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Generating More Quality Sales Leads

Many companies consistently face the challenge of generating more quality sales leads ( by quality I mean those who have the potential for conversion and not tyre kickers)

We have seen the following 3 lead generation scenarios regularly occur and these are best explained by a customer tap and pipe scenario

  1. The company has no control of the tap and end up with peak and trough situations neither of which is suitable
    • when too many leads come in they cant be dealt with correctly or efficiently and as a result sales conversion is reduced
    • when insufficient leads are coming in there is potentially insufficient “new” work coming through
  2. The company has a limited pipeline and therefore the number of leads is automatically restricted  for example perhaps you only have one source of generating enquiries i.e. networking
  3. With a wide variety of promotional activities taking place the flow of leads is significant but the management and filtration of them is poor
    • With leads coming from
      • Networking
      • Email Marketing
      • Direct Mail
      • Telemarketing
      • Advertising in specialist trade publications
      • Google Ads ( Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Remarketing)
      • Social Media
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Generating More Quality Sales Leads

Tips and Techniques

  • Identify what makes you different ( what is your unique selling proposition?)
  • Make sure any marketing that you perform is measurable (you need to know what is or isn’t working)
  • If you perform any marketing – do it , improve it in order to maximise return on investment
  • Your website is core to business development processes so we need to ensure the website is designed to maximise conversion
  • What’s your currently monthly marketing budget and how many leads do you generate per month
  • What is the current cost per lead and how many leads do you need per sale
  • Where do your leads come from website, Facebook, Google ads, Referrals, Email marketing, Linked in , networking etc
  • What are the keywords that customers use to find your products / services

If you are looking at generating more quality sales leads then contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing and sales professional or for more information on marketing and business development approaches click here

generating more quality sales leads blue dolphin

Using Soft Insights to Gain Superior Customer Understanding & Generate More Sales Leads

Two approaches to gaining customer understanding

Option 1 – Conduct traditional robust market research

  • Send out surveys in both print and electronic formats
  • Organise focus groups
  • One to One structured interviews
  • etc

Option 2 – Consider looking for softer insights

Soft Insights as opposed to data. Essentially this could be classified as immersing yourself in your customers world. Remembering that you may have many segmentation customer profiles.

How to establish soft insights

  • Immerse yourself in your customer’s world
  • Identify the language they use – you will have greatest chance of engaging with them if you use the language they are familiar and comfortable with
  • Establish the problems that they face now
  • What is the future they face – if your lucky a sector enjoying massive growth, or is the industry facing difficult times
  • Conduct your soft insights with an open mind and remove any pre determined expectations. This can be particularly challenging as many companies have a product / service that they have created and now want to sell. This is about identifying what your customers need.

How to get this information

  • Go into the customer world. Now I know that’s scary. Leaving the office / factory but believe me it will provide you with a massive insight
  • Survey without an agenda. I’m not saying don’t have a structure, but certainly don’t go in there armed with pre determined tick box questions, through discussion focussed on the customers issues you will identify what they are looking for. Warning – You might find that what you are offering isn’t on your customers radar
  • All staff need to help in customer insights. Everyone who has a dealing with a customer should be able to gather soft insight
generating more quality sales leads blue dolphin web design

Customer Understanding – How To Gain Superior Insights

  • If you want a breakthrough in understanding what makes your customers tick look outside your current environment
  • Don’t start with the knowledge and constraints before you start the process

Remember the famous quote from Henry Ford after developing the Model T. If I had relied on asking customers what they wanted they would have said “Faster horses”

Struggling To Get A Sales Meeting Try These Tips

Is The Customer Worthwhile

How much is am meeting or call worth to you ?

In striving to get the meeting does the customer match your ideal client profile

  • Do they have budgetary control
  • Is their budget sizeable
  • Can they become a customer for life
  • Customer Value = Sales Price – Cost of Goods
  • What % of conversations / meetings do you close

Once you have identified a profile

  • Build a dream list
  • Send them weird shit – that gets noticed
  • Follow up

Approach 1 – The illegal phone box

  • The aim of this is to get the prospect to call us
  • We send them a mobile phone with a pre configured number
  • The prospect has to sign for the box
  • In the box are the instructions to press the green button twice – so they can call us
    • We can see the number so know who is calling

The difficulties with this approach

  • buying multiple sim cards can be a challenge
  • loading with credit
  • sourcing 10 phones at a time can be difficult ( might have to do second hand

Approach 2 – The Hamster Box

  • Send the prospect a live hamster in a box (difficult to ignore)
  • Note there is potential for this to go horribly wrong

Approach 3 – The Sweet Box

  • Send a box of sweets or sweet dispenser that is padlocked
  • They can only get the key or the code if they call

Approach 4 – The Out Of Date Sandwich

  • An old pre packaged sandwich with a note that says we would never sell out of date ….

