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Marketing Agency Peterborough

Hi, welcome to Blue Dolphin. Blue Dolphin Business Development is a Marketing Agency Peterborough based who works with clients to help them achieve profitable sales through effective marketing.

We specialise in Marketing Strategy, Creative, Ideas, Website Design, Website Content, Digital, Campaigns, and Search Engine Optimisation.

Marketing Services provided by Blue Dolphin include

  1. Marketing Strategy: Developing comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to the client’s goals and target audience. This may involve market research, competitor analysis, defining target demographics, and creating a roadmap for achieving marketing objectives.
  2. Branding and Identity: Assisting businesses in establishing or refining their brand identity. This includes creating logos, brand guidelines, and developing consistent visual elements across various marketing channels.
  3. Website Development and Design: Creating professional and visually appealing WordPress websites that are user-friendly and optimised for search engines. This may include web design, content creation, and website optimisation.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Enhancing a website’s visibility in search engine results to generate organic traffic. This involves keyword research, on-page optimisation, link building, and content optimization.
  5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Managing online advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads, to drive targeted traffic to a website. This includes keyword research, ad creation, campaign optimization, and monitoring performance.
  6. Social Media Marketing: Developing and executing social media strategies across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This includes content creation, community management, social media advertising, and analytics.
  7. Content Marketing: Creating valuable and relevant content, such as blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics, to engage the target audience and build brand authority. This may involve content strategy, creation, distribution, and promotion.
  8. Email Marketing: Designing and executing email campaigns to nurture leads, promote products or services, and build customer relationships. This includes email template design, automation, segmentation, and analytics.
  9. Analytics and Reporting: Tracking and analyzing marketing campaigns’ performance using tools like Google Analytics. Providing clients with detailed reports and insights to measure the effectiveness of various marketing efforts.
  10. Marketing Consultation: Offering expert advice, guidance, and recommendations on marketing strategies and tactics based on industry trends, market research, and best practices.

We are experienced ( the company has been trading over 20 years and the team has hundreds of years of experience), passionate ( we love seeing marketing implemented well)  , with a can do attitude (we genuinely do get stuff done – ask our clients )

We partner with companies to help them grow and promote their business/brand. If you think we can help you then contact us and lets have a chat.

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Marketing Agency Services

We believe that a diverse range of talent and personality brings creative skills and ideas to help the development of marketing within businesses

Marketing Plan

Do you need help to identify your business/marketing goals? Target your customers? Identify brand messages? So you can grow your business?

Why does your business need a Marketing Plan?

Marketing Planning helps you develop products and services in your business that meet the needs of your target market – customers.

Good marketing helps your customers understand why your product or services is better than, or different from the competition.

A good marketing plan can help you target audiences, boost your customer base, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Without customers, your business would not survive. To attract and retain customers, your business needs to understand the value of marketing. People are more likely to walk into your business or buy from you online if they know who you are, what you are selling, who you are, and why they should choose you over the competition.

Marketing is for all businesses – big or small.

Some smaller businesses don’t place enough importance on marketing. They often see it as something that requires big budgets and don’t see the benefits of running advertising campaigns. However marketing is about more than just advertising and sales.

  • Marketing helps you to find out what makes your business unique.
  • A Marketing Plan is a strategic document.
  • A Marketing Plan gives you control over your business.

Call us on 01733 361729 to discuss how marketing planning could help your business

marketing agency services dont be sheepish in asking Blue Dolphin to help

Digital Marketing

Does your business need a website? Or are you looking to redevelop your current website? We can help. We offer a full digital marketing service and specialise in the development of mobile responsive WordPress websites and ecommerce sites

As a Marketing Agency Peterborough our website design service includes 

  • Website planning & functionality requirements
  • Wireframe & site architecture
  • Creating the website assets
  • Photography if required/or source images
  • Content strategy and copy writing SEO/key words strategy
  • Branding strategy & guidelines documents;
  • Designs
  • Registering a domain name
  • Hosting
  • Site development, Social Media Integration; Databases if required; Video if required; Reporting System if required
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Content management system (and training if necessary), setting up KPI (insights and analytics)
  • Website development/Build
  • Testing
  • Indexing
  • Publishing your website
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your business needs a brand strategy


Does your business need a rebrand? Or are you a start-up business in need of branding expertise, strategy and design?

Your Business needs a brand strategy and identity

  1. Overtime it will ensure your customers recognise you in todays busy and crowded market-place
  2. It provides your customers a unique experience, create awareness and engagement
  3. A great brand will help your business stand out from your competitors – note you need to back it up with a great product / service
  4. It will position and differentiate you in the market – its why we pay more for brands we love
  5. It will give your business a voice so you can spread your message and engage with your prospects and customers
  6. Again overtime it will add value to the business and product

Branding is all about your customers

Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience for your customers. It’s about telling your customers what you do for them and how you are different in the market; this is increasingly important for those whose products or services on the surface seem me to.

it’s about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently every time your customers come into contact with your brand at every customer touchpoint platform. So this could be digital in that they find your website through search or email, or print – including; business cards, promotional materials, your office, vehicle graphics, packaging, advertising campaigns. Even the way you answer the phone impacts on your brand – as they say you only get one shot to make a first impression.

