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Peterborough Companies Marketing

Peterborough Companies Marketing But Not Measuring

Lots and Lots of Promotional (or Marketing stuff) taking place without thought.

As part of delivering a workshop on effective sales and marketing activities we ran a pre-event survey to identify the state of their sales and marketing activities. The findings of the Peterborough Companies Marketing survey are captured in the article .

Peterborough  Companies Not Measuring The Effectiveness of Their Marketing Activities!

This survey of Peterborough companies was really disappointing on two points

1.  Companies are spending lots of money and time (which ultimately equates to money) on doing marketing stuff but have absolutely no idea how effective what they are doing is.

Every single company surveyed was doing “marketing stuff” and low and behold the most popular activity was “Social Media”. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and You Tube were the most popular social media formats for companies to waste their efforts on. Only one company was able to identify that the videos they placed in their You Tube account had directly been responsible for sales and they had been able to measure this performance.

Peterborough Companies Marketing But Not Measuring

2. Most disappointing about the Peterborough companies marketing activities was that they were performed without any strategic marketing plan being in place. Over 90 percent of the companies surveyed had no strategic marketing plan which acted as a structure / guide to the promotional activities they would then implement.

The marketing stuff that they did

  • was reactionary – if they felt sales were dropping they did whatever they thought was a good idea or a promotional company suggested to them
  • was often a single activity and not joined up to other sales and marketing activities
  • completed without insight into their customers segmentation attributes
  • Without understanding the characteristics, performance and marketing of their competitors. Again the majority of those surveyed had not completed detailed competitor analysis within the last 12 months

Peterborough Companies Marketing

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