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Organ Benches

An organ bench, also known as an organ stool or organ chair, is a piece of furniture used by an organist when playing the organ. The main purpose of an organ bench within a church or ecclesiastical setting is to provide a comfortable and stable seat for the organist while they play the organ.

The organ bench is typically designed to be adjustable in height, allowing the organist to adjust the height of the bench to ensure that they are in a comfortable and ergonomic position while playing. It may also have a backrest to provide additional support for the organist’s back during long periods of playing.

In addition to providing a comfortable and stable seat for the organist, the organ bench may also be designed to match the aesthetic of the church or ecclesiastical setting. It may be made of wood or other materials and may be decorated with carvings or other decorative elements that complement the overall design of the church.

Overall, the purpose of an organ bench within a church or ecclesiastical setting is to provide a comfortable and supportive seat for the organist while they play the organ, helping to ensure that they can perform to the best of their ability.

There are massive range of organ benches available and for something that would appear so simple lots of points to consider when selecting. If you are looking to purchase organ benches for your church or ecclesiastical setting then read this article. We consider the benefits of adjustable organ benches over fixed height organ benches.

Typically organ benches are made to order in order that it can be manufactured to exactly meet your requirements. When choosing a wooden organ bench all the component parts including

  • the organ ends
  • panelling
  • cross rails
  • lid
  • mechanism
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Benefits of an adjustable organ benches

Adjustable organ benches offer a number of benefits to organists, including:

  1. Ergonomic Support: Adjustable organ benches can be adjusted to the proper height to ensure proper alignment of the organist’s arms, wrists, and hands with the organ keyboard, reducing the risk of strain or injury.
  2. Comfort: The ability to adjust the height and angle of the bench helps to ensure that the organist is seated in a comfortable position, which is particularly important during long periods of playing.
  3. Flexibility: Adjustable organ benches can be adapted to the needs of individual organists, who may have different heights, body types, and playing styles.
  4. Performance: An organist who is seated comfortably and ergonomically can perform at their best, allowing them to focus on the music and produce a more expressive and nuanced performance.

Overall, adjustable organ benches are an important feature of any church or ecclesiastical setting that values the health, comfort, and performance of its organists.

Fixed height organ bench benefits

Fixed height organ benches can offer some benefits as well, such as:

  1. Stability: Fixed height organ benches are often more stable than adjustable ones, as they do not have moving parts that may become loose or wobbly over time.
  2. Consistency: With a fixed height bench, an organist can get used to the exact height and positioning of the bench, which can help with muscle memory and consistent performance.
  3. Aesthetics: Fixed height benches can be designed to match the overall aesthetic of the church or ecclesiastical setting, as they do not have the visible moving parts associated with adjustable benches.
  4. Affordability: Fixed height benches may be less expensive than adjustable ones, as they do not require the additional hardware and mechanisms necessary for adjustability.

Overall, the choice between adjustable and fixed height organ benches depends on the preferences and needs of the individual organist and the requirements of the church or ecclesiastical setting. While adjustable benches offer more flexibility and ergonomic support, fixed height benches can be more stable, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing.

Organ benches are manufactured from Solid wood. It is usual for oak to be used on the main parts and then if an adjustable bench is required beech is used for mechanism parts. Many manufacturers will also be able to use other materials such as mahogany and yew if you are looking to match with other wooden items.

Organ Benches Characteristics

A reputable manufacturer will supply wood samples in order that you can evaluate for optimum colour match.  In order to ensure that the organ bench fits around the pedalboard correctly it is important to check all dimensions including the height. On an adjustable bench the adjustment handle can be fitted to either the left or right hand side of the bench.
It is critical that the height and the distance from the organ are correct. If you sit too low or too high on the organ bench over time you will develop an incorrect playing habit. On your adjustable organ bench adjust so that your feet are hovering and touching the pedals but not depressing them. To set the distance from the keyboard once the height is set, your feet should almost touch the sharp keys. It is incorrect and unhealthy to position the organ bench diagonally with the left side further from the keys.
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