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The adage “If its sounds to good to be true, it often is” is a wise adage to follow. Listed below are TEN marketing techniques that don’t cost a fortune, are incredibly simple but are proven to generate business. In this article we will consider and evaluate a number of ways a marketing agency Peterborough could help your business.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and these approaches are simple and effective

1. Increase your prices – Test an increase in your prices – “People do not buy on price even in highly competitive markets” The Price Increase calculator may you evaluate pricing decisions

2. Call your 40 best customers and ask them what they need and get 2 referrals

3. Get networking – People buy from People (they like), therefore what are your opportunities of meeting prospective customers

4. Public speaking – Where do your prospective customers meet as a group

5. Cut your advertising budget by 50%

6. Maximise the power of PR – position you / your company as the experts

7. UP Sell

8. Improve your sales skills

9. Maximise the power of e mailing

10. Consider joint venture opportunities

For more information on website marketing tools click here.

marketing agency peterborough website design blue dolphin
Innovative marketing ideas Blue Dolphin Website Development

Innovative marketing ideas that differentiate

The importance of innovative marketing

With customers subjected to over 500 marketing messages a day same old same old is no longer enough. The following ideas may help your marketing

How strong is your brand

For those of a certain age can you remember Cadbury’s Milk Tray Man (and all because the lady loves milk tray). The power of having a strong marketing brand probably means that you can recall the adverts even after 30 years. (Just type in ‘Cadbury’s-Milk-Tray-Cliff-Dive’ to check out in You tube)

Your Brand Challenges

  • How will your brand be remembered in 30 years
  • How are you going to make sure that your brand stands out against the competition

Its only a business card!

Now for many companies the first piece of marketing that a prospects / customer will come across is a business card. So what does your business card say about you? If you are trying to portray your products and services as different, is this communicated by the business card? So a business card needs to convey your quality, innovation, and uniqueness.

Examples of innovative marketing through business cards

  • A specialist marine safety signs company has a business card produced on the same high visibility high luminous material that it uses for its signage. Instantly highlighting the quality of its signage and printing
  • A bio organic vineyard has business card filled with seeds that can be planted and regrown, highlighting that within the company nothing is wasted
  • Geoff Ramm the renowned marketing speaker has an edible business card, now that certainly differentiates him from other speakers

Your business card challenge

  • What can you do to make your business card memorable and communicate your brand values
For more small business marketing tips and information on Marketing Agency Peterborough check out this article

Direct Mail – a historical perspective

15 years agoemptyFull
Nowcrammed fullspare capacity
So as more companies swap from direct mail to e mail (or other digital media) its freeing up the capacity to develop innovative direct mail marketing pieces

Brochures & Leaflets

With digital print its so easy to get leaflets printed nowadays. The issue is how to get your materials noticed, selected and consumed before being consigned to the recycled receptacle. Does your leaflet have to follow the same format, size / shape. Just because that’s what the printer sells lots of doesn’t mean they have worked for the previous companies.

Example of a great leaflet campaign and implementation.

For an ironing company on a tight budget they got their leaflets screwed them into balls and posted them through letterboxes . The message on the leaflet ‘Don’t let your clothes become as creased as this’. Your challenge is how to make your printed material stand out from all the other leaflets.

Delivering exceptional customer service

Many companies talk about how they deliver great customer service to all customers all the time. To challenge this consider the following – ‘A celebrity walks in’ so David Beckham, Prince Harry, Barack Obama, Bono, Cheryl Cole walks into your store / factory / office / organisation ‘How would you operate differently’ (even though there money is just the same as everybody else). Well if you were a retail store you might
  • offer to close the shop for them so they could browse in peace
  • provide refreshments
  • make sure the carpet is clean
  • repair some of the areas where a little decorative care is needed
  • make sure that all staff are wearing clean uniforms
  • re-merchandise displays
  • etc

Your challenge: how differently would your company operate if a celebrity visited / asked for a proposal / asked you to quote for some work

Emails and E newsletters – 4 rules for E newsletters

  • Only send to customers / prospects when you have something to say
  • Don’t have as the subject line ‘newsletter’
  • Make sure that your email displays correctly to your recipient
  • Create an e mail that encourages the recipient to take action i.e. click, download, call etc

And finally

When creativity meets opportunity great marketing happens, more of this in future articles along with more Thinking outside of the box
1. So for a service based company how could a pair of socks be used to create interest.
2. How could a running shoe open doors within the education sector.

