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The Future Of Manufacturing?

What will happen to manufacturing in the future.

In this article I will briefly cover five personal views.  If these differ to yours please let me know.

The world of manufacturing is changing rapidly.

Key areas such as

  • processes,
  • measures,
  • facilities
  • people are all seeing significant changes.
  • What of additive manufacturing and the impact of robots…
The Future Of Manufacturing

1. Manufacturing changing From … To

ProcessConsistent, Limited flexibilityAgile, Highly collaborative and capable
MeasuresCost, quality (now a given) deliveryEfficiency, Sustainability, global impact
FacilitiesLegacy locations, equipment and infrastructureInnovative, sustainable
PeopleSpecialised workers, processes, reliant on interventionKnowledge based, continuous improvement

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2. Additive Manufacturing AM

So a change where to buy propecia from the process of removing material to the processing of adding material and building up
The future

  • Prices are dropping
  • Smaller batch production
  • Accuracy improving
  • Complexity is FREE (it just takes time)
  • High value parts and low volume
  • So could AM move to lower value higher volume?

3. Robotics

It is estimated that between 2015 and 2018 1.3 million robots will be installed in factories worldwide

4. Continued Material Developments

  • Carbon fibre is now a mainstream product
  • Battery technology has dramatically reduced charging times

5. Whats of importance to the big business

  • Supplier or partner
  • Conformity
  • Commercial terms
  • IP
  • Brand
  • Image
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
  • Connectivity
  • Accounting practices

What do you think will be the future of manufacturing? We would love to hear your thoughts

In our experience there are many manufacturers who are brilliant at their own sphere of manufacturing, but very oftem very poor at teh dark art of marketing. For more information on manufacturing marketing click here to talk to Andrew Goode an experienced marketing consultant with manufacturing experience click here

Even with British weather enjoying an outdoor lifestyle has become a key part of modern life. Where possible we seem to spend more time enjoying the great outside, and the garden has become another entertaining and relaxing area of the home.

As we spend more time eating, drinking and relaxing outside so we need tables and chairs that reflect our lifestyle and allow us to create an outdoor environment suitable for British weather creating an ideal opportunity for innovative garden furniture.

Innovative Garden Furniture With 50 Year Guarantee

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Innovative Garden Furniture Current Options

The current garden furniture options available include

  • Moulded plastic (typically white) where you get four chairs and a self assembly plastic table, and if you are lucky a telescopic parousel
  • Wooden furniture (teak equivalent) that is self assembled. This typically looks great for the first year but some of the very cheap low quality units can fail very quickly when exposed to British weather
  • High quality robust wooden furniture typically used for amenity outdoor seating
  • Rattan furniture which in some cases can look as good inside a house as well as in the garden. That is until the winter when most manufacturers will suggest that the furniture is either stored inside or covered

Innovative Garden Furniture The Future

In the future your wooden garden furniture wont have to look like everybody else’s and once manufactured it can be left outside for over fifty years without suffering any deterioration. In fact this innovative garden furniture already exists and is called Amarantine® .

This furniture manufactured in Suffolk is a revolutionary concept in outdoor furniture, combining sophistication of design and exceptional durability to create unique designs of style, comfort and distinction all suitable for outdoor use.

Some facts about Amarantine®

  • Amarantine® material is guaranteed for fifty years, no need to paint, spray, rub down or treat.
  • Amarantine® is sustainably sourced and FSC certified so its good for the environment
  • Amarantine® outdoor garden furniture does not need protection from weather so you can leave it on the patio in full view looking fantastic
  • Amarantine® furniture is handmade by crafstman and is fully assembled

For more information about websites that could sell Innovative garden furniture click here for marketing information from a marketing and sales professional  click here

Core Making Machines For Foundries

Core Making Machines are manufactured for a wide range of industries and uses. From those people who want to develop the perfect six pack through to the paper industry where a core is needed onto which paper can be rolled.

