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Reviewing Your Website Performance

The Importance Measuring, Analysing And Reviewing Your Website Performance

Measuring Your Websites Performance

Most companies and organisations now have a website. Why they have a website is an question in its own right. What is the purpose of your website.

  • Is it to help them generate new / more business
  • Does it provide credibility (and show you exist)
  • Perhaps you have a website because it seemed like a good promotional tool at the time but don’t know what the purpose of the site is

Whichever the above or other scenarios there are clear benefits to  measuring your website performance. In this article we will consider two measurements and there main benefits

The Importance Measuring, Analysing And Reviewing Your Website Performance

Measurement 1: How is your site being viewed

One of the hot topics within the press is the growth in mobile devices that can access the internet. This then leads to calls that websites must be optimised for mobile devices. By measuring and analysing how people actually access your site will allow you to evaluate how much time / investment should be spent on the mobile user.
As can be seen by the stats below this B2B website currently only gets 10% of its website visitors via a mobile device.

If you are measuring and monitoring on a frequent basis then you can establish

  • Is the trend for mobile usage on your site increasing – if so at what rate
  • Do the people who access your site via mobile go to the same pages as those who visit by Desktop or Tablet
  • How much time does a mobile user spend on your website – are they viewing specific pages
  • This way you can evaluate when you should be considering either responsive design or an additional dedicated mobile  site

Measurement 2: What content / pages are being viewed?

Hopefully you have a website  rich with quality content,  multiple pages that is frequently updated with new content. So within your website which pages are being viewed and how are customers navigating through your site are key measurement elements.
The page that a visitor lands on is important information. The chart below shows a typical B2B profile

So in this example of the 183 people who visited the website over 50 % landed on the home page and 5 other pages capturing a further 30%. Thus having a home page that is easy to navigate away from, or provides a user with crucial information to hand immediately is important. Those people landing on other pages (that they are likely to have found through a search engine) are they able to easily navigate to additional information or have all the information they need within that page
Again analysing the customer journey through the site can provide a valuable insight into how a visitor is engaging with the content and if you have identified logical routes within the site. Combine this with information as to how long they stay on pages and you can get a real insight into how a visitor is using the site.

The Importance Measuring, Analysing And Reviewing Your Website Performance

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