How To Write An Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch should contain

  • A hook
  • Maximum of 220 words (i.e. can be delivered in 60 seconds)
  • Passion
  • A request (call to action)

An example of an elevator pitch for Website Designer – How not to do it

The Label: I’m a web designer / website designer / web agency / digital marketer ( choose as you wish)
The process: I use a variety of electrons & electronic formats
The solution: I help organisations effectively communicate with their customers

An example of an elevator pitch for Accountant – How to do it

The Label: I’m an accountant
The process: I complete client tax returns
The solution: I help clients keep more of their money away from the taxman
In summary: you can see that the solution should come first and is the critical element

How To Write An Elevator Pitch

For more information on Marketing Agency Peterborough activities and techniques click here

How To Write An Elevator Pitch

Green Marketing Conference 12th March

Does marketing hold answers to the challenge of sustainable business?

With the green agenda gathering pace, organisations are assessing their impact on the environment.

They are also looking for opportunities to establish green credentials that can forge relationships, build brands and increase bottom line results.

Responding to this challenge demands a deep understanding of the issues and potential pitfalls, as well as the opportunities. In this time of credit crunch and recession in particular, many are wondering whether the environment will maintain its position as a top priority for the business community.

To further the debate on the subject – and provide ideas and inspiration to anyone attending – this national one-day conference looks at how organisations can go beyond basic ‘eco-friendly’ claims and instead integrate sustainability policies with wider corporate social responsibility programmes.

Making sure that you don’t make irresponsible environmental or sustainable claims is vital. Find out more about considerations impacting marketing and to talk with Marketing Agency Peterborough

green marketing conference

Marketing Postgraduate Course

Peterborough College of Marketing will be starting its latest Postgraduate Diploma course in January. The course is a superb opportunity to take your marketing skills to the next level.

The benefits of the Postgraduate course are immense and include opportunities to:

  • Meet like-minded professionals from other industries.
  • Discuss and debate marketing strategy, identifying alternative approaches for your organisation.
  • Part of the syllabus involves a work-based assignment, giving you the opportunity to look at your business from a broader perspective
  • Gain the highest level of Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification.

    Marketing Postgraduate course

    If you have significant experience in a marketing role or an alternative CIM qualification you may meet the Postgraduate programme entry requirements.

    Call Bob Hogg, principal tutor, for an informal chat about the Postgraduate programme or find further information.

How To Thrive Not Survive

In these tough times we’ve asked ourselves “What can we do to best support your business initiatives. As a result we’ve teamed up with world leading coaching organisation to give you a unique insight into ‘How To Thrive Not Survive’ in an economic downturn.

With rave reviews from 1000’s of business owners and managers across the UK, America, Australia and New Zealand this ‘not to be missed workshop’ is now coming to Peterborough on an exclusively arrangement

In economic unrest there is no better time to find out how you can keep your business on track for success. The choices that your business makes now, in the downturn, will determine how you will fare in the upturn.
This workshop will give you a fresh perspective on the current state of the market and explain how to ‘read’ it, together with key points on what to do (and what not do) in adapting your business to the current climate.
You’ll hear the five most common mistakes businesses make in an economic downturn … Together with the five most important things your business should be focusing on right now.

The briefing will include:

  • How to achieve your business vision through an economic down turn
  • What are your growth strategies and when do you apply them
  • How to improve the efficiency of your resources to support growth
  • How to manage your business through its business life cycle

Find out more about how a marketing consultant can help and questions you should ask them

Want to pick up the phone and speak to us about your Strategy, Website, Marketing or Business Development project?
Call us on: 01733 361729

Peterborough CIM Marketing Training Success

Marketing students from Peterborough have clinched great results in their exams – beating the national average.
Marketers from Peterborough featured prominently in the results of professional qualifications exams published by The Chartered Institute of Marketing last week.

Overall, the results show a 94 per cent pass rate for Peterborough candidates who studied with Marketing Ability, with 12 per cent achieving distinction grades for these internationally CIM recognised qualifications.
In the CIM Professional Diploma, one of the most sought-after marketing qualifications, 100 per cent of Marketing Ability candidates passed.

