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Marketing Innovation

Marketing Innovation Examples

We can learn from other industries and sectors and see how they approach serving their customers. This then allows us to see if we could take any of the ideas and apply to our business. In this article we consider a range of innovative services provided and explore if marketing innovation could help them increase their sales.

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1. Sheet Metal Fabricators Needed to Apply “Marketing” Approach

In 1975 a sheet metal company was set by a great engineer and a businessman and in its first year had a turnover of £7,000.Today they have sales of £9 million, employ 110 people in a 65,000sq ft aerospace accredited facility. Throughout this time they would describe there core competencies as being a general sheet metal supplier, with capabilities in

      • laser,
      • punch,
      • cnc forming,
      • welding,
      • finishing and assembly.
      • Making aerospace cabinets, diagnostic cases and gen set cases for example.

The interesting for me was the comment made that “We were in among the pack and nothing special”. This typifies the issue that most sheet metal fabricators need marketing skills. Read how this company developed below

2. The “urgent” need for Marketing Innovation & Business Development Skills

In 2005 the company realised it was naïve and had to go through a management buy out. This was a whole new world for those running the company, and they realised the only way the business would move forward is if key members of staff had “personal development”

“It’s about being different”

      • Managing people
      • Operational issues
      • What services offered
      • management Information Systems
      • Financial Analysis
      • Strategies for Growth
      • Funding issues
      • and in their opinion Marketing and Customers is the most important

3. “It’s about being different”

  • Managing people
  • Operational issues
  • What services offered
  • management Information Systems
  • Financial Analysis
  • Strategies for Growth
  • Funding issues
  • and in their opinion Marketing and Customers is the most important

4. Making It In The UK

The company is passionate about having manufacture in the UK and even more so about making it in their local area. They realised they needed to adapt in order to survive and flourish. Key organisational characteristics

  • Become agile and responsive
    • can make a decision and make it quick
  • Ability to change
    • can make changes quick
  • Investment in the latest technology
  • Speed to market
  • Being truly competitive
    • overcoming the issue in what is the “true” cost in buying from China

5. How Did They Achieve Being Different

  • Open days
  • Total Project Management
  • Diversification – getting into CNC machining
  • Lean Approach
  • Running design workshops

6. About Design Workshops For Customers

Inform them in the options available (at the early stages its not a fate a comply)

If you can provide them with knowledge they can make better decisions

Identify where the cost is in a situation

See where cost has been added through

  • incorrect material selection
  • tight tolerances being applied (because the designer is lazy)
  • Tooling choices
  • Inappropriate joining methods
  • Finishing

7. What does the future hold

  • Re starting the Engineering Apprentice Programme
  • Continue to challenge perceptions
  • Continued development of the Alpha cell where they get all the best engineers together to solve problems / develop approaches
  • 3 D printing
  • Customer graduate work experience – whereby customers send their graduates to the company for a couple of weeks to experience the nuts and bolts of what a supplier does
  • A greater focus on Marketing

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Marketing Innovation – As Simple As A Cover Sheet

If you have been harvesting your straw in fantastic dry conditions, and been able to bail it wit the minimum of moisture. Then the last thing you want is for your bails to get wet when stored. If you are not fortunate to have enough permanent barn storage then a Straw Stack Cover Sheet provides an ideal solution to keep your bails in a good condition and importantly provide protection against the elements.

The extreme weather conditions (extreme levels of rainfall in short time periods, gales and winds reaching record speeds) experienced throughout the United Kingdom have conspired to raise straw prices. With straw now being recognised as a valuable commodity its worth protecting whether the straw is for your own use or for sale. If straw is uncovered and becomes damp it becomes unappetising as feed (which means that you are likely to get waste) and less absorbent as bedding (which means that you will have to use more straw.

Straw Cover Sheet – Avoid Danger

Most importantly uncovered straw bales can become a source of mould . You can quickly and easily protect your straw stacks cost effectively using a straw stack sheet when barn storage is not an option. Purchasing a specially designed straw stack cover sheet will prevent the wind lifting the plastic sheet. Gravel bags or sand bags fixed with clips should be fixed every metre to anchor sheets and covers for a long term stable storage solution.

