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Manufacturing Marketing Challenges

Exercise Tyres Creating A Customer Need

Exercise Tyres The Extremes Of Pricing

The fitness market is a great example of a a market where you can partake in the activity for almost free or be enthralled by the hype and start spending thousands of pounds for the latest gizzmos and gimmicks. This was brilliantly illustrated to me this week when i heard about tyres for exercise that cost almost two thousand pounds.

So from a marketing perspective this got me wondering what drives a consumer to spending loads of money when they can get a directly equivalent alternative for FREE.

Exercise Tyres A Marketing Challenge

Exercise Tyres The Low Cost Option

When you think of the vast number of agricultural, construction and haulage vehicles in use you can see that there will be a high availability of used used / worn tyres. To many people once these large tyres are worn and have been replaced they become a liability as they will need disposing of. So if you can find these you may be able to acquire these for free, it will just need you to collect them (which will possibly mean you will need some kind of van / pick up truck to collect them. Alternatively you might find large worn out tyres suitable for exercise in a scrapyard (or possibly at a tyre fitters). You may be able to purchase these for just a few pounds.

So all you need to do now is make sure that the tyre has no rough edges on the inside and give it a really good clean with a pressure washer

Low Cost tyres suitable for all tyre type exercises cost £10

Exercise Tyres The High Cost Option

So what can we do to the humble tyre to make it more expensive (in marketing terms lets call this adding value). So in no particular order

  • Lets not call it a tyre (or even a tire) lets give it a really funky name e.g. Tyyrre to make it sound edgy
  • Lets wrap the tyre in a brightly coloured wrap and for added effect lets print a tyre pattern on it
  • For each of the different weights we can have different coloured sleeves that way even though they are all completely different sizes it will be easy for a fitness person to identify
  • Then we can create messages like Dont Be Intimidated its not an exercise tyre its a Tyre which is edgy and funky in a cozy sort of way

High cost tyres suitable for all tyre type exercises cost £1000

So which tyres would you choose?

Titanium Fly Reel Does Every Fisherman Need One?

Titanium Fly Reel The Benefits For Fishing Are Obvious

Titanium is an excellent all engineering metal however is it the best material for a titanium fly reel?  As there are many variations of Titanium in this article we will consider Ti-6Al-4V also known as Grade 5. Until recently Titanium has been used primarily as an aerospace material, though it is slowly penetrating many niche markets, though at fifty times the cost of plain carbon steels it is prohibitively expensive for many applications.

Engineers measure properties such as strength, hardness, toughness, lightness and durability to evaluate materials.

Titanium excels in strength and toughness. Durability is not a scientific term we think of it as the life of a material under cyclic loads, like a turning shaft i.e. fatigue life. Titanium is also great in this aspect, making it potentially ideal for a fly reel.

Titanium has very high strength around 1000 MPa for Grade 5 which is five times that of ordinary steels. However there are alloys of steel that have even more strength than titanium. Titanium performs very well from a toughness as it, absorbs lots of energy, however once again there are steel alloys that are better.

Titanium is light and resists rust

For strength and toughness steel is very good, but where titanium actually pulls ahead is in terms of lightness (weight). It is circa half the weight of steel for the same volume so for a fly reel casing that has the same strength, a titanium reel casing would be half the weight of a high strength steel case. Titanium is excellent at is corrosion resistance where it is so good that it is almost impossible to rust titanium. It is impervious to all acids apart from nitric acid but how often do you come into contract with nitric acid when fly fishing. It’s corrosion resistance is similar to that of platinum, and in terms of engineering metals only zirconium can beat titanium for corrosion resistance


So in summary a Titanium Reel should outperform a fly reel made of alternative materials which would therefore indicate that all fisherman would be using them. The reason that this isn’t the case id down to cost. So once again from a marketing perspective we can see that whilst it may be possible to create a superior product it is unlikely that it will be suitable for all. Pricing and value being significant factors.

Retractable Swimming Pool A Great Marketing Idea

Retractable Swimming Pool Or Dancefloor or …

Maximise Your Swimming Pool Area

Swimming pools are fantastic for leisure and fitness and provide a great marketing draw for gyms, hotels, leisure clubs. There are situations though when the valuable space that they utilise could be better used for other activities. Perhaps you want a dance floor or a dining area or even an area that is safe and water free. A retractable swimming pool provides all the advantages of a traditional swimming pool but has the capability to be turned into a useful dry space rapidly.

