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Marketing Ideas For Manufacturers To Improve Their Websites

Marketing Ideas For Manufacturers

Manufacturer Website Improvement Ideas

1: Show your contact details

  • One of the key actions that visitors frequently complete when visiting a website is to look for contact details
  • A crucial piece of information that should be easily visible on every page of your website is your telephone number
  • Good practice is to have in the top right hand corner of every page
  • Enhancements to this include perhaps having a tracking phone number that is different to your new main switchboard number. This way you can identify how many people who are new to the site “call”
  • On your website should be a contacts page, on this page why not have a google map that makes it easy for visitors to find your offices
  • If you have multiple offices or sites the web is a great tool for having a Find Closest Site Location where you can search by postcode / distance
Marketing Ideas For Manufacturers To Improve Their Websites

2: Call to action and data-capture

  • Many manufacturers websites are purely passive devices (essentially an on line brochure) .
  • If people have come to your site then that potentially means that they are interested in your product / service.
  • Therefore an ideal approach is to have mechanisms on your site that will encourage a visitor to take action.
  • By creating a high value offer you might be able to get visitors to leave their details (name / email / phone) which will then allow you to directly communicate on a one to one basis

3:  It’s not just about the homepage

  • The home page of your website is important.
  • Its the page that people who know about you (they have your business card / have received an e mail from you which features your website url ) will visit first
  • We find that homepages receive lots of attention in their development but the inner pages are less well designed. Typically only fifty percent of visitors will land on your homepage so when a visitor lands elsewhere what impression does your website provide

Marketing Ideas For Manufacturers To Improve Their Websites

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