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Web Designers In Peterborough

Web Designers In Peterborough Can They Build Great Websites

The Different Types of Web Designers

There are lots and lots of web designers in Peterborough  (and individuals) who will suggest they can build you a website. The unfortunate fact is that they will all build you a website and these will range from

  • The Graphic Designer site which will probably look visually stunning and be capable of winning a multitude of awards for looking pretty.
  • The Nerd site – often built by a computer genius in a bedroom on a platform that you need a degree in nuclear physics in order to be able to access, let alone modify
  • The Home build – started as a project on a FREE web platform (because it was free) many, many months ago, but you never quite get round to finishing
  • The internet marketing company – who will be able to build a site that can get found and importantly will lead to conversion and ultimately the phone ringing, orders being placed or customers walking through your door.
Web Designers In Peterborough

Improve Your Website Performance Today

 Web Designers In Peterborough The Questions To Ask

If you are looking at having a website created or having your existing website modified or redesigned by web designers in Peterborough then asking the following questions may help you in your selection process

  1. First ask yourself why you want a website – WOOH . Yes the first question you need to ask is what do I want the website to do. Now this can range from being a simple on line catalogue, so that when someone in Peterborough types in my product or service in a search engine, your company will appear in the search facility. So that quite possibly they can find your telephone number and then call you.
  2. So there’s a crucial point, for many companies its not about having a website, its about ensuring your telephone number appears.
  3. At this point it may be that having a fully optimised Google listing could be  a good investment, and that having a beautiful looking website will never provide you with a return on investment. This takes us to the next most important question ROI on internet activities which I will cover in the next article
Check out the website for more information on Web Designers In Peterborough contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 to talk through your web project. Alternatively checkout this great internet resource click here

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Peterborough Offering An Insight Into Digital Issues

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Peterborough – Paid Search, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation

Who Should Attend Digital Marketing Bootcamp Peterborough?
To get the best out of these sessions you need to have some experience of digital marketing particularly paid search, SEO or conversion rate optimisation. This is not an event for digital novices or those who are very new to the digital world. Equally if you regard yourself as a digital marketing expert (in fact you may be a digital marketing expert) then you may know it all already.
So in as many words this digital marketing bootcamp is for marketers who are still on the digital learning curve.

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp Peterborough Day
Registration starts at 10.00 (tea and coffee etc)
10:30 Paid search: Although Google dominates paid search it is not the only advertising platform on the market so this session will look at the opportunities offered by other media such as LinkedIn, Yahoo and Bing. We will also look at remarketing and mobile advertising.

11:45 Search engine optimisation: In this session we will look at what Google has done in the past 12 months that every marketer needs to know about. We will cover:  impact of the latest iteration of Google’s algorithm and some practical approaches to reduce Google dependence, why there’s never been a better time for ‘good’ marketing; four top tips that you can implement now; why maximising conversion has never been more important (ideas for conversion improvement will be covered by the afternoon session).

Lunch – 1.00pm ( a buffet lunch is provided – vegetarian options will be available)

13:45 Conversion rate optimisation: CRO is the practice of increasing the amount of online sales and leads on a website, without increasing the amount of web visitors. By optimising or improving your web conversion rate you can get more people to take more action without spending money on attracting more visits to your landing page or website. This two hour hands-on session will explain the strategies and tactics you can adopt and which elements of your website to change to improve conversion significantly.
This interactive session will last for a couple of hours with the event finishing at 16.00

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Peterborough

If you are interested in booking on Digital Marketing Bootcamp Peterborough the event (which counts for 4 hours CIM CPD ) simply contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional

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