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Ten Marketing Activities You Can Complete Without A Marketing Agency

The adage “If its sounds to good to be true, it often is” is a wise adage to follow. Listed below are TEN marketing techniques that don’t cost a fortune, are incredibly simple but are proven to generate business. In this article we will consider and evaluate a number of ways a marketing agency Peterborough could help your business.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and these approaches are simple and effective

1. Increase your prices – Test an increase in your prices – “People do not buy on price even in highly competitive markets” The Price Increase calculator may you evaluate pricing decisions

2. Call your 40 best customers and ask them what they need and get 2 referrals

3. Get networking – People buy from People (they like), therefore what are your opportunities of meeting prospective customers

4. Public speaking – Where do your prospective customers meet as a group

5. Cut your advertising budget by 50%

6. Maximise the power of PR – position you / your company as the experts

7. UP Sell

8. Improve your sales skills

9. Maximise the power of e mailing

10. Consider joint venture opportunities

For more information on website marketing tools click here.

Improve Your Marketing 7 costly mistakes time wasting Blue Dolphin
Marketing Agency Peterborough the storagehub website on laptop website design blue dolphin

Innovative marketing ideas that differentiate

The importance of innovative marketing

With customers subjected to over 500 marketing messages a day same old same old is no longer enough. The following ideas may help your marketing

How strong is your brand

For those of a certain age can you remember Cadbury’s Milk Tray Man (and all because the lady loves milk tray). The power of having a strong marketing brand probably means that you can recall the adverts even after 30 years. (Just type in ‘Cadbury’s-Milk-Tray-Cliff-Dive’ to check out in You tube)

Your Brand Challenges

  • How will your brand be remembered in 30 years
  • How are you going to make sure that your brand stands out against the competition

Its only a business card!

Now for many companies the first piece of marketing that a prospects / customer will come across is a business card. So what does your business card say about you? If you are trying to portray your products and services as different, is this communicated by the business card? So a business card needs to convey your quality, innovation, and uniqueness.

Examples of innovative marketing through business cards

  • A specialist marine safety signs company has a business card produced on the same high visibility high luminous material that it uses for its signage. Instantly highlighting the quality of its signage and printing
  • A bio organic vineyard has business card filled with seeds that can be planted and regrown, highlighting that within the company nothing is wasted
  • Geoff Ramm the renowned marketing speaker has an edible business card, now that certainly differentiates him from other speakers

Your business card challenge

  • What can you do to make your business card memorable and communicate your brand values
For more small business marketing tips and information on Marketing Agency Peterborough check out this article

Tools To Improve Your Marketing

How To Write An Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch should contain

  • A hook
  • Maximum of 220 words (i.e. can be delivered in 60 seconds)
  • Passion
  • A request (call to action)

An example of an elevator pitch for Website Designer – How not to do it

The Label: I’m a web designer / website designer / web agency / digital marketer ( choose as you wish)
The process: I use a variety of electrons & electronic formats
The solution: I help organisations effectively communicate with their customers

An example of an elevator pitch for Accountant – How to do it

The Label: I’m an accountant
The process: I complete client tax returns
The solution: I help clients keep more of their money away from the taxman
In summary: you can see that the solution should come first and is the critical element

How To Write An Elevator Pitch

For more information on Marketing Agency Peterborough activities and techniques click here

How To Write An Elevator Pitch
Marketing messages through stories

Marketing messages through stories

A current marketing project for a client has been to build them a website. Part of the project has been to develop content both to get found on the web and importantly to get interested parties to pick up the phone.

In developing the copy for the website it became clear that the selection of holiday accommodation is a very emotive decision. This brought home to me how when you tell a story from a personal experience it creates a powerful message. For example

  • “When I first drove up the driveway to the cottages, I was amazed by the remoteness of there location”
  • “I couldn’t wait to sit down and relax by the log fires”
  • “We were all excited about using the outdoor hot tub”
  • “Its the best cottage we have ever stopped in”

True Stories

True stories that reflect the needs of your customer will engage with them. If you are looking to engage with your customers through words, then stories could be the ideal medium. There is no need to glorify or exaggerate, just illustrating the examples, issues, problems that a customer has and highlighting how your product / service has helped the customer experience is enough.

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Market Research – can quick and dirty be effective for SME’s

For businesses knowledge of what customers / prospects want, need, think, value and what helps them in purchasing decisions is critical, if they wish to develop efficiently and effectively.

So is this where good old market research kicks in?

For me market research isn’t a one size fits all activity and over the course of a few articles, we will explore some of the ways that SME’s in particular can gain great information which will help them in the decision making process.

Detailed, statistically sound research conducted methodically and then rigorously critiqued and checked is essential in many cases (especially where the levels of investment are high or the business case justifies / requires).

What about quick and dirty approaches that can be conducted in a shorter time frame and at a fraction of the cost?

Research that answers questions like

  • How can I make sure that a new product or service that is being developed is fit for purpose?
  • How can I make sure this product / service is required and valued?

Listed below are some examples of ‘quick and dirty’ approaches used to get information to help in the business decision making process.

  • Works best where there is a high level of commercial intent targeted traffic. May need to do Keyword Research Analysis ‘KRA’ first
  • Reliant upon search traffic levels / Requires thought and time to prepare improved message / Need to know when to stop as ROI levels diminish
  • Need to make sure you get honest feedback / · Need to be able to ‘Trust’ your group / · How do you capture the information you are being given if you are facilitating the group
  • Might end up talking to the wrong person / Exhibitors want to ‘sell’ / Need to exhibit if you want to talk to a volume of attendees
  • Only provides a snapshot for how a competitor responds on that day / Many competitors are poor at responding to enquiries
  • Need to make use of any feedback. Shouldn’t just be a paperwork exercise

The reasons that many SME’s don’t conduct research are

  1. Cost – SME’s see it as expensive
  2. Time – SME’s think it will take a very long time
  3. Value – SME’s think that the research will be an academic exercise resulting in a report and very little new information
market research for sme's

Marketing Agency Peterborough  Essentials

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