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Simplifying Your Marketing Messages

The Benefits Of Simplifying Your Marketing Messages

SURT :  Simple – Universally – Recognisable – Truth

SURT + Brand truth = product sentence / proposition (i.e. ‘Dry babies are happy babies’)
SURT and Glaxo Smith Klein

SURT Brand Truth Proposition
People are frightened of disease


Glaxo spends the most of R&D – fighting disease


Glaxo is diseases’ greatest enemy

SURT and Whiskas

SURT Brand Truth Proposition
Cats unpredictable


Whiskas understands cats


Whiskas is your best chance of satisfying your cat

SURT and TFL (Transport for London)

SURT Brand Truth Proposition
Teenagers believe they can be famous one day


2 teenagers are killed or seriously injured everyday


Don’t die before you have lived

Action: Think about how you could take your complex sales issues and reduce them.

The digital native (all before 21 years of age)

10,000hours gaming
200,000emails and instant messages
10,000hours on cell phone
20,000hours watching TV
15,000hours on the internet

I.e. the under 21 has a completely different way of thinking. ‘Their brains have literally been re-wired’.

Advertising Recall Scores Declining

Recall scores collapse (% day after recall of advertising message) across the population sample.

  • 1965 – 35%
  • 1974 – 25%
  • 1981 – 15%
  • 2000 – 8%

Therefore the only thing that can get through are brutally simple ideas – keep it simple to get it through.

The Benefits Of Simplifying Your Marketing Messages

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Thanks to M&C Saatchi for the inspiration to this many years ago

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