Marketing Ability Peterborough

The courses for these qualifications in Peterborough are run by the locally-based training business Marketing Ability through their Peterborough College of Marketing division. Principal tutor at the college Bob Hogg said: “We are delighted that our students hard work has paid off.

They all combined their studies with full-time jobs and other commitments, so i’s especially impressive that they did so well, outshining the national averages by a long way. “There are a large number of organisations with their marketing decision-makers based in Peterborough, together with numerous marketing support companies.

“This means that Peterborough has a vibrant marketing community, and these results prove there are new marketing professionals making progress in their careers to ensure this community carries on well into the future.” Information about Peterborough College of Marketing’s programme of courses for the coming year can be found. The college is also holding an induction evening at the Marriott Hotel in Lynch Wood on 7th September

marketing agency peterborough website design blue dolphin
Marketing messages through stories

Marketing messages through stories

A current marketing project for a client has been to build them a website. Part of the project has been to develop content both to get found on the web and importantly to get interested parties to pick up the phone.

In developing the copy for the website it became clear that the selection of holiday accommodation is a very emotive decision. This brought home to me how when you tell a story from a personal experience it creates a powerful message. For example

  • “When I first drove up the driveway to the cottages, I was amazed by the remoteness of there location”
  • “I couldn’t wait to sit down and relax by the log fires”
  • “We were all excited about using the outdoor hot tub”
  • “Its the best cottage we have ever stopped in”

True Stories

True stories that reflect the needs of your customer will engage with them. If you are looking to engage with your customers through words, then stories could be the ideal medium. There is no need to glorify or exaggerate, just illustrating the examples, issues, problems that a customer has and highlighting how your product / service has helped the customer experience is enough.

Improving customer service

Can great customer service improve your business performance?

I recently attended a great presentation on transforming customer service, which was held in Peterborough.

Nine of the key points that i took away from the event are listed below

  1. Ensure you business avoids “I cant help you I work in customer services”
  2. Are there opportunities for ‘Random acts of kindness’ (which remove the routine of the transaction)
  3. Make sure you deliver the promise
  4. Provide a personal touch where possible
  5. Go the extra mile
  6. Always resolve customer problems
  7. Turn routine transactions into orgasmic experiences
  8. Ensure that ‘support’ don’t become a sales prevention team
  9. Make sure the ‘customer’ is a part of everything you do

Improving customer service

Finally business should be fun, make sure you and your team are smiling. For more information on how to improve your customer experiences click here. To contact a professional with years of customer service experience click here

Improving customer service
Marketing training Blue Dolphin website design

Marketing Training to Peterborough & Cambridgeshire SME’s

As a Marketing Agency Peterborough Blue Dolphin Delivers Marketing Training to Peterborough SME’s

How can an SME maximise the value of its brand, in fact for an SME how relevant is a brand. Andrew Goode a Director of Blue Dolphin Business Development on behalf of Angle PLC delivers a 1/2 day workshop entitled valuing your brand.

Content covered within the interactive workshop included

  • The marketing benefits of building a strong brand
  • The power of branding – highlighting how through blind or brand tasting, choice can be impacted
  • Looking at the marketing elements of branding and identifying Lincolnshire brands that we love and respect
  • Reviewing market driving brands that challenge convention and provide a unique experience
  • The use of Eliminate, Reduce, Increase and Create to develop a market leading brand
  • Using a shorthand branding approach to help identify the phrase that captures the brand
  • Identifying how strong is your brand from a marketing context
  • Valuing your brand to consider the issue of pricing and positioning

Market Research – can quick and dirty be effective for SME’s

For businesses knowledge of what customers / prospects want, need, think, value and what helps them in purchasing decisions is critical, if they wish to develop efficiently and effectively.

So is this where good old market research kicks in?

For me market research isn’t a one size fits all activity and over the course of a few articles, we will explore some of the ways that SME’s in particular can gain great information which will help them in the decision making process.

Detailed, statistically sound research conducted methodically and then rigorously critiqued and checked is essential in many cases (especially where the levels of investment are high or the business case justifies / requires).

What about quick and dirty approaches that can be conducted in a shorter time frame and at a fraction of the cost?

Research that answers questions like

  • How can I make sure that a new product or service that is being developed is fit for purpose?
  • How can I make sure this product / service is required and valued?

Listed below are some examples of ‘quick and dirty’ approaches used to get information to help in the business decision making process.

