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Getting Your Proposition Right Through Keywords and Conversations

If you own a shop or business, you have conversations with your prospects and customers (The same is true with the opportunity presented when they land on your website) therefore getting your proposition right is a fundamental issue.

On the web people are using keywords / key phrases in search because they are looking for help to a problem, question or purchase

So, let’s consider the following fictional (or not so fictional) scenario

Keyword used – Dog friendly boat hire Wroxham

Real world conversation “Hi can I hire a boat we will have our dog “Rex” with us

Getting Your Proposition Right Through Keywords and Conversations

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How would you reply?

1: Certainly, we have a fleet of over 200 boats that we hire, not all are suitable for dogs. Would you like me to show you them all anyway?

  • Within a shop environment – the person can ask again
  • Within the web it’s the back button or an alternative search

2: Reply with a load of irrelevant and verbose / BS that makes it really difficult  for me to find the information that I actually wanted

3: Certainly, Sir we have a range of dog friendly boats available for hire. How many people will be joining you on the boat

Let’s consider keyword variations

  • Do you have dog friendly boat hire?
  • Can I hire a boat suitable for dogs?
  • Can I take a dog on my hire boat?
  • Wroxham dog friendly boat hire

Intent = Rankings and Conversions

  • If your website is your online equivalent of your shop
  • Your shop sign and your in-store displays tell people about what you provide
  • When someone walks into your shop (footfall) you greet them
  • By looking at the quality of the shop, fixtures, fittings, staff I get an impression / perception on how good the shop might perform

So, your web page is the equivalent of that physical shop

Header : Andys Boats

Slider: Dog Friendly Boats For Hire

Call to action buttons: Book now – Date , Duration, Adults, Children Pets- Price – Book Now

Supplementary information: Our boat range | Special Offers | Request A Brochure | Late Availability

The Real World Scenario Involving Competitors

  • Your shop is open but your competitor hires more
  • You are selling a luxury brand
  • They are offering a cheaper low quality service

Do you 

  • Put a sign in the window saying that you now supply cheap boats
  • Understand that the people hiring cheaper boasts are not your target audience
  • Change your business model

Getting Your Proposition Right Through Keywords and Conversations

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Defining the problem is critical if you are to achieve effective problem solving

A classic ‘broad’ organisational problem

Over the years I have heard many organisations raise this as an issue that needs resolving “How can we improve communications?” Invariably in this format the problem seems like a major challenge

Breaking down the problem for clarification

What exactly does “How can we improve communications”  mean. If we break the question down we can start to get a better idea. A process to improve clarification is for a group responsible for solving the problem to brainstorm the key elements. So lets do that for this problem

An Approach To Better Clarifying A Business Problem

What does ‘We’ mean?

  • Us
  • Our
  • Group
  • Everybody’s
  • Together
  • Stakeholders
  • I
  • Me
  • Team
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • etc

What does ‘Improve’ mean?

  • Better
  • Reduce
  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • Focus
  • Inspire
  • Concise
  • Timely
  • Make faster
  • etc

What does “Communication” mean?

  • Memos
  • E mails
  • Team meetings
  • To customers
  • To suppliers
  • Proposals
  • Staff briefings
  • To Employees
  • Etc

An Approach To Better Clarifying A Business Problem Getting specific

Now we have the chance to prioritise and be very specific about what we might want to achieve. So identify  the elements that meet your actual needs
For example “How can the sales team provide faster more accurate information to customers”
How can the management team better brief staff on company performance
Now that we have got specific it is easier to identify approaches to solving the business issue

Tip 1 – Make /allow quality time for complex problem solving. Provide break out areas for relaxation and be amazed what happens to problem when you relax and start acting naturally.

Tip 2: Next time you and your team have a complex problem that isn’t being resolved try redefining as per the example above and see if making the problem more specific makes its easier to resolve. For more information on business solutions click here. To contact a marketing and sales professional click here

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