Retractable Pool – How does it work

Simply speaking a swimming pool which is  retractable works by the inner liner of the pool being displaced to the surface so that the water within the pool moves below the liner. This way you end up with a solid surface that is very strong and can be walked on (danced on / tables placed on etc) and all the water from the pool retained below the surface.
So with a retractable pool you get all the benefits of a swimming pool with the flexibility that when its not in use for front crawl or breast stroke you can very quickly convert it into a usable floor space.

Other Advantages of a Retractable Pool

Retractable pools provide a number of other advantages.

  • For those who are suffering from a physical disability the floor of the pool could be raised to allow a person to easily step into the pool and then the floor of the pool be lowered until the correct depth of water for swimming is achieved
  • Equally a person could be wheeled onto the floor surface and  the flooring dropped
  • The whole process is very controlled as the flooring displaces the water
  • With a retractable pool as you can essentially cover the water this acts as an incredibly effective thermal barrier so no more needing to have an external pool cover

For more information on websites for swimming pool manufacturers and retractable pools click here for information on retractable swimming pools click here

Mobile Welfare Units For Sale – What To Consider When Buying

The Health and Safety at Work Act for Welfare instructs contractors to provide statutory welfare facilities on transient sites were three or more people are working. The Act requires that all outside  / external contractors comply with the work act for welfare regulations, and failure to do so could result in the closure of the site.

The statutory welfare facilities must encompass

  • Sanitary conveniences i.e. toilet
  • Drinking water
  • A rest and eating area – i.e. chairs or benches and table / work surface
  • Together with the storage and changing of clothes.

Mobile Units For Sale Choose between Standard, Eco Welfare Units or Mobile Welfare Vans

There are a wide range of mobile site accommodation models, these units which can be incredibly spacious offer excellent anti-vandal solution to site welfare. At there smallest single axle mobile welfare units provide an easily towed allowing instant welfare facilities to be provided for workers moving around on a large site and welfare vans which present the latest in mobile welfare unit facilities.
Environmental / green eco mobile welfare units available, which incorporate many environmentally friendly features to

  • Reduced emissions through improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance work
  • Reduced fuel consumption (thus allowing reduced generator operation hours and a reduction in noise pollution)
  • As well as being great for  the environment as they are very economical to run costs are minimised

Welfare Units For Sale Types

  • Mobile Office Accommodation
  • Anti-vandal canteens,
  • Anti-vandal offices,
  • Exhibition units,
  • Shower units.

Mobile Welfare Units For Sale Typical features

  • Canteen a Area
  • Super Silent Diesel Generator
  • Flush Ceramic
  • Wash basin with warm water tap
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. light
  • Paper towel & soap dispenser
  • Heating system
  • Coat hooks
  • High Capacity Diesel tank with level gauges
  • Drying Room
  • Water tank with capacity for days to weeks
  • Integral effluent tank

Welfare Vans Practical Considerations

Welfare Vans Creating Happier Workers

When you are working away on site in the cold, dark and rain its very easy to become disheartened, weary and find the quality of your work deteriorating.

Welfare vans are a perfect example of a unit that helps improve the existence of an on site worker.

Offering them

  • a warm (centrally heated) ,
  • dry (specific drying area) ,
  • comfortable environment (toilet and washing facilities )
  • and importantly an area where they can make a brew. prepare some food and then eat it sitting down.

