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Marketing Differentiation And Its Importance

Marketing Differentiation And Its Importance In Sales

Marketing Differentiation Why Is It Important

Are you fortunate to have NO competitors

In an ideal world you would be the only company who supplied the product or service that you are providing. That way when a customer or prospect comes to you and requests your product or service you don’t have to worry about

  • The pricing that you apply. With no competitive products if a customer can afford your product and wants to buy it why would they worry about price
  • The quality :if yours is the only product then direct comparison is difficult.
  • Where you are located: If people want what you offer and there is nobody else to provide it, then customers / prospects will make an effort to find you
  • The package : What you actually provide in the product you deliver, in terms of additional product features or extras

If you don’t have any direct or indirect competition then happy days make sure that you maximise profits before things change (the future competition)

  1. Direct competition: companies offering exactly the same product or service as you
  2. Indirect competition: companies who offer a different product or service to you but are competing for your money
  3. Future competition : companies / products that are being developed that will transform the way that a customer purchases in the future

What if you have direct competition

Unfortunately most companies have direct competition so what is the best way to compete

  • Price: you could be the cheapest but do you have the lowest costs and by being the cheapest will you be able to make a sustainable profit
  • Quality: You could offer the highest quality (unlikely that you will be the cheapest now), or you could offer the lowest quality (unlikely that you will get repeat customers)
  • Location: make sure you are located where its easy for your customers to find you. That could be your physical location or being easily found on the web.
  • Package: you could do things differently as you provide the product / service that are of value and importance to the customer but don’t actually add (significantly) to your direct costs. Importantly you need to understand what is important and of value and then communicate it

The picture of a vending kiosk in New York, shows part of the differentiation process. There stall is different to the hundreds of other street vendors ‘we are different’ unfortunately the product offering and service didn’t match the expectations. So publishing that you are different when you are not, probably wont work as a long term promotional strategy. A great sales and marketing question to ask yourself that helps with the differentiation challenge is “Why should I buy (whatever you sell) from you”.

Marketing Differentiation And Its Importance In Sales – Struggling to identify what makes you different?

If you are struggling to establish what makes you different then give click here a call on 01733 361729 where we can use our unique ‘Marketing Differentiation Tool’ to help you identify what makes you different.

Blast Proof Windows Integrated with the Architecture

Blast proof windows are often required in buildings such as chemical plants, high profile buildings or buildings at risk of terrorist attack. Protective measures such as blast proof windows and blast proof doors must be integrated within the architectural design of both public and private buildings to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and suitable to be prepared for any potential blast.

It is unfortunate that in today’s world  counter terrorist measures have to be undertaken on buildings where a ‘bomb blast’ attack is a serious threat posed by terrorists. If an explosive device is detonated (for example by an IED) a pressure wave is produced which can travel for great distances affecting not only the targeted building but buildings in the entire surrounding area.

As a result, significant damage can be caused to buildings which have not been designed or up rated to be blast resistant. In the event of a blast shattered glass and other components from the windows become projectiles and pose a significant threat to serious injury or life.  Bomb proof doors, bomb proof windows, bomb proof screens reduce the impact of this threat

Blast Proof Windows Reduce The Impact of Flying or Falling Glass

In the event of an explosion, If local buildings are not adequately protected from the bomb blast, the glass facades of these buildings may shatter and the projected glass fragments have the potential to cause serious harm. It is estimated that up to 95% of all injuries resulting from a bomb blast are caused by flying or falling glass. Note whilst the term Blast Proof is used, due to the variances of the blast pressure a more accurate / appropriate term is ‘blast resistance’  For example, a blast can vary significantly in size. i.e.comparing a small rucksack bomb to a van with tonnes of high explosive. Both blasts pose a potential risk to life but the impact of the blast differs significantly.

Blast Proof Windows Design

Blast proof windows designed to protect against a small explosion will not typically protect against a large explosion. It is therefore important to fully assess the risks and carry out an external assessment undertaken by government or approved agencies to establish the threat posed to the building. The relevant agencies and consultants can then advise on the level of protection required. Once the levels of threat levels have been identified appropriate blast resistant windows, doors and curtain wall solutions can be identified from existing ranges or new designs developed specifically to suit the requirements of the project.

