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Effectively Communicating to Target Customers 

As the market has changed and developed, so have the mechanisms that need to be used to cost efficiently and effectively communicate with customers. The cycle industry is a classic example of a market that has been through significant changes

Targeted and timely sales and marketing communication

Ultimate Hardware needed to be able to easily let customers know when new products / special offers or forward order personalised products were available.

An easily update able web site was developed. The site was designed to allow new pages to be added simply. On these pages product videos, multiple product images and technical specifications could be easily added to provide comprehensive information to a cycle retailer.

E mail marketing

A range of plain and html e mails were developed and sent to the targeted database. Key elements of the email campaign included

  • Development of the appropriate offers
  • Product photography to effectively showcase the products
  • Database management and analysis to review opens / clicks / bounces
  • Split testing of offers
  • Developing offline equivalent offers and comparing conversion results

A beneficial offline / online marketing approach

The ability for us to easily update and communicate has a number of key business benefits

  • New products can be easily tested and researched
  • As product pages can carry a large quantity of technical information, E mails can be kept simple and link directly to the product page
  • Additional product information images / videos can be easily made available to retailers
  • Knowing which products retailers are clicking on allows proactive telephone calls to be made to retailers who are interested
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To find out more about developing, creating and implementing effective email marketing campaigns

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B2B Marketing – email compared to social media

When comparing email campaigns and social media campaigns in the context of B2B marketing, it’s important to recognise that both approaches have their own strengths and weaknesses. Email campaigns have been a staple in B2B marketing for a long time and continue to be effective due to their direct and personalised nature. With email, you have the ability to craft tailored messages for specific target audiences, allowing you to address their pain points, showcase your product’s value, and establish a sense of credibility.

Additionally, email campaigns can be easily automated and tracked, enabling you to measure open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, thereby providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaign strategies. However, there is the challenge of ensuring that your emails don’t end up in spam folders and maintaining a consistent engagement rate as email inboxes get inundated with messages.

On the other hand, social media campaigns offer a more interactive and visually engaging way to reach your B2B audience. Platforms like LinkedIn, which are more business-oriented, can provide you access to a professional audience in a more casual and approachable environment. Social media campaigns also allow for greater content diversity, as you can share not only text-based posts but also images, videos, infographics, and more.

The use of hashtags and sharing features enables your content to be discovered by a wider audience and can potentially lead to organic growth. Furthermore, social media provides an avenue for direct engagement with your audience through comments, likes, and shares, fostering relationships and building a community around your brand. Nevertheless, achieving consistent engagement and effectively targeting a niche B2B audience on social media can be challenging, especially as platforms’ algorithms change and competition for attention increases.

Targeted Email Generates Results

In the end, the choice between email campaigns and social media campaigns for B2B marketing often depends on your specific goals, target audience, and available resources. An integrated approach that combines both strategies can often yield the best results, as each channel has unique advantages that can complement the other. By using email campaigns for more personalised and direct communication and social media campaigns for broader visibility and engagement, you can create a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy that maximises your reach and impact. It’s crucial to continuously monitor the performance of your campaigns, adapt your strategies based on the data you collect, and stay attuned to evolving trends in both email and social media marketing.

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