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Barriers To Business Planning

Barriers To Business Planning For Growth

Barriers to Business Growth

So what are the barriers to growth

Fortune Magazine in 2013 identified 3 factors

  1. The inability of the CEO to let go
  2. Being a cheapskate
  3. Not planning for unforgiving market dynamic

Real Business  2013 identified 5 factors

  1. Not finding the right people
  2. Myths about location
  3. A lack of business strategy
  4. The need for ambitious leader
  5. Planning but not implementing global expansion
Barriers To Business Planning For Growth

Back in 2008 Fresh Business Thinking identified 6 factors

  1. The Planning Vacuum
  2. Muddled Marketing
  3. Mismanaged Change
  4. Meddling and Misspent Time
  5. The Wrong Objectives
  6. No Financial Strategy

Other research identified these 19 factors

  1. The Owner
  2. People
  3. Money
  4. Customers
  5. Information Chaos
  6. Processes
  7. Planning
  8. Lack of a Sustainable Business Model
  9. Misread Market Dynamics
  10. Weak or unclear Value Proposition/Brand Promise
  11. Weak or unclear Positioning
  12. Lack of an effective Growth Strategy
  13. Dysfunctional Team Dynamics (People and/or Alignment)
  14. Insufficient Pipeline
  15. Ineffective Sales Process and/or Sales Productivity
  16. Poor cash flow restricts Capital Availability
  17. Inattention to the Transformation of Customer Behaviour and Customer Satisfaction
  18. Poor Delegation and Scaling
  19. Poorly developed Infrastructure/Systems

The 3 common barriers to business growth

From the findings it can be seen that there are 3 common factors

  1. The owner
  2. Setting objectives
  3. Planning

Now at this stage we cant affect the owner or the objectives but what about influencing the planning process

4 barriers to planning have been identified

  1. Buy in and engagement
  2. Working out what you have to do
  3. Knowing who is doing what
  4. Making sure we are doing what we said we said we were going to do

Now it may be that you are lucky enough not to have to plan. Depending on the complexity of the problem; the number of people involved and the potential impact of the outcome’ it could be that you will achieve the required result without effective planning.

How to overcome business growth planning and implementation issues

If you are facing more complex business growth problems (those that cant be solved by the approaches you have traditionally used) then it could well be that you need to adopt a new approach to the planning process that will help you overcome the 3 common factors.

Barriers To Business Planning For Growth

There are new tools,approaches and methodologies available now that can overcome the barriers top planning for business growth.Talk to Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 for click here. More information to follow including information on a unique business development planning tool for manufacturers and engineering companies called Rapid Test Marketing For Manufacturers™ click here

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