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Email Marketing Blue Dolphin Business Development

Measurably Better Email Marketing

For Business to Business (B2B) E mail still provides a great mechanism for communicating to customers and prospects.

EmailATM Email marketing from Blue Dolphin Business Development

Production of promotional emails for targeted lists. Product special offers linked directly to the Woo Commerce shop, and detailed analysis to identify which offers generated the greatest interest.

Detailed analysis of the customer database allowed for personalised emails to be created and distributed. By using Mailchimp it was possible to identify those most interested and then be contacted by sales.

Marketing Mistake #18 Your Website Is Losing You Sales

With 4 distinct product sectors niche emails created for specific customers. Targeted lists contacted which ranged in size from 15 to 1900. Detailed sales follow up process implemented.

Habits Of A Good B2B Marketer

Email provides a very effective method for B2B communication. Dedicated web content and landing pages created, detailed analysis through Google Analytics to identify which messages created  maximum engagement.

Marketing Mistake #18 Your Website Is Losing You Sales

Following a longer than expected lapsed period, email was identified as the perfect method to communicate with these customers. The database was cleaned and validated prior to distribution to minimise bounces and undeliverables.

Marketing Mistake #18 Your Website Is Losing You Sales

High Quality stylish emails used to communicate with professionals. Dedicated technical sales resource allocated to monitor opens and complete telemarketing follow up to gather more information and arrange appointments

As a marketing activity Email campaigns provide B2B companies with the highest Return on Investment.

Find out how Email could help you call 01733 361729 or email 

Many companies are very ineffective in the way that they conduct their e mail campaigns. E mail ATM is a system designed to maximise the effectiveness of the e mail and subsequent digital media

If you would like to find out more about how to generate more business through E mail marketing call Andrew Goode and see if you could cost effectively improve your sales and marketing. To see a B2B email marketing case study click here

E mail ATM improves your Email marketing, Our Email ATM service provides a complete service including

  • Ask about how E Mail ATM can improve your e mail marketing
  • E Mail Marketing List cleansing – we will clean / check your list to ensure maximum first campaign delivery
  • Offer development to ensure that the email has the greatest chance of being opened and clicked
  • E mail design so that it looks professional and credible
  • Integration with website as part of a co-ordinated campaign
  • Split testing of campaigns
  • Post campaign analysis to allow for continual development
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