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Marketing – Dare To Be Different

Getting heard today can be incredibly difficult. With so much “noise” around and so many marketing and promotional messages intruding our business and personal space how do you make sure that your marketing gets noticed.

Now you might not be lucky enough to have a golden egg that looks dramatically different from all the other white eggs in the market place.

Communicating messages that look just like your competitors might not be enough to get you a sales enquiry.

Marketing - Dare To Be Different

Dare To Be Different – Six Marketing Approaches

  • Watch what everyone else is doing, evaluate it and establish how you can do it differently.
  • Embrace the new 
    • It could be technology – how might AI be used to differentiate your services
    • Culture – what if your staff could all work flexi time or from home
    • Thinking – how does an industry different to yours solve a problem
    • Global – how are things done in the US
  • Be bold and imaginative. If you currently hire people who don’t have these attributes think about hiring a different type of person
  • Challenge your customers – make the think, are they expecting the same old same old. What if you were to give them a completely new experience
  • How entertaining is it to buy from you. Do you make your customers smile ( think of Mailchimp) can you shock your customers in a positive way. Smiling or shocking may make you substantially different
  • Disruption – how can you turn things upside down or look at things from a different perspective in order to stand out positively. What if lead times were dramatically reduced, a lifetime guarantee ( think of the impact of the Kia 7 year warranty in the automotive sector), do something so different you stand out

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Marketing – Dare To Be Different

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