Welfare Vans Typical Features

These vans offer a perfect solution in providing mobile welfare facilities offering a truly mobile solution to site welfare making them ideal for hard to reach locations or short term projects where a fixed / static welfare unit would not be viable to locate. Typically these vans will be able to provide full canteen facilities (including microwave oven), hot water on tap with full size sink, toilet and drying room.
  • Designed and manufactured to seat and transport from 6 to 12 people
  • The majority of vans will feature ABS as standard making them safer to drive
  • Some vans feature anti hi-jack locking systems making them harder to steal which can be particularly important if they are being used on remote sites overnight
  • From a safety perspective some welfare units will feature an emergency escape hatch which aids escape should there be a fire in the vehicle
  • To powering a modern workforce most welfare units are fitted with  a minimum of twin power outlet points making them ideal for powering laptops or charging mobile phones while in situ
  • Wash and toilet facilities. Most welfare units will have a unisex toilet cubicle which will include an electric flush cassette toilet. To facilitate good hygiene they will also feature hot and cold hand wash facilities
  • The ability to prepare hot food is important when you are out on site most welfare vans have an  electric cooking unit inc. microwave and electric hot water facility for drinks
  • The ability to get warm if you have been on site for a number of hours in the winter is important (especially if high levels of concentration are required. Many welfare vehicles feature independent central heating
  • The interior well lit area provided by many welfare units makes them ideal for on site meetings where drawings need to be laid out flat and a quieter environment is needed
  • Welfare units provide a safe haven and there very nature of them being on a site makes them ideal for first aid. Most welfare vans will include
      • Eye wash stations in toilet cubicle areas
      • First aid kit
      • Fire extinguisher

Conformal Coating PCB – Choosing The Correct Type

Conformal Coating PCB Advantages & Issues

Conformal coating is used primarily to protect PCBs from environmental contamination and damage, but it can also have other beneficial effects. However it is a tricky process to automate and control. Especially if the boards are awkwardly shaped and volumes are low and there are also several different types of coating available. This article discusses the merits of some of the different coatings available and highlights the advantages that a specialist coatings company can offer.

Conformal Coating PCB – why coat at all?

The answer is that with electronic systems being used in very many environments where there is a chance of chemical contamination such as fuels, coolants, cleaning fluids etc. Complex and costly PCBs need to be protected. Moisture, too, can be a killer for sensitive electronic systems, so products that are used in high-humidity atmospheres, or which might be exposed to salt spray will need to be coated. In humid and tropic conditions, corrosion and mould growth can also be prevented by the correct choice of conformal coating. There are other benefits, too. A conformal coating, literally, ‘conforms to the shape of the populated PCB’, forming, if you like, a kind of shrink-wrapped protective envelope. This can dampen the effects of vibration and also help reduce current leakage.

In general, there are five types of Conformal Coating PCB products available:

  • Acrylic – solvent or water-based
  • Silicones
  • (Poly) Urethanes
  • Parylene
  • Fluorocoatings

Conformal Coating PCB Rework

Re-work is, perhaps, worth more consideration here. Ideally, there should be no reason to re-work a board, but in reality, quite often boards require re-work for a number of different reasons. Components may fail, the board may become damaged, or the design may need up rating or require an FPGA to be reprogrammed for example. Acrylic coatings can be spot removed, the component in question de-soldered and removed. With silicone products, the process involves either de-soldering through the coating (depending on the type of silicone coating) or spot removing before any re-work is possible. The complete removal of a silicone coating is extremely laborious (especially heat cured versions). Some Urethane materials contain isocyanates which may produce carcinogenic fumes if you attempt to de-solder through the coating; because of this and the difficulty of removing the coating, great care must be taken when re-working PCBs that have been coated using these types of Urethane material.

Racing Fuel Cell How Much Does A Racer Value Their Life?

The Core Components of a Fuel Cell

Fuel Cells for racing were developed in the 1960s for racing cars that, until their advent, had no or very limited protection in a crash from a fuel fed fire. Since Fuel Cells were introduced a driver’s chance of survival, in a crash, have been greatly increased. A Racing Safety Fuel Cell consists of four main elements that in total give the critical protection necessary in today’s highly competitive racing.

  • The Cell starts with a bladder (bag tank) which is the core and fundamental part of the system. Bladders are typically flexible, extremely strong, fuel containers that prevent fuel spillage in the event of an accident or collision. Made from very strong high tensile elastomeric components and engineered to withstand the fuel’s chemical attack, the bladder provides the first line of defence in a crash.
  • Foam Baffling inside the bladder provides several key functions. While displacing a minimal amount of fuel, the foam prevents sloshing and excessive movement of the fuel. Reducing sloshing keeps the fuel de-aerated which improves fuel delivery and improves delivery of fuel to the pickup. A secondary benefit of the foam is its ability to prevent flash back explosions. The foam also helps the bladder retain its shape, important with a flexible bladder.
  • The Fill Plate provides the opening to fill the Cell. It usually contains the fittings for the vent, outlet and return. This important component provides no-spill rollover protection while being engineered to integrate with the bladder for the maximum strength and security.
  • The final component of the racing fuel cell is the external container and these are often made from aluminium, steel, carbon fibre, fibreglass or even a cavity in the body structure. This external container protects the bladder and provides a way to mount the Fuel Cell in the car.