  • Works best where there is a high level of commercial intent targeted traffic. May need to do Keyword Research Analysis ‘KRA’ first
  • Reliant upon search traffic levels / Requires thought and time to prepare improved message / Need to know when to stop as ROI levels diminish
  • Need to make sure you get honest feedback / · Need to be able to ‘Trust’ your group / · How do you capture the information you are being given if you are facilitating the group
  • Might end up talking to the wrong person / Exhibitors want to ‘sell’ / Need to exhibit if you want to talk to a volume of attendees
  • Only provides a snapshot for how a competitor responds on that day / Many competitors are poor at responding to enquiries
  • Need to make use of any feedback. Shouldn’t just be a paperwork exercise

The reasons that many SME’s don’t conduct research are

  1. Cost – SME’s see it as expensive
  2. Time – SME’s think it will take a very long time
  3. Value – SME’s think that the research will be an academic exercise resulting in a report and very little new information

Effective Peterborough Marketing Masterclass

FREE ½ day Masterclass, providing practical sales and marketing, tips and techniques to apply to your Peterborough business.

Find out how your website can generate customers

  • Generate more high quality contacts through improved networking
  • Identify if you could gain more business through an improved green message
  • See how virtual and remote marketing can produce real business benefits

Generating business through the web

  • Establish if customers are looking for your product or service on the web
  • Identify if you can get found on the web – the importance of being number 1 on Google
  • Converting visitors into customers
  • Using offline marketing to develop and increase your web traffic

Delegate Offer: FREE keyword research – to review 10 keywords that are being used to search for your proposition and whether you can win.

Profitable sales through meeting people and making contacts

  • Learn why networking is a powerful a marketing tool and how to build into your marketing mix
  • How to identify groups / opportunities for your business and measure the effectiveness of your networking
  • The key to successful networking reviewing the laws of attraction and the elevator pitch

Delegate Offer: FREE 1 hour consultation to help you develop and refine your Elevator Pitch.

Virtual & Remote marketing produces real business benefits

  • Video and Telephone conferencing learn about the cost, time and personnel savings
  • Online visual communications see how this innovative format provides opportunities for significant savings and increased productivity
  • The benefits of being local, see how a local address can add value to your business
  • Virtual offices, science fiction or appropriate for business

Delegate Offer: 15% discount on Regus meeting room / telephone conferencing

Going Green for increased business

Businesses pursue environmental credentials for a variety of reasons such as improving the environment or business reasons. Learn how to take action to maximise the benefits.

  • Identify how going green will affect your business
  • Establish a more effective strategy for going green
  • Determine how green credentials can be used as a marketing tool

Delegate Offer: FREE Green Audit and report designed to identify your current position in relation to what green credential you intend to achieve

Marketing to a Mature Audience

Marketing to a UK population that’s getting older (but not fitter)

Went to very interesting Chartered Institute of Marketing event in Cambridge where the subject was marketing to a mature audience. The presentation started with a discussion on what age does youth end and old age begin? A very challenging quandary but the average answers were available!

When does youth end?

Responses from those aged 15 to 24                                  28
Responses from those aged over 80                                  42
The average age youth ends                                35

but crucially when does old age begin

When does old age begin?

Responses from those aged 15 to 24                                   54
Responses from those aged over 80                                   67
The average age that old age begins

Age as a Segmentation characteristic

With such wide variances how can one and should one use age as a segmentation characteristic? From a sales and marketing perspective we appear to focus on youthfulness,

A great example of this is featured in the following article

A great example of the power of photoshop, just what would happen to the brand, to sales if a natural stance was projected?

So how can a brand relate to an older audience? The following advert from Coca Cola makes me smile even if it does portray some strereotypes

The challenge appears to be that with an ageing population and a shift from a youth culture to an aged culture as marketers we need to start revisiting or reconsidering how we market to what is an ageing audience. All of this is occurring whilst we are going through a technical revolution and with more marcoms activities occurring than a full time marketing professional can keep up with.

As marketers we have so many on line activities to use Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, SMS, Foursquare, E mail, Websites etc all of which make our lives so much easier that sometimes we forget that 43% of the population without internet access don’t want it! So as our population ages it has never been as important to practice safe and efficient Online and Offline marketing.

Marketing Agency Peterborough  Essentials

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