As the picture shows historically there were some ingenious and beautifully machines created for peeling and then removing the core from an apple (that’s a Gala or Golden Delicious not and i phone or i pad)

Core Making Machines For The Foundry Sector

In this article we will look  at core making machines to suit every type of gas hardened foundry system. There are a range of companies who manufacturer cold box core shooters from as large as 120 litres down to 2.5 litres. Typically they will also supply a full range of shell (croning) core shooters and moulding machines. It is also possible to get core shooters for hot box and Silicate C02 if required. In these applications energy efficient, dry air gas generators are utilised with incredibly accurate liquid gas dosing systems that ensure cores are produced consistently and economically. ‘No-Bake’ coreshooters that do not require gas hardening or pollution control systems are available

Core Making Machine Formats available to suit your operational requirements

    • Hydraulic and pneumatic closing and opening
    • Horizontal or vertical joined boxes
    • Integral plc panel with operator interface for improved and easier control
    • Integral gas generator for
      • Amine
      • Methyl Formate
      • CO2
    • An optional insert head that makes it easier to facilitate shoot plate changeover
    • Another option is automatic ejection on slide for horizontally joined boxes (optional)
    • Vacuum clamping allows for improved yields and reduces operator repetition
    • With foundries having so many recipes some have the capacity to store up to 400 recipes
    • For the larger foundry automatic core box identification using micro-chip technology  can be incredibly useful for larger sites

Composite Manufacturers UK Keeping English Footballers On The Pitch

If you have watched professional football recently then the chance is that you will have seem a player wearing a protective face mask made by a composite manufacturers uk.

These masks provide protection to the player who has previously sustained an injury most commonly a broken nose or a cheek bone fracture.

Without the protection of a mask a player would be out of action for six to eight weeks. With a carbon fibre composite mask a player can be back playing within a couple of weeks.

Composite Manufacturers Helping Football.

The composite manufacturers UK use a variety of techniques to create the protective masks.
In order to create a face mask that will provide maximum protection a perfect fit is necessary. To achieve the perfect fit a mould is made of the players face. Now importantly if a player has suffered a break then the likelihood is that the face will have become swollen and therefore a mould cannot be taken until the swelling as gone down.

There are a wide variety of approaches to constructing a composite mask. One of the most popular techniques is to use a Kevlar element as the strengthening piece to protect the bridge of the nose. Carbon fibre is then used to hold the Kevlar in place and provide the structure that fits against the face. Straps can then be placed around the mask to secure it to the face.

Composite manufacturers UK  face masks provide clubs incredible value

Interestingly it looks as if some clubs are actually having masks made in advance of an injury that way in the event of a carbon fibre mask being required it is available immediately.

The value to the club and player is immense. If a player can resume contact training within a couple of weeks and actually start playing competitively if required this can have a significant impact.

For more information on composite manufacturers UK click here for information on developing products that provide immense market value click here

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Stainless Steel Swimming Pools Perfect For Roofs

Stainless Steel Swimming Pools helping you chill and unwind when you live in the city.

Let’s imagine you are living in a populated fast moving city where space is at a premium. You live in a high rise apartment with great views especially once you get on the roof.

What could be better than converting the “wasted” area of the roof into an area where you can relax and escape the hectic pace of city life?

