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Marketing Drag Factors – Why Companies Fail to Grow

 The Issue of “Skilled” Marketing

  • Can you operate at the highest level without training?
  • Can a person just turn up, go into the role and perform at an optimal level
  • BUT – for many of the companies I visit, regularly the marketing role is carried out by those without any training ( and often whilst performing other roles)

How many of you believe that the marketing and sales teams in your business are performing to the best of their ability?

Using the analogy of flight and how it links with marketing and sales to business growth

The two elements required to achieve flight are lift and thrust. The two factors which impact on flight performance are drag and mass. So the challenge as you seek to build a bigger aircraft, is that the drag increases. So lets look at the business equivalent, as a business looks to grow, the growth should not become a drag. To fuel a business you need effective and efficient marketing and sales.

So who in the business is trained, qualified and professionally capable of delivering marketing within your business. Does that marketing person have a clear business strategy to work towards, is there a clear marketing and sales strategy in place. Is the marketing and sales capability within the business capable of effectively achieving the growth required.

Marketing Drag Factors – Why Companies Fail to Grow Blue Dolphin Business Development

Marketing Drag Factors

  1. No qualified or professional marketing skills or specialism within the organisation
  2. Marketing not represented in the boardroom or at Director level. Operations, Production, Finance represented but marketing seen as an activity that responds to other activities
  3. The organisation works in silos Engineering / Operations / Finance / Production operate independently and have there own strategic directions
  4. Marketing has no idea what other departments are doing and more importantly has no impact on driving or guiding the business growth
  5. Marketing is seen as a cost within the business, and is primarily seen as a tactical activity. Because there is no strategy any marketing is completed on a shoestring as its always just viewed as a cost. To this point
    • No marketing strategy exists ( as in many cases there is no business strategy ) so any marketing activity is reactive – with no directions
    • Rather than paying for professional design to create highly impactive literature – this is completed in house by someone who can use a graphics package
    • The new website that is required has been ongoing for months and months ( and months) as the friend of a friend of a director has promised to do it – as he has built a couple of websites at college
    • As social media is so easy a few people in the company are posting random content on LinkdIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. It doesnt serve any purpose – but its good to be doing something!
  6. Marketing activities are highly tactical and often implemented on a reactive basis
  7. The way business is completed is changing rapidly, the way that we complete marketing is also changing. There are now so many marketing approaches available, many companies think that these will provide a silver bullet to success.

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Overcoming Issues Of Marketing Drag

For many professions you would never think of trying to perform the activity effectively yourself. Accountancy, Legal, HR etc. Yet for marketing there is some strange thought that “I can design a ….” “I can put together an email campaign..” “I can design and build a website…” and ” I can do all of these marketing things without any need for a strategy…”

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