Knowledge Ecologist What’s In A Job Title

Knowledge Ecologist Are They Useful To Business

I recently came across a knowledge ecologist who specialised in knowledge ecology. Over the last thirty years I have come across some great  job titles associated with some interesting organisations.

The promise of improved business performance through a knowledge ecologist got me interested.

So what is a knowledge ecologist

  • Do you know what a knowledge ecologist (KE) does?
  • Have you ever heard of the term?
  • Would the fact that someone was a KE make you feel more secure in the information they were providing compared to say a management consultant
  • Where do you go and study to be a KE. In fact can you study for it. Is the knowledge gained through experience and practical insight as opposed to a business school
  • Are they suitable for any business or only those who are looking to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable way of trading (which I guess in someways is almost every business)
  • How would you identify who was an exceptional KE compared to say one who was acceptable

Knowledge Ecologist AVAILABLE

If you would like to know substantially more about Knowledge ecology we are publishing a series of case studies

If you have clicked the button above excellent. Alternatively you may want to attend a FREE event where you could see a KE in action.

Ultimately being able to see content on the web (or a dedicated website) that features

  • Quality content explaining the services available
  • Case studies illustrating how the process has worked and making the intangible nature of a service more understandable
  • Testimonials that show that real people have benefited. Now more about testimonials in a further article but just visualise how powerful a CEO of a large blue chip company saying on video “Without the services provided by the K E our company would not be performing as well as it is now”

Akbars Leeds A Fantastic Customer Experience & Example Of Great Marketing

I recently took my family out for a celebratory special occasion meal. As we were combining this with a visit to Leeds it made perfect sense to go to an Indian restaurant that had been recommended to us called Akbars Leeds in Greek Street, Leeds.

Now lets look at what I think are some of the great marketing activities that we can all learn from

  1. Referral: I was recommended to go there by a friend who himself had been recommended (I have no idea how far back the chain goes) as a result of this recommendation we didn’t even checkout if there were other great curry houses local to us
  2. Busy: We arrived at the restaurant at 6.30pm on a Saturday evening. We were greeted at the door by a very hospitable lady who informed us that they were very busy and for a table of five we would have to wait 30 minutes. The restaurant was absolutely buzzing with diners who appeared to be having a great time. So at this point we promptly made use of the bar area to grab a pre meal drink. The fact that the restaurant was already busy was a great sales tool. Did we really want to find a restaurant that was empty where we could eat immediately?
  3. Akbars Leeds have some hero products. Whilst we were waiting we observed the food coming out of the open to view kitchens. From the image you will see one of the hero products the “Family Nan” what a mugs eyeful. It tasted even better than it looked. The taxi driver who took us to the restaurant recommended the lamb chops (which were outstanding) as he said they were legendary
  4. Great Food: When the food arrived I can honestly say the Apna style curry was the best curry I have ever had. everyone else in the group though that the food was brilliant
  5. Great Service: The waiters, The food servers were all very attentive and very personable. No robotic sayings just very attentive personal service

Akbars Leeds The Marketing Case In Summary

  • A great marketing case study
  • I have no idea what there website is like (they may not have one) never even looked for it
  • The product in terms of food was not only outstanding to us it represented great value for money
  • The restaurant understood the importance and value of customers and provided a service to suit
  • I will tell friends the Akbars Leeds story and recommend them as a  very happy customer, and will have no hesitation re visiting next time I’m in Leeds

For a great curry visit Akbars Leeds for great marketing advice checkout the Blue Dolphin website

Condensation In Bathroom A Customer Issue

Condensation In Bathroom Of What Value To A Customer To Fix

Short Term Expense or Long Term Cost

Condensation In Bathroom is a major problem for many households for numerous reasons. The major issue is potentially the long term damage it can cause to the bathroom. If the bathroom is painted the moisture will over time penetrate the paint and start to cause the paint to peel. flake and eventually expose the plaster. Once this happens there is the chance of damp entering the plasterboard eventually rendering the plaster weak and causing some structural issues.

Another more visible issue is that potentially mould will start to develop on the surface which is not only unsightly but again also poses a potential health hazard. Finally in a bathroom in which you are unable to get rid of the damp it will become difficult to dry the towels and generally not be a pleasant place to clean.