Straw Stack Cover Sheet Case Studies

Case Study 1: Covering the straw with a straw stack cover sheet prevented the outside fifteen to eighteen centimetres of the straw bales being ruined. The straw coming out from under the cover was excellent feed quality. With the current value of straw covering with a straw cover sheet has definitely proved financially beneficial.

Case Study 2: In the past it has taken many hours to cover the stacked hay with loose tarpaulin which was was heavy and awkward to deal with. Using a bespoke stack cover sheet is not only easier but provides a better covering.

Shop Fixtures and Fittings Help Marketing

With many goods and commodities being very similar shop fixtures and fittings are an important mechanism to help make your goods look better or to encourage browsing.

The in store refit by many of the smaller post offices incorporating the counter services has had a significant impact on increasing the number of transactions and the average spend value.

In  this article we will consider shop fitting and fixture issues.

Shop Fixtures and Fittings Advantages and Disadvantages

I recently went into a Gucci store, the display of £1400 bags were displayed against a plain wall on simple plinths and had a huge amount of space between each item. The whole display smacked  of quality  and exclusivity and encouraged one to look at the detail of the product.

On the same day I went into the market at convent garden where the traders were selling their handcrafted produce from intricate glass sculptures through to hand crafted metal sculptures. Every stall had a mixture of fixtures and fittings to try and showcase the products. From a simple cloth on a table through to a concoction of shelving. The net result, that whilst  many of the products had as much quality and care as a Gucci made these products appear as lower priced craft items.

Adding value Through Shop Fixtures and Fittings

  • What if the intricate coloured glass sculptures had been displayed in a well lit cabinet, where the sculptures rotated round and caught the light.
  • Where you had to request or engage with a member of staff to access the items.
  • Where the lighting on the items created a real “wow” visual experience and dragged your senses away from the other stores or food vendors. Could this have increased  the perceived value of the sculptures – so a £300 sculpture becomes a £450 exclusive and treasured sculpture
  • The awareness of the products available – whereby the display genuinely does become a draw to the passing footfall

Steep Hillside Mowers Remote Control Improves Safety

Working on steeply inclined, challenging, rough terrain and grass with a traditional man-on-board powered mower can often put the driver at risk.

Steep Hillside Mowers Utilising new technology often provides the opportunity to provide safer working environments.

The use of wireless remote controlled Steep Hillside Mowers provides a high capacity cutting capability whilst keeping the operator at a safe distance.

Steep Hillside Mowers

With remote control can be used on steep slopes as well as flatter terrains. Many have the ability to work on terrains angled up to a very steep 55 degrees. The remote control operation of  Steep Mowers makes them ideal for use in the following applications:

  • Hilly and mountainous areas where a traditional manned vehicle would be likely to tipping over
  • Banks and ditches – especially where these are near water
  • Escarpments and highways allowing them to be used confidently in high traffic areas
  • Near railway lines – where manned vehicles would be prohibited
  • Military land, Industrial and energy plants where safety and security critical
  • Public parklands and Forested areas.
  • Airports especially in areas where aero planes are operating
  • Drainage systems and reservoirs where a single operator could be in a dangerous situation if working remotely
  • Municipal areas and Sports facilities particularly those with steep banks
  • Durable and robust.

What should you look out for in hillside mowers

    • If you are going to be transporting the vehicle a four point attachment system for lifting
    • For protection of the steep hillside mower a robust roll bar, integrated into the chassis,
    • For use in the dark flashing LEDs and powerful headlights ensure high visibility during operation.
    • For particularly difficult or steep conditions, a range of tracks should be available for steep hillside mowers to provide added stability and grip.

The Benefits of Marketing Innovation

Use the formulas and model provided above and start calculating CLV for your business today. Customer lifetime value is an incredibly useful metric. It tells you which customers spend the most at your business and which ones will remain loyal to you for the longest amount of time.

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