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£ estimated wastage every 3 months
Conversions Set
£ Day Set at Accelerated Spend :(

When set up correctly Adwords can be the most effective way of getting found on the web and getting in front of your target customer at the most critical Time.

Unfortunately many campaigns are poorly set up and use the providers default settings which can cause significant wastage.

Evaluating campaigns and setting them up correctly can mean you get significantly more (for the same spend) or be in a position to reduce spend and get the same results.

How your website is set up will impact on the performance of your adwords campaigns

£4000 spend in 3 months – Account structure badly set, one campaign taking all the budget

Estimated minimum £2000 wasted

Poor quality scores, incorrect adverts 

Conversion Note Set !!

Out of the box Google settings used 

Advert placement not optimised

Negative key words are good

Negative keywords need setting up correctly

If you are running adwords campaigns could you get more from your existing spend?

Find out call 01733 361729 or email 

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