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Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

A Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is designed to allow a wireless lance that contains a temperature sensor, transmit temperature readings to a wireless receiver.

These devices provide a great solution for the temperature monitoring of grain or crops in silos.

For larger silos multiple lances are linked to a a central connector

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

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Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Advantages

There are a number of advantages of wireless temperature monitoring systems

  • A wireless temperature monitoring system provides a real time temperature monitoring, recording or logging.
  • Information can be relayed to operators / managers through a variety of mechanisms
  • The opportunity for temperature changes are significant through environmental and material changes. It is often necessary to prevent temperature extremes (highs and lows) in areas that are difficult to access or of a remote nature
  • There are numerous wireless temperature monitoring system available which all have different characteristics
    • Accuracy – of temperature measurement
    • Control – the speed of feedback and ability to provide feedback
    • Range – how far they can transmit
    • Ease of use
      • How easy is the device to read. Does it have a large clear display that can be read in both bright and more importantly dark conditions
      • Can a temperature increase / decrease be easily initiated
      • Is it possible to stop or prevent accidental changes i.e. by requiring a confirmation code or action before a change is effected
    • Ease of installation
    • Reporting attributes
    • Cost – as in many cases the more that you pay for a unit the higher the quality and better operating performance.
  • Note: it is important to consider the value of your commodity that you are storing. If you have a high value crop would you really want to rely on a low quality / low cost wireless temperature system

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