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Peterborough Manufacturing Club Help For Manufacturers

Peterborough Manufacturing Group What Should It Do

Peterborough Manufacturing Club An Opportunity To Help Peterborough Manufacturers

A Peterborough Manufacturing group is in the process of developed. The cluster will potentially offer a number of services / elements to manufacturers and related companies.

To best serve the Peterborough manufacturing group I think the following activities should be considered

Peterborough Manufacturing Club

Visits To Peterborough Manufacturing Factories

  1. Factory visits: I remember when there used a made in the UK programme of best practice visits to major manufacturers where you had the opportunity to 
    • Walk round the factory under normal operation conditions
    • Get talks from key people within the organisation
    • Discuss challenges and successes
    • From an innovation and creativity perspective they provided a fantastic opportunity to see how others solved problems that were possibly typical to many
  2. Informative presentations: having some industry recognised speakers who have shown that they have the capability to make a difference within UK manufacture.
  3. Potentially there are opportunities for a buying group to be formed that could consolidate procurement of standard components / items
  4. With such a group of manufacturing experts in one place there is possibly the chance of having a manufacturing questions. Now it could be that with a manufacturing group there is an event greater need to have non engineers as part of the process. Key questions for the manufacturing sector are possibly based around a number of themes
    1. Efficiency  – how can I make more for less resource or how can I make the item quicker without compromising quality
    2. Effectiveness
      • How do I get more customers? Now this is a classic question in its broadness. Which new customers do you want. Do you really want customers to buy that particular product range
      • How can I  increase my prices.? Again another ‘priceless’ question which is very marketing focused and requires extensive marketing knowledge if one is to make informed decisions
      • Peterborough Manufacturing Club companies can get practical help by simply clicking the link

Helping the Peterborough Manufacturing Club

If you want more information on how the Peterborough manufacturing club is developing contact Andrew Goode . For more manufacturing  information click here

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