If any of these work for you then a sales meeting should be scheduled and importantly the meeting should take place.

generating more quality sales leads blue dolphin web design
top tips for getting more sales

Tips For Gaining More Sales

Looking To Grow Your Business

If you are looking to grow your business then this can often involve generating more sales. In this article we look at Tips For Gaining More Sales. Hopefully some of the tips will be suitable for your business whether its how to get past the gatekeeper of a new prospect, through to techniques on how to close a sale.

How do you get past the gate keeper

  • Two really simple tips
    • Call at 8.30am in the morning before the main receptionist arrives
    • Call after 5.30pm – anybody in the office may be a “senior” person at this time and less likely to act as a gatekeeper barrier

Its about demonstrating fit

  • What we are selling fits what you need
  • Its about providing decision making support – what / where / who / when / why

Improve How Sales and Marketing to work together

  • 87% of sales and marketing professionals refer to one another negatively
  • If you are looking to buy a product or service what’s the first thing you do ? The answer is probably “Google” . The challenge is that in many cases customers are over 70% of the way through the selection research process once they have been online
  • This potentially means that if your marketing isn’t creating the right awareness then your chance of getting a sale is significantly reduced
  • It is therefore important to follow AIDA (Awareness , Interest, Desire, Action) in order to have the chance of getting found, being considered and making the sale

Features, Benefits and Value

Below are listed some real life examples of features and benefits as expressed by a group of SME’s



We do all the analysis Which gives you a better understanding
We evaluate all your information Which allows us to identify and make you savings
We do it all in house Which saves you time
We provide hot snacks for those important business lunches Maximum flavour
We use local suppliers Ethical
Every unit is bespoke You know its designed for you
We improve your IT security Peace of mind
We only offer a service if we are confident its going to be successful 100% confidence it will work
We will tell you exactly what savings we will make Know quantifiably your savings
generating more quality leads blue dolphin

Emotions Are Linked To Sales

Emotional intelligence plays an important part in the decision making process and ultimately sales. Therefore understanding and influencing the emotion that the customer is going through should be considered beneficial.
Therefore a range of techniques can help

  • Video testimonials – whereby a 3rd party endorses in their own words the benefits that you provided
  • Web based reviews – in a world of web search, web reviews can play an important part in the search and selection process

Overcoming Objections

The following are a list of typical objections for not buying

  • Cant meet our time frame
  • Wrong location (want someone local / want someone out of area)
  • Already got it
  • Have just changed
  • Haven’t got money
  • No time
  • Not right for me
  • I don’t realise that I need it
  • Wont make a pre-order commitment
  • Inertia
  • Apathy

The ABC of sales

Whilst an Americanism ABC can be equated to “Always Be Closing”. Whilst in the UK we are probably better served by changing it to ” Always Be moving to the customer to the next stage of the sales process”

Parameters customers use in buying process

  • Confidence – Do I TRUST this product / person / service / company. Have I seen proof that supports my decision
  • Expertise – Is this product different. What is it that this product / service does that nobody else is doing . Importantly – how is this evidenced

Generating More Quality Sales Leads

There are several approaches to generating more quality sales leads, including:

  1. Inbound marketing: Attract leads through informative and valuable content that educates and engages potential customers.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO): Improve the visibility of your website on search engines to reach potential customers who are actively searching for solutions like yours.
  3. Social media marketing: Reach a wider audience and engage with them on social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  4. Referral marketing: Encourage current customers to refer new leads to your business.
  5. Paid advertising: Use paid advertising methods like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to reach potential customers quickly.
  6. Event marketing: Attend and host events related to your industry to network and build relationships with potential leads.
  7. Email marketing: Build a targeted email list and regularly send them valuable content and promotions.
  8. Account-based marketing (ABM): Personalize your marketing and sales approach to high-value target accounts to generate quality leads.
  9. Content marketing: Create and distribute valuable and relevant content to attract and educate potential leads, build your brand, and establish thought leadership.

If you would like to know more about Generating More Quality Sales Leads contact Andrew Goode MBA, MSc, FCIM Click here to arrange a call

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