Depending on the racing application, there are many additional parts e.g. collectors, sumps, reserve tanks, surge tanks, baffles, pumps, dry-breaks, quick fill valves, level senders, filters etc that may be added to tailor a system to your particular need.

Why use a Racing Fuel Cell?

Using a fuel cell when racing is no less important than using a helmet or wearing a seat belt. The Fuel Cell is an essential part of both improving performance and keeping you safe during competition. In the event of a shunt or accident, the fuel cell is designed to retain all the fuel even if it’s deformed, rolled over, or directly impacted.
So from a consumer perspective there appear to be two options

  1. Use a DIY or regular fuel tank in your racing vehicle
  2. Invest in a racing fuel cell that will hopefully provide significantly greater chance of helping you survive in the event of you having a crash or impact near your fuel tank

So why do so few drivers who aren’t forced to through racing regulations have a fuel cell. The price of the units could be one reason but one must question how much a driver values their safety. Perhaps marketing has its place in educating and informing drivers about the importance of a racing fuel cell just as it did with seat belts etc.

Recommended Solar Panel Installers

Firstly it is important to note that in order to get the feed-in tariff, both the Solar Panel system and the Solar Panel installer should be members of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).
As with all trades people picking a specialist installer can be a difficult process but by following these simple principles you will hopefully find recommended solar panel installers.

  • The British Renewable Energy Awards 2014, run by the Renewable Energy Association.have a best installer category.
  • As with most capital investment projects always, get at least three quotes before signing up, and ensure you have the quotes in writing.
  • When comparing quotes, check the following are included:
    • Scaffolding (not always required for a bungalow) often this can add an additional £400 plus for a typical 3 bedroom house
    • Removal of the existing roof and other roofing works, – if a skip is required this can often cost an additional £150
    • Internal wiring and electrical connection works, – note some installers will use thin low quality cable which is cheaper but creates large losses. Reputable installers will use high quality lower loss cabling
    • Sorting out a connection agreement with the energy supplier
    • Installing meter / or system for measuring
  • Make sure the installer is a member of the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (Real) scheme.

Paying Your Solar Panel Installers.

If you make at least a part payment with a credit card you gain additional protection. Making a payment by credit card for something over £100 and Section 75 laws provide additional protection to your consumer rights. Unlike debit cards, cheques and cash, pay in full or part (even just £1) on a credit card and by law the lender’s jointly liable with the retailer. To calculate the potential savings / return on investment click on this Recommended Solar Panel Installers link.
This means you have exactly the same rights with the card company as you do with the solar panel installer, so if it goes bust, you can simply take your complaints to the credit card company if no delivery.

Are All Solar Panel Installers The Same

A Which? magazine investigation back in 2011 showed that many solar companies were unfortunately using poor / shoddy sales tactics and giving poor / incorrect advice to people looking to buy solar PV panels. The Office of Fair Trading also unearthed poor practice in 2013. In 2011, when the payments to generate electricity were an eye-watering £1,100+/year there was a surge to provide solar panel systems. When these payments were reduced some of the less scrupulous companies pulled out, and things have changed since then, but there is still the need for due diligence.

Recommended Solar Panel Installers

Our suggestion would be to look for a locally based, specialist solar installer who can provide you with examples of installations they have completed.

Flail Toppers How To Select

Flail Toppers Different Types For Different Jobs

Flail Toppers come in a variety of formats Rotary Slasher, Twin Blade, Roller Mower, Tri Blade and also Tri Wing format. Now though you just wanted something to cut that grassland that was more robust than a lawn mower. Is it marketing gone mad or is there really a need for this wide variety of niche machines. Lets consider some of the flail toppers available and see if this product mix is really necessary.

Rotary Slasher Flail Topper (what a great product name)

Rotary slashers offer topping through simple robust technology. The rotary slasher mower is Suitable for grass cutting, sports ground topping and other similar tasks.