Stainless swimming pools a perfect solution for roof gardens

Over the last few years a trend has emerged for using roof spaces to create roof gardens and terraces, where residents can relax away from the hustle and bustle of street life.
The next stage of the development is to add a swimming pool to this space. So now you have an area to relax and also an area to chill out literally in a pool hundreds of feet above passers by. A new market has emerged for specialist companies who have the expertise to build a stainless steel swimming pool in your roof garden or roof terrace. Stainless swimming pools can be easily incorporated into a new high rise building complex or they can be retro fitted to an existing building. As you would imagine adding a swimming pool into the roof of an existing structure is a significant and technically demanding task.
There are numerous elements to evaluate when considering roof top stainless steel swimming pools,
      • Would you be better with a Free-standing swimming pool and built-in equipment room. For a new build you could benefit from a built in stainless swimming pool and perhaps even add a moving pool floor thus providing even more versatility to the roof space
      • Stainless steel is a great material constructing swimming pools but beware there are many grades and different levels of quality. Poor quality stainless can tarnish over time, so a quality swimming pool manufacturer such as Wrightfield will be able to offer advice and guidance
      • Stainless steel is resilient to UV light (unlike some plastics), sun light and heat and frost
      • When fabricated correctly the smooth surfaces that can be achieved through stainless steel swimming pools are ideal in terms of hygiene and require very little cleaning (unlike ceramic tiles)
      • Size matters. A standard sized pool will be manufactured for a lower cost than custom made stainless swimming pools
      • Standard steel swimming pools can be prefabricated at the factory, which allows extremely faster more efficient construction and assembly
      • Custom SS swimming pools can be designed and made to any shape and size. If you are looking for an individual shaped pool then stainless steel can provide this

Hoverboards Key Issues To Consider When Using

Hoverboards Market Segmentation

Hoverboards are available in a wide variety of options making them suitable for a wide variety of market segments. In this article we will consider some of the broad segmentation that can be applied to hoverboards

HiWheel Hoverboards

These are essentially boards with a large control handle and high level hand operated controls. The very nature of these type of hoverboards is that it provides the rider with an increased level of confidence when using. This is achieved in two ways.

        1. The handlebar provides a natural balance point when the rider is in a standing position
        2. By controlling the forward and direction with the hands means that the feet and balance can control that

This makes HiWheel boards ideal for those who are potentially older and don’t have quite the balance or response of a younger more active user

Two Wheel Hoverboards

Essentially these are like a HiWheel device without the control handle. These models have the closest feel to a skateboard type unit though are driven at ninety degrees. The forward and reverse motion and direction is controlled by the balance / movement that is applied directly to the board. This makes these units ideal for those who have good mobility and core strength as this provides the opportunity to gain a very controlled movement. Once the unit is mastered the two wheels  provide a naturally balanced unit, even when stationary. This makes the two wheel version perfect for those who will be using for longer duration’s and having to stop occasionally but don’t wish to get off the unit.

Single Wheel Hoverboards

These units are perfect for the active and well balanced. The single wheel allows the unit to go in areas and on terrain that would be unsuitable for its two wheel counterparts. A single wheel unit when operated correctly can manoeuvre with far greater control and perform tighter turns. Potentially the single wheel unit should be considered for the more active / extreme user

Banqueting Tables – The Key Benefits They Provide

Banqueting Tables – Shapes and Sizes

Banqueting tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Round – typical sizes 6 foot, 5 feet 6″, 5 feet, 4 ft, 3 feet 6″, 3 feet, 2 feet,
D End – typically only 5 foot version available
Rectangular – typical sizes 8 foot x 2 foot 6″, 6 foot x 4 foot, 6 foot x 3 foot, 6 foot x 2 foot, 6″, 6 foot x 2 foot 6″ high bar, 6 foot x 2 foot, 6 foot x 1 foot 6″, 4 foot x 2 foot 6″
Square Banqueting Tables – 2 foot x 2 foot

Typical banqueting tables specifications

If you are looking for contract quality tables then there are a number of key specifications you should ensure that they conform to

        • The top should be made from one piece exterior grade plywood of a minimum 18 mm thickness. This will ensure the surface is strong enough when fully loaded with crockery and food plus durable enough if the surface becomes wet
        • The table should stand at least 30 inch from the ground
        • A really important feature is a strong locking mechanism as it is crucial that the table does not become unlocked when in use. Equally it should be simple and quick for operatives to unlock the mechanism when the table needs to be folded flat.

