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4 ways to increase traffic to your website

You might have the best website ever, but if no-one is visiting it, then what’s the point? Getting the right kind of visitors (traffic) to your site, and potential customers to view your product or service and capabilities. In this article we look at 4 ways to increase traffic to your website.

Many companies are disappointed when they work hard to create a quality website, but then find that they don’t get the volumes of traffic they hoped for each month. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the content isn’t good enough, or your design isn’t right – it might mean that you need to carry out additional steps to drive new traffic to your site.

In this article, we will look at 4 ways to increase traffic to your website and generate new leads for your business.

1: Produce Engaging, Authoritative, Unique Content

In order to drive more traffic to your website, you need producing engaging content that will benefit your audience. Research your target customer personas and identify what content resonates with them.

Try to cater your content specifically to their interests and needs – producing informative content that will advise the on topics relevant to them. This will definitely encourage more people to look at your website, and do so much more closely.

Content that covers the questions that they ask has the greatest potential of being clicked / read for example

  • How to …
  • What makes a great…
  • How do I …
  • Why should you…
  • Top Tips to ..
  • The benefits of ….
4 ways to increase traffic to your website website design blue dolphin business development

2: Harness the power of E-mail

E-mail marketing is such a powerful tool, in fact, for many businesses, this should be their go-to marketing strategy for generating sales. If you are consistently sending out relevant and engaging email content to your mail list, this will lead to a great source of website traffic. The email should contain a summary of the article, with the recipient being able to read the complete content by clicking a link and then being sent to the complete article on the website. Emails help you stay in touch with your customers, by letting them know what you are working on, any special offers and what is coming up. By emailing your subscribers regularly ( without bombarding or spamming) , it’s a good way to keep your company / brand at the forefront of their mind.

Some top email marketing tips

  • Use catchy email subject headlines
  • Use an email delivery system like Mailchimp / Mailerlite that allows you to create styled emails and measure their performance
  • Don’t use Outlook etc to send a bcc to multiple contacts
  • Try to keep your emails short & sweet
  • Always have a link to your website!

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3: Make sure your website is optimised to be found on Google

We find that many companies have a website built that looks good from a visual perspective but don’t spend the time / budget to have the site optimised for search. This activity can  take as long as a site build so that is often why companies don’t have this work completed. When pages are created there are a number of elements that should be completed, these include making sure that

  • Meta Tag
  • Title tag
  • Headings H2, H3
  • Alt Text
  • Body copy
  • etc are applied correctly to every page ad post
  • Internal and External links

Additionally the health of your website will have an impact on how well your site can be found. Website health issues will impact on your ability to rank and get found. Issues such as broken links, duplicate meta descriptions , no alt text etc will all impact. Over time as more content is added to your website there are always opportunities for errors to occur. If you would like a free website health check please contact

4: Get involved with social media

Social media “Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc are common marketing tactics nowadays. It is important to identify which platform could be your best source of traffic and most relevant to your target customers.

If your company produces good content – it’ not impossible to go viral and reach a tremendous amount of new potential customers. To do this most effectively, focus on posting consistently and creating a community around you page – and link the content back to your website or blog.

Give your followers a call to action- such as ‘visit our website for more information’ or ‘sign up on our website’ which prompts more people to visit your site.

The ultimate goal for many businesses with a website is to get more website traffic? Depending on the sector that your business operates in it can feel like an impossible task. Increasing your website traffic is possible if you follow a consistent strategy and use the most effective marketing techniques.

As a business, you must be committed to pushing out high-quality content, with the knowledge that over time, this will help to increase your flow of website traffic. Stay focused on creating great content and work hard to add links back to your website. As with all marketing there are no quick fixes or silver bullets and the wondrous claims of getting you to rank #1 in Google should be taken with a pinch of salt.

4 ways to increase traffic to your website

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