  • Typically available in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m cutting widths with a variable cutting height
  •  Most equipment that is going to be used on rough terrain benefits from puncture proof moulded tail wheel
  •  Rear Flap and Wear skids provide simple operation

Flail Toppers Twin Blade

Twin Blades can come in either in-line or offset format. The Twin Blade grass topper is perfect for paddocks and headlands.

  • Typically available in larger cutting widths 1.8m, 2.4m offset and 2.7m cutting width again with variable cutting height
  • Being larger these units often feature Shaft Drive and Shearbolt and overrun gearbox protection

Flail Toppers Roller Mower

The Roller Mower is a grass topper designed with municipal areas, sports fields and fine turfed areas in mind.

  • Typically available in 1.8m or 2.4m cutting widths. As this equipment may be used on sports fields they are often front and rear height adjustable with anti scalping rollers
  • For operator convenience they feature automatically adjusted side skids and front and rear rubber flaps
  • Overlapping blades ensure optimum grass cutting
  • There size means that often compact tractors over 35hp are required for operation

Tri-Blade mowers

Three sets of heavy duty timed blades ensure strip free cutting, with adjustable cutting height of between 25mm and 225mm which makes them ideal for sports ground and field topping.

  •  Driven through 1000 rpm independent gearbox’s with rubber shaft couplings to offer further protection against debris impact the tri-blade delivers power direct to the blades.
  • Slip clutch protection on each shaft ensures longevity of the independent gearbox’s.
  • 2.75m cutting width and 3.0m transport width
  • Front and rear heavy duty chain guards

Flail Toppers Tri Wing

Tri-Wing mowers, are specifically designed for grass topping in large open spaces, well designed units are designed to ensure debris from cutting does not collect and rot on the machines deck and therefore maximises the working life of the equipment.

  • Typically available in 4.6m & 6m cutting widths
  • Six heavy duty up draft blades with a choice of blade configurations
  • 2.34m and 2.60m transport widths

Flail Toppers In summary

A classic marketing problem of different users having different needs and therefore a wide product range being required even on something as simple as cutting municipal / sports grass. For more information on marketing flail toppers or other agricultural equipment click here.

Stainless Steel Security Doors As Part Of A Secure Entry System

Maintenance Free Stainless Steel Doors

Stainless steel is a resilient, 100% recyclable material. The strength, durability and ability to withstand wet environments make it a popular choice for commercial and external applications alike.  It has a universal appeal that works with modern, sleek-looking buildings while providing a very strong construction. The image on the right showcases how a stylish modern and importantly secure maintenance free entrance can be created. This construction is made entirely from Stainless Steel

  • Box section Stainless Steel  construction for the foyer area
  • Access control panel made from Stainless Steel providing key pad access for residents and employees
  • Stainless Steel doors that provide high security locking and security

Stainless steel has a number of benefits in this type of application.

  • It is easy to clean and can be simply wiped with a cloth to remove dust or any residue
  • A stainless steel external environment like this requires little to limited maintenance. It is advisable to have the door opening and locking mechanism annually checked and lubricated to ensure reliable operation
  • Whilst the cost of Stainless security doors will be more expensive than traditional steel doors (which will require a paint or coated finish) the additional upkeep costs or lifetime usage cost will possibly be considerably lower.  For this reason if there is an application / structure that will be required for many years a stainless steel option whilst looking more expensive initially on paper may actually ultimately provide a lower total cost

Stainless Steel Frame Benefits

If you are having stainless steel doors fitted then having a stainless steel frame and door fittings make logical sense. The benefits of having a stainless steel frame are as below

  • Offers a clean finished frame appearance
  • Provides long term strength and durability, with limited degradation over time
  • Stainless Steel as a material allows lots of Design flexibility
  • Maximum corrosion resistance

Steel Security Doors Designed To Keep People Out

Steel Security Doors Things To Consider When Purchasing

  • The adage you get what you pay for is completely true in the case of steel security doors. Without doubt a steel security door will cost significant more than an alternative door material. If you are fitting the door to act as a security barrier it doesn’t make sense to go for a lower cost unit that wont achieve the level of security you need
  • Often a lower priced door wont comply with the European wide fire resistance standard BS EN 1634-1? (which replaces the previous British Standard for fire resistance)
  • Sometimes manufacturers will have a solid steel robust construction and then fit inferior locking mechanism. The locking mechanism is critical (unless you are planning to leave your steel security door unlocked) so check that it is a quality made mechanism from the UK or other leading source
  • Does the security key come with a side bar? It is always worthwhile before you run into a problem to checkout the contractor by calling them in the evening or at weekends to see if they are offering the service they promised should anything go wrong with the door locking mechanism. This is crucial as for example as if there is attempted burglary, etc. what will you do for the period the door is inoperable.