Banqueting Trestles and Tables Really Useful Accessories

There are typically two versions available the planet trolley which is suitable for round banqueting and the extra large trestle table trolley which is suitable for rectangular tables.
Another useful accessory for tables (especially if you need them for an event where there will be very tall people is trestle table extension legs that will raise the height of the table by 6″ (150mm). Importantly they are very easy to fit – note they are typically sold in sets of 4.

Precision Engineered Components

If you are looking to procure Precision Engineered Components within the UK there are literally thousands and thousands of factories, engineering workshops and facilities who will suggest they have the relevant capabilities to

          • machine what you want
          • in the material of choice
          • to the forecast volumes

Precision Engineered Components Suppliers

With so many engineering companies  purporting to be precision engineered suppliers just how do you identify a supplier who will do what you require, when you require it consistently. Some of the key characteristics used by engineered components companies include

          • Use of quality marks and accreditation ISO 9000 being one of the most popular but there are a plethora of others including SC21 a supply chain initiative for the aerospace and defence industry
          • Having listings on their websites that showcase the manufacturing equipment they have on the factory floor

One Off Precision engineered components

It may be that you are looking for a limited number off precision engineered components that are required  for a specialist project. Perhaps you are building a prototype or you are a low volume manufacturer. Some companies are extremely good at making one off’s / low volume. They often have experienced engineers who are able to translate your engineering drawing, understand the operating characteristic you are looking to achieve and ensure that the stand alone component will work as part of an assembly. Alternatively many will prepare to be involved in machining the complete assembly.

This can be advantageous in a number of ways

          • If you are subcontracting a whole assembly of precision components from a single company it avoids the issue of contractors assigning blame in the event of something not working / fitting / failing
          • An expert company may be able to offer additional advice on the components / assembly you are looking to create and may be able to help with the design for manufacture

Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mould Making

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) as a material is a widely used due to its unique properties which make it incredibly versatile.

It is stable and non-reactive, as well as being resistant to extreme temperatures and environments.

Silicone Rubber is used in a diverse range of industries including

  • automotive,
  • defence
  • sporting goods,
  • consumer products
  • medical devices

Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mould Making

Mass production of Liquid Silicone Rubber for mould making parts requires specialist injection moulding machines that accurately meter the ingredients, efficiently mix the components and then inject the liquid silicone rubber into a heated mould. This process is is ideal for higher component volumes where the set up and requirement for consistency make it viable.  For low-volume production and prototyping this process is often done with manual casting methods that use moulds made of modelling board, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) rubber or soft metal as this can be completed more cost effectively.

Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mould Making Prototypes Is Challenging

However, liquid rubber for mould making might as a process be cheaper, easier and faster to produce prototype moulds it is not without its own challenges. Manufacturing  liquid silicone rubber parts with room temperature vulcanising moulds is a multiple-stage process requiring a large amount of time, labour and skill to produce the patterns and moulds and extreme care has to be taken throughout the process. Care is needed to ensure that the soft rubber room temperate vulcanising mould does not become deformed or stick to the actual liquid silicone rubber parts. Machined and polished moulds overcome these challenges, but are ultimately much more expensive, time-consuming and labour intensive than RTV moulds. plus the machining process may have limitations with respect to the complexity that can be achieved in a components design.

Embroidered Equestrian Jackets Are They Enhanced By The Brand

The equestrian market like many sporting markets is frequented by major brands. Within the equestrian sector Aerborn, Musto, Charles Owen etc to name but a few. So the marketing question is for someone who is looking to purchase an Embroidered Equestrian jacket should they buy a premium quality product.

This way associating their name with the premium brand. Or if you are having your product embroidered would you be better with an unbranded product.

There are numerous companies who specialise in supplying the wide range of equestrian branded products. There are a few companies who exclusively embroider onto branded equestrian based products. Embroidered personalisation can be provided a wide range of equestrian clothing, equestrian competition clothing, embroidered equestrian jackets and equestrian work wear.

Which Brand or Style of Embroidered Equestrian Jackets

One of the key challenges is that there are so many styles and designs available. The marketing dilemma appears to be that if you go for a premium brand of clothing will your logo be associated positively or ignored.

