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Marketing Transformation – Impact of Technology

Marketing is being transformed within every sector through technology.

Cloud computing with smart phones puts super computers in the pocket of a massive quantity of users. This now provides the opportunity to reach anybody at any time (through a wide variety of communication media – telephone, e mail or any of the appropriate social methods).

This can be seen as beneficial as research indicates that 6 to 8 touch points are still required to educate and inform the customer as they move through the buying process.

Marketing Transformation – Impact of Technology

Marketing Transformation – Today’s Customers Are Immune

  • There is so much noise and miss information today’s buyers require more conviction
  • Over 70% of buyers start the buying process with a generic search on a search engine (Google being the search engine of choice for over 90%)
  • So B2B buyers are doing their primary research and investigations and doing it for themselves. So its absolutely vital to make sure that the self search information is valid and clearly differentiates you

Content Marketing

It has been recognised for some time that quality content marketing is a required marketing activity, following this rationale

  • The company creates high quality content
    • Potential buyers find this content and digest
      • Ideally they then go on to make a purchase

A vendors website is the most important source of information when researching and evaluating technologies and processes

B2B Conference May 2017

Through Marketing Transformation How Do You Make Your Website Better

  • Would your site perform better through having a “Virtual Agent – 24-7 Capability” that helps guide a consumer to the right info. Almost intelligent navigation that can prompt when it would be good to talk to a real person
  • Content is more than words it needs to be made up of compelling and really useful stories
  • Need to reduce the friction as a buyer moves through the site

As is often the case the important element is to ensure that everything links to a marketing and sales strategy as opposed to just using technology and new approaches for the sake of choosing the latest shiny new approach.

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