These are issues both short term while you are at the property and also when you are looking to move or sell. If the bathroom has a window, then the obvious solution is to keep this window open whilst the heating is on in order to minimize the moisture, but what if there is no window.
The short term cost which may potentially alleviate the long term issues is to fit an extractor fan. This simple technology is essentially a fan that sucks the moist air out from the bathroom takes its down a large bore flexible hose and then takes it to an outside wall where it is vented to the atmosphere. Now there are many things to consider when choosing an extractor fan such as what capacity do you need, how important is the noise of the fan and how easy will it be to fit.

Condensation In Bathroom A Customer Issue

So a simple everyday customer problem that can be rectified by some simple technology but that actually requires a significant amount of knowledge in order to make the correct selection. If you have condensation in bathroom issues then check out Xpelair fans. If you have marketing communication challenges like how to educate about condensation in bathroom

Mobile Lighting Towers

Mobile lighting towers for industry, construction sites, and external events or large indoor events with limited lighting. Mobile lighting tower are ideal if you need to illuminate a large area where the ability to get the powerful lights high up allows you to create great visibility from a unit that is portable unit.
It is important to check out units which are robust (as they will undoubtedly not be treated with kit gloves) and reliable (as in many cases these will be used on safety critical applications). Mobile lighting towers can be used in a huge range of locations, from roadways to illuminate repairs or construction through to photo shoots and film sets where additional luminescence is required. Find out more below.

Mobile Lighting Towers Selection Criteria

  • Look for units which are of modular design and feature canopy panels that are easily replaced
  • Are manufactured from galvanised material which will prevent rust and corrosion
  • Are designed to provide simple access for service maintenance
  • There are a lot of great engines available and any reputable mobile lighting towers provider should offer a choice from leading manufacturers 
  • One of the most common reasons for lighting towers failing is that they simply run out of fuel. For that reason we believe that digital read out fuel gauges should be fitted to allow for accurate fuel reporting. With accurate measurement it should be able to ensure that a unit will be operational when required
  • To help with operation we recommend that a simple push button controller is used to start/stop the machine (as opposed to a key)
  • A useful additional feature is easy bolt-on telemetry options

Mobile Lighting Towers are used in the following sectors

    • Construction
    • Rail
    • Gas & Petro Chemical
    • TV, Film and Events
    • Quarry & Mining
    • Agriculture
    • Emergency Services
    • Utilities

Water Transfer Printing – Hydrographics

I want to consider the importance in marketing of a project and how the terminology that you use can impact on its success. I am going to use the term of Water Transfer Printing as an example of a process that is actually called many different things dependent upon the industry in which it is used.

Now depending on what type of customer you are water transfer printing is also known as

  • Hydrographics
  • Hydro dipping,
  • Hydro imaging,
  • Fluid imaging,
  • Hydrograghic printing

Water Transfer Printing

Water Transfer Printing or Hydrographics  is a three dimensional decorating process. whereby graphics are applied to decorate the items and create surface finishes such as

  • Carbon fibre texture
  • Woodgrain,
  • Camouflage effect
  • Geometrical patterns

The water transfer printing / Hydrographics process is used throughout the world primarily  to decorate a wide variety of items, ranging is size from very small items like mobile telephone cases through to large items such as airplane interiors. The versatility of the H2O transfer printing method means that the films can be applied to wide range of materials and physical products.

Materials that can be covered include

  • Plastic – whereby a thin plastic component could be made to look like wood
  • Wood – whereby you could transform a wooden item to incorporate a geometric pattern
  • Fibreglass – you no longer need to settle for a single painted surface
  • Metals and Ceramics

The basic / simplest rule is that if the item can be dipped into water within a water tank, the water transfer printing process can be applied. So for example alloy wheels, motorcycle petrol tanks, covers for electrical enclosures can all be water transfer printed.

The water transfer printed process uses a water-soluble film that contains the required printed designs (There is a huge range of off the shelf sheets i.e. carbon fibre, or something unique have your own designed). The image film is placed in the tank and once a special activator has been applied, the film dissolves and fundamentally leaves the ink print on the surface of the water. By simply (and very carefully) immersing the component into the water the ink wraps itself around the component.

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