For equestrian clothing embroidery is the most durable of all the types of personalisation and can be applied to most clothing items. With new techniques and processes a single garment can be personalised

Embroidered Equestrian Jackets Process

    • If you don’t have a logo or design in mind most companies can help in the design process
    • This design is then digitized into an embroidery format (essentially it converts into all the stiches
    • Depending upon the garment a sample of the embroidery on a sample piece of material will be provided
    • Unlike printing when an exact pantone colour can be matched with embroidery it is down to the available cotton colours
    • Typically any number of items from from 1 to 000’s can be embroidered
    • Some garments that require personalisation are better to have a print finish. This is particularly true if a large number of a T-shirts are required for an equestrian club
    • With the wide range of clothing and size options whilst most suppliers stock a large range of items some may require ordering in from Europe and take one to two weeks to be delivered

Hidden Swimming Pool – Marketing Genius

When You Want A Pool “Sometimes”

For those who are lucky enough to have a swimming pool how often does it get used. In the UK if its an indoor pool possibly more than an outdoor pool. The challenge with pools though is that if they are used regularly brilliant, but for how much time are they taking up valuable space within your property and would a hidden swimming pool be better.

Hidden Swimming Pool benefits to a London Town House

If you have a large property in the country with acres of space then a hidden pool may not be required as you can afford to have the space unavailable when the pool isn’t in use. What if you really want a swimming pool within your property but space is at a premium say for example in London. Now this is where a non visible swimming pool comes into its own.

From swimming pool to dance floor in minutes

With a hidden swimming pool you get the swimming pool specification of a traditional swimming pool

  • Surface finish choice on the pool to whatever specification you require – marbled tiling through to mosaic
  • Size to whatever dimensions you require, allowing you to maximise the size of pool to go into the available area
  • Shape to whatever you require – though rectangular is still the most popular and most practical in the majority of cases
  • Shallow end and deep end
  • Transition from deep to shallow
  • Steps down into the water when the pool is down

Additionally you benefit from

    • At the touch of a button move the swimming pool floor so that becomes a flush fitting integral part of the room
    • You can now create the room that has been provided into a
      • dancefloor
      • reception area
      • dining area
      • children’s play area
    • All the water is retained under the surface but through the magic of the hidden pool technology the pool has converted into valuable floor space.
    • This also means that when you convert the pool to flooring mode the chance of children messing about in the water unsupervised is significantly reduced

Agricultural Low Loader Trailer

If you have farm equipment that needs transporting an agricultural low loader trailer is an essential piece of equipment.

They are perfect when you  are looking to transport agricultural implements, small crawlers and drills.

A good agricultural low loader trailer will be designed so that the bed of the trailer lowers to the ground allowing simple and quick loading.

Agricultural Low Loader Trailer Features

There are two main types of agricultural low loader trailer

    • Flat bed trailers which typically have a single axle at the rear and therefore have the large flat loading platform in the centre. The loading platform (or bed) is raised or lowered by means of hydraulic tipping cylinders located at the rear and by the front tractor pick up hitch. The single rear axle limits capacity to a maximum of typically 8 tonnes
    • Beaver tail agricultural low loader trailers have two independent ramps (that when lowered create the shape of a beaver tail – hence the name). As it it possible to drive tractors, diggers wheeled vehicles directly onto the ramp and bed, these trailers have a payload of up to 20 tonnes on the forty mm  hardwood platform. The trailers are often mounted on tandem springs with the loading ramps being spring assisted.
    • Trailer Options
        • The trailer width and length can be customised as required
        • Where a trailer will be used primarily on the road high speed axles are beneficial
        • If towing heavy loads independent hydraulic brakes provide additional braking performance
        • Side guards can be fitted for improved safety
        • Lights that comply to RTA are essential but there are now a wide variety of high performance LED lights available
        • Hydraulic double folding ramps are becoming increasingly popular saving space and providing additional performance

Muck Spreaders Rationale

In agriculture, businesses, politics and society in general there always appears to be those who want to be muck spreaders.

