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Peterborough Business Expo 14th October

Convert Your Website Into A Lead Generator. 14th October 12.00 to 12.30 at the Peterborough Business Expo

If you have the feeling that your website could be doing so much more for your business, then this presentation is for you.

The presentation will cover practical approaches and techniques to improve the performance and conversion capabilities of your website.

Using actual company examples we will see how changes made on an incremental basis resulted in measurable performance improvements.

Delegates will leave with a number of takeaways that they will be able to apply to their website. During the session one company who attends will be able to benefit from a live website evaluation to review their website ( note companies will need to provide their website details at point of registration). For more information on website design click here

Andrew Goode from Blue Dolphin Business Development will be presenting

Does your website help generate new business i just found your website Blue Dolphin Business Development

Other Speakers On The Day

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