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Business Planning – How To Improve The Process

Process Guidelines To Improve Your Business Strategy Development

  • Make time and space for strategic debate
  • Make sure that you separate the strategic business planning from the budget planning cycle
  • Ensure that all involved in the managerial top team
  • Be prepared to enter the “Zone of Uncomfortable Debate” Z.O.U.D
  • An external experienced  business consultant may help you to counter issues that arise in ZOUD by being a devils advocate
  • Create an environment where it is possible to surface and challenge assumptions
  • Ensure that everyone can say what they feel “Be Honest”
  • Get the best information you can on
    • Customers
    • Competitors
    • Your own organisation
  • Don’t rush the process
    • There are no set guidelines on how long the strategic planning process should take
    • The more you dig and the better the information and knowledge you will gain – the longer it will take ( Back to point one, make time for the process)
    • Note: don’t let procrastination get in the way of delaying the process. Again this is where an external consultant can help
  • Summarise the strategy in a concise, unambiguous document
  • Very important – Agree actions and ownership
  • Monitor and control the change process. Make sure that you measure critical activities

There is no right answer, but the strategy that comes out of this process is likely to be significantly better than one emerging from ad hoc disjointed operational decisions!

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Business Planning

The challenge of covid has clearly showcased the need for robust and detailed business planning, it has also demonstrated the need to be able to be fleet of foot and make rapid decisions and adapt and change. Those companies that didn’t have the business information to hand or failed to make decisions because of procrastination either missed out on new opportunities or subsequently failed.

For more information on business planning click here. To contact Andrew Goode MBA FCIM MSc an experienced business consultant click here

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