Now the reason for this behaviour is highly complex and multi faceted and within this article we will consider some of the key drivers for spreading muck.

Muck Spreaders Dynamics

A link between agricultural spreaders and human muck spreaders

In agriculture spreaders play an important role and need to be designed for optimum performance

      • It is important that they can be easily and quickly loaded. The design should ensure that muck is not spilled on loading  as this will require additional cleaning activities
      • They need to have a high capacity so that they can be loaded with a large amount of muck. This will allow the muck spreading process to carry on for the longest duration
      • The spreader should be able to distribute its contents evenly and consistently over a wide space. The wider the consistent distribution , the fewer passes that will be required to completely saturate the area with muck
      • Robust and reliable in operation. The last thing that you want when you use a spreader is that you spend time filling it only to find that when you get on location it doesn’t spread.
        • Worst case scenario you will have to manually remove all the muck in order to access the spreading mechanism.
        • Ideally external access to all the spreading mechanisms will be available or the unit will have the capability for mass dumping. This will allow the unit to be repaired (minus its contents)
      • On completing its work it should be easy to ensure all the contents are expelled from the muck spreaders, to allow for easy cleaning so that the unit will perform at an optimum level when it is next used

Grain Dryers – Web Search Criteria

If it has been a particularly wet harvest then the likelihood is demand for a grain dryers for sale will be large.

Alternatively in the event of a long hot summer the number of people looking for a grain dryer is likely to be minimal.

This is a common marketing issue in terms of people actively search for a product or service at the point of needing it.

In this article we will consider various other issues impacting on search

Grain Dryer For Sale – Context Is Everything

If you are a manufacturer of grain moisture removal systems when do you want your website to rank well in Google for the search term grain dryers. The logical answer is you want to rank number 1 when someone is actively looking to purchase a grain dryer.

By its very specific nature it is unlikely that someone will type in this particular search term unless they were particularly interested in the item. The same could not be applied for the search term “wireless temperature monitoring”. Whilst a very specific search term it could have numerous applications

      • Someone is looking to measure the temperature of their crops whilst in storage
      • A student is looking for information on the technologies available
      • A domestic user is looking to control the heat within their home while they are away

So therefore ranking for this search term whilst it might generate lots of traffic could actually create lots of bounces. So the challenge is to identify the search terms that are on topic (for your industry) and rank at the right time. For grain dryer you want to be ranking number one at harvest time, or monitoring the climatic conditions to see if they will be required at all.

Plastic Row Boat Selection

There are many occasions when a plastic row boat could be just what you need for your nautical adventures.

Whether you are messing about on the river, splashing about with your children in the shallows or paddling across from your bigger boat to the mainland a rowing boat could be the perfect vessel.

Plastic Row Boat Characteristics

The perfect plastic boat would have the following characteristics.

The plastic hull or body would be

      • extremely light this would make carrying it or transporting it very easy
      • very buoyant so that the plastic row boat was incredibly stable within the water. This would be incredibly important for fisherman who tend to frequently  move around the boat
      • resilient to UV light meaning that the boat could be left outside in the sun without any fear that it would degrade over time
      • incredibly strong and be able to withstand knocks and bumps both in and out of the water

Additional Plastic Boat Features

      • secure mounting points for the oars to be secured
      • strong cross members that would provide the internal seating platform within the plastic row boat
      • a long length of cord secure to a strong mounting point so that the boat could be confidently tied up when moored
      • the capability of securing a small outboard motor. Now I know I mentioned that this was a plastic boat, but what could be better than having the capability of attaching a small outboard and being able to cruise along without the need to paddle
      • a wide variety of colour options would also be beneficial, perhaps if the boat could be supplied in the colours of your favourite football team or coloured as per your national flag
      • personalisation of the boat with your name would be the icing on the cake to ensure easy identification within the marina
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