous gut feel assumptions that you may have had about the words you thought would be searched for
  2. In many cases the volumes of searches on exact match terms for specialised products can be incredibly low
  3. We have found that for some keywords the numbers and results  just don’t add up i.e. it would be very difficult to get a number one Google ranking  and any ranking activities just wouldn’t give a return on investment
  4. The process helps you identify lots and lots of options. The challenge is to work out which elements you are going to focus on and prioritise
  5. We are amazed and the number of companies that cant easily add or change content and elements of their site, websites have moved on and this doesn’t need to be the case

The keyword research process we adopt to help clients identify if there is anybody searching follows the 4 steps below

  • Highly Relevant
  • Good Traffic
  • Low Competition
  • High Commerciality

The ROI keyword identification process

  • Firstly – working directly with the client we identify the highly relevant words
  • Secondly – we identify those words with good traffic. If only 10 people are searching for your keyword per day, that means if you are number 1 in Google you will only get about 4 visitors per day. That equates to about 1500 keyword visitors over the course of a year, if your online ratio of sales is 1000:1 that could mean there are only 1.5 sales available. This might make that keyword on its own nonviable
  • Thirdly – which are the words where there is low / lower competition. Using the example above if you were number 2 as opposed to number 1 you would probably only get 1 visitor a day. Therefore the importance of being number 1 is high and this is more easily achieved if there is lower competition.
  • Finally – we ensure that the ROI stacks up and that there is a potential profitable output achievable

The 4 Golden Findability Rules

If you would like more information on how keyword research could benefit you in your web development please click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or e mail If you would like more information on keyword research click here

The Five Benefits of SEO

  1. Increased visibility and traffic to your website drives conversions
  2. Builds awareness of your brand in the market
  3. Your website becomes more relevant and much easier to navigate
  4. Improves lead generation by connecting you with the right audience
  5. Return On Investment – SEO is a service that provides quantifiable results

Optimising Campaigns from an on-site and off-site perspective

  • On-site attracts visitors and ensures Google can read your website and understand what each page is representing and about.
  • Offsite allows valuable content to be seeded to authoritative, relevant websites, increasing the overall authority of your site within search engines.
  • Google Love – These are important markers on which Google bases the trust factor of your website and indexes your site accordingly, below or above your competitors.
Writing For The Web
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Internet Marketing Peterborough – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is SEO – SEO is the process of optimising your website in order to gain visibility on search engines, like Google. This activity is completed to build site authority and relevance for your visitors by enhancing your onsite content, link building and by undertaking keyword research.
  2. Do I need to have content? – By producing regular, high quality content that is optimised for your keywords and industry, you can attract new visitors to your website, boost your relevance, authority and engage with potential customers.
  3. What is Organic Traffic? Organic traffic is the visitors that come to your website from search engines based on the quality and relevance of your website. This is determined by Google search algorithms.
  4. What is Paid Traffic? Paid traffic ( think of Google Ads) comes from paid for adverts (Pay per Click) and sponsored content on search engines and other websites
  5. What is keyword research? By identifying the most common search words, terms and phrases people use to a product or service. A website can be optimised to ensure you get the best search result (rankings) possible. The higher your rankings, the more likely you are to make more conversions
  6. What is link building? Link building is creating a network of websites linking to your website in order to boost its relevance and authority for your targeted keywords. An internal link takes you to another “related” webpage. For more information on Technical Search Engine Optimisation read this article
  7. How does internet marketing differ from from traditional strategic marketing. This is covered in the following marketing article
  8. Is historic data of any use to help with improved digital marketing performance. The answer to this is yes and is covered in how to benefit from using data to improve your marketing performance

Writing for the Web – CIM event notes

Following the recent CIM ‘Writing for the Web’ event please find the additional content. Within the video the following writing for the web points are considered. These notes and video should be used in conjunction with the core course notes. Click here for more information on Internet Marketing Peterborough

Writing for the web – observations from the writing section

1. What are the objectives of your writing – ultimately what conversion are you looking for

  • Clicks
  • Calls
  • Information request
  • Linkage
  • Authority
  • etc

2. What’s the value of the information / content you are creating to the reader

  • Information
  • Hints
  • Guidance
  • Checklists

Is it strengthening your relationship and building authority

3. B2B as per B2C the power of emotion

  • What is the pain that it trying to be resolved
  • What is the pleasure looking to be achieved

4. Segmentation and the ability to be able to develop clear messages for each segment
5. What stage is your customer in their buying process

  • With correct information can you help them in their customer journey
  • Within the copy you can’t just say buy my stuff – but are there times when you can
  • This page is for you if…
writing for the web blue dolphin
great content is critical for your website

Great Content is Critical

6. Great unique on topic content is really important and there’s never been a better time for it

  • Both to help in the sales process
  • To create authority on the web

7. Formatting sometimes to get noticed you will upset the style police –  text in red box
8. How do you write – first person / third person – Don’t ‘we’ on your customer
9. Thank you pages

  • If somebody has signed up / registered is this a great opportunity for you to be different
  • Similar opportunity for personalisation as per error messages

10. Make your content memorable
11.Writing for the web is different to print – you can make the page do stuff

  • Are you maximising the way you create the page to convey your message
    • Charts
    • Diagrams
    • Links
    • Video
    • Imagery – zoom

12. Getting into the persona of your customer

  • Scan reader / First time reader / Complete reader

13. Approaches to create great copy for the web
14. Tracking – at what point of your copy do you lose your reader – analytics
15. Are you clear about what your offer is and what you want your customer to do

Internet Marketing Peterborough Further Information

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