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Does Your Sales and Marketing Business Planning Process look like this?

If your sales and marketing business planning process follows the one shown on the right then is that a problem?

Planning might not be necessary for your business

When you can put forward a very good case that your business can operate effectively without improved planning.

  • If your company is already highly profitable and achieving the growth that you require
  • You are operating in both an efficient and effective manner
  • Has a clear insight as to how the business will be performing within its existing and new markets over the next few years
Does Your Sales and Marketing Business Planning Process look like this

Planning might not be necessary if you already have a highly effective sales process

If you have an excellent sales conversion ratio from proposals submitted to business won. Plus if you have already have a constant stream of interested prospects beating a path to your door for you to quote on providing your product or service then potentially there is no need for you to change your approach.

Planning might not be necessary if your marketing ROI is high

Now if you are the type of company that measures the performance of all its sales and marketing activities in order to maximise the ROI.
If you know exactly what you are going to do from a sales and marketing perspective and are already setting specific activities, clear budgets and identifying expected outcomes. Then your current approach seems fine.


Are you 100% confident that the money and time you are spending on sales and marketing activities is working as effectively as it could.

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The benefits of proper planning to tactical activities

Marketing / Promotional ActivityTypical issues when planning poorImprovements Achieved When Specialist Planning Initiated
Advertising in printed publications (trade magazines / directories / newspapers)Money wasted, no ability to measure or track, lost sales opportunities Adverts placed in the correct publications, with correct messages generate more enquiries
Trade exhibitionsMoney wasted, fewer and lower quality leads Increased exposure for the same money, more leads and improved follow up
Brochures, folders,  leaflets and even business cardsYou end up with “Pretty” documents that actually serve little purpose in gaining customers Printed materials suddenly gain a purpose and generate greater interest
Your websiteMissed opportunities for lead acquisition and customer interaction Attracts higher volumes of interested enquiries and demonstrates increased credibility
Any online advertising – Google ad words or Facebook advertisingWasted money – Its called Google Tax for a reason – i.e. its there to penalise those who do it badly 40% budget savings typically ppossible with significant increases in click throughs
Discounts or special offersLost profit No more wasted promotions that lose you money
E mail marketingMissed opportunities, poor opening rates When implemented correctly high open rates (50%) and great engagement

The benefits of Sales and Marketing Business planning at a strategic level

This is where the major benefit of proper planning is obtained. More on this in the next post.

So if your planning process is lacking detail and matches the picture on the right give Andrew Goode a call on 01733 361729 and request a “Strategic Chat” it could start to help in the journey to increased profitable sales.
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The Importance Of Intelligent Customer Segmentation

Intelligent Segmentation Based Around Buying Behaviour (It’s about getting personal)

This example illustrates the need for intelligent segmentation.

Do you think that both these consumers would have similar buying behaviours?

The Importance Of Intelligent Customer Segmentation
The Importance Of Intelligent Customer Segmentation
  • Born in 1948 and grew up in England
  • Twice Married
  • 2 children
  • Successful in business
  • Wealthy
  • Spends winter holidays in the Alps
  • Likes dogs
  • Born in 1948 and grew up in England
  • Twice Married
  • 2 children
  • Successful in business
  • Wealthy
  • Spends winter holidays in the Alps
  • Likes dogs

From The Statistics They Look Similar

  • Same age
  • English
  • Married
  • Have children
  • Have money
  • Similar holiday requirements
  • Pet lovers

So potentially person 1 and person 2 are very similar people.

Lets see below and find out who person 1 and person 2 are

The Importance Of Intelligent Customer Segmentation
The Importance Of Intelligent Customer Segmentation

The Importance Of Intelligent Customer Segmentation

How do you currently carry out segmentation of your customers in order to identify how to more accurately target. If you could benefit from improved knowledge of your customers and better understanding of their buying behaviour click here. For news and information on marketing approaches click here

Innovation Daring To Be Different

Definition of Innovation – daring to be different

  1. There is nothing inherent or unique about people who can innovate.
  2. The art of puzzling things through learning the first principles:

Common Sense



It’s not that complicatedThis doesn’t make sense
Create a place employees likeI disagree
Ideas are commercially viableUnflinching in taking decisions
At a gut level usually know
You know right now where you are weak
Don’t need an MBA to have common sense

Things you could do

  • Don’t have a management away day
  • Make sure you are clear about what is required to make you successful in your business – how are we going to monitor this?

Initial Common sense for an airline

  • Efficiency = low cost
  • Low cost = full plane
  • Full plane = efficient to the business
  • But just being low cost is not enough.

What are the key parameters in your business?

For an airline:

  • Punctuality
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction

So how tightly are you screwing efficiency in your business?

  • Do you understand the unit costs (i.e. seat flown per Km)
  • From a sales and marketing perspective got to focus us on profitability
  • How do we ensure cost of sale doesn’t go up?
  • Need to share the measures & understand the key drivers making sure that employees / people know what’s happening
  • Spend more time with your customers
    • Some will be at the wrong end of the spectrum
    • Some will be un-viable
    • Some will be fantastic
    • Thank your customers

What about the people who aren’t your customers?

  • Ask them why don’t you use us?
  • Ask the staff – what do you think we should focus on?

Innovation Daring To Be Different

Selling Mistakes – Do You Make Any Of These

Selling Mistakes Impact On Conversion, Profit & Credibility

Selling varies significantly from at its simplest simply taking the cash for the transaction through to complex negotiations and bid writing. In this article we consider more complex selling scenarios and look at 4 classic mistakes that occur when selling.

Selling Mistake 1: Quoting To Early

One of the key attributes to selling is actively listening to the customer. A problem occurs when you offer a solution that that you want to sell as opposed to the customer actually requesting. This is then amplified when you provide a quote or supply a proposal too early in the selling process.

Selling Mistake 2: Offering Discounts

This can be split into a number of sub mistakes

  • Offering discounts as a mechanism to stimulate a sale when no reduction in price is required
  • Having discounts that are completely fictitious as an approach to being able to offer a great deal i.e.
    • Get this package of online training and dvd’s and audio files and books and etc Normally £999
      • Only 100 packs available Reduced to £499
        • As we want to really make you think you are getting a bargain For one day only £49
  • Not actually realising the implications of the profit you are losing and additional sales that will be required .

Selling Mistake 3: Charging For Time

If you are a trades person or consultant and are selling your time then you have automatically limited your earning potential. For example if you were a skilled CNC machinist and are charging £50 per hour. Then the maximum you can earn for a 40 hour week is £2000 per week. Now if you were pricing on a project basis there could be the potential for generating significantly more revenue. There is a need to uncouple price from cost and effort

Selling Mistake 4: Invoicing To Late

Picture this scenario

  • A customer asks you to complete some work on the first day of the month.
  • You complete the work over the next couple of days
  • You wait until the end of the month and invoice
  • Your payment terms are 30 days
  • Your customer pays promptly on the thirtieth day
  • Essentially you have delivered a service but waited almost 60 days for payment
Selling Mistakes - Do You Make Any Of These
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