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Generating More Quality Sales Leads

Many companies consistently face the challenge of finding more quality sales leads ( by quality I mean those who have the potential for conversion and not tyre kickers)

We have seen the following 3 lead generation scenarios regularly occur and these are best explained by a customer tap and pipe scenario

  1. The company has no control of the tap and end up with peak and trough situations neither of which is suitable
    • when too many leads come in they cant be dealt with correctly or efficiently and as a result sales conversion is reduced
    • when insufficient leads are coming in there is potentially insufficient “new” work coming through
  2. The company has a limited pipeline and therefore the number of leads is automatically restricted  for example perhaps you only have one source of generating enquiries i.e. networking
  3. With a wide variety of promotional activities taking place the flow of leads is significant but the management and filtration of them is poor
    • With leads coming from
      • Networking
      • Email Marketing
      • Direct Mail
      • Telemarketing
      • Advertising in specialist trade publications
      • Google Ads ( Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Remarketing)
      • Social Media
Generating More Quality Sales Leads

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Generating More Quality Sales Leads

Tips and Techniques

  • Identify what makes you different ( what is your unique selling proposition?)
  • Make sure any marketing that you perform is measurable (you need to know what is or isn’t working)
  • If you perform any marketing – do it , improve it in order to maximise return on investment
  • Your website is core to business development processes so we need to ensure the website is designed to maximise conversion
  • Whats your currently monthly marketing budget and how many leads do you generate per month
  • What is the current cost per lead and how many leads do you need per sale
  • Where do your leads come from website, Facebook, Google ads, Referrals, Email marketing, Linked in , networking etc
  • What are the keywords that customers use to find your products / services

If you are looking at generating more quality sales leads then contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing and sales professional or for more information on marketing and business development approaches click here

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