Security Doors Designed For Domestic Use

When you talk about a steel door set most people will think that these are designed for factories and warehouses. This is an obvious assumption as these are places that need to have a high level of security. It is important to note that steel security doors don’t need to look like factory doors, in fact there are some attractive styles and a wide range of colours available.

An important general point to consider in relation to the existing doors that you have fitted to your house. The majority of homeowners will have spent the most on their front entrance door , this is often for aesthetics and security reasons. Often there are other doors that are probably far less visible,  back doors, garage entrance doors, doors to outbuildings for example that are more likely to be targeted by a criminal. Therefore the correctly specified security doors installed correctly are an important element in the security mix along with alarms, and lighting.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies Are They All The Same

If you are looking for printed circuit board assembly companies then there are many factors that will affect which one you choose. The fascinating factor to me is that these companies all appear to use the same language, communication and messages as each other which makes it incredibly difficult to actually differentiate between them. When you combine this with the imagery that they often use

  • the classic image of a printed circuit board
  • a picture of a modern factory with a range of SMD placement equipment
  • and even the classic picture of the outside of the building to emphasis that they are big and they can deal / cope with your requirement
  • the problem is that its all so cliché

A Focus On Capabilities

One of the other problems that i found when reviewing them is that they all seem to focus on their capabilities. Now to me this essentially seemed to be a shopping list of the equipment that they had within the factory for example

  • 4 x Samsung automatic pick and place machines (2 X CP45 NEO, 1 X CP40, 1 X CP20)
  • 2 x conveyors full convection reflow oven with 8 & 12 zones (Plus 12 & Passat) 
  • 1 x A partridge in a pear tree
  • Ersa IR550/PL550 rework and alignment system 
  • Blundell CS400D wave soldering machine Lead free
  • 3 x the ACME widget placer
  • 3 x Lynx microscope (Vision Engineering) x6 to x40 magnification
  • Mirtec MV-2HTL AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) system
  • Ersascope2 (BGA inspection system)
  • 2 x Really big machine with flashing red lights
  • Scorpion 9000 ATE Test Equipment

Now I don’t know if you spotted the partridge, widget placer or the really big machine, but my guess is that as you scanned through you didn’t and this is one of the key elements Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies use in their armoury to encourage you to consider them

Energy Efficient PC – Benefits to Business

Energy Efficient PC the best way to reduce a computer’s energy consumption?

The best way to make your PC a more energy efficient pc is to switch it off when not in use! this may seem obvious, but a computer turned OFF, will always use less power than one that is turned ON. Overnight, at the weekend and when on holiday, and don’t forget to turn it off at the mains.

Energy Efficient PC – Did You Know

  • If you don’t turn your computer (or printer etc) off at the mains, it still uses electricity! Next time you turn off, take a look at the back and see the lights still flashing at you
  • A common misconception is that turning your computer on and off use more energy than leaving it turned on overnight and that your computer requires large amounts of power to start up. The power involved is about the same consumed during maximum regular use.
  • Constantly rebooting your computer will  not ruin your hard disk. Most PCs will need to be replaced due to advances in technology long before the effects of being switched on and off multiple times have a negative impact on their service life.
  • Standard Standby/Sleep Mode on your computer will help save energy, however these settings are not usually manufacturer’s defaults. They can be configured in your Control Panel’s power settings/options. Great for when you are interrupted by the phone or other office distractions as they temporarily put your system to sleep to save power, yet come back to life at the touch of a button, or movement of the mouse creating a power efficient pc.

What exactly is a Green Computer?

Green computers sold by reputable manufacturers are the most energy efficient and carbon neutrally made in the world. Recommended by Energy Saving Trust, energy efficient computers are designed to reduce the environmental impact during their manufacture, use, and end of life. Typically the average desktop pc typically consumes on average 114.7 watts (Gartner 2008) energy efficient pc “green” computers sold by leading manufacturers use as little as 25 watts of electricity on average – a huge reduction!

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