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Key Drivers in Purchasing Online

Thinking about the Key Drivers in Purchasing Online, issues that impact on a customer when purchasing online (or even purchasing through a traditional route i.e. in-store or from a sales call). Objections could be seen as “needs” in disguise.

By answering these objections can help in the decision-making process

  • Why should I?
  • Do I really want too?
  • Am I ready?

In the online world there are often indicators to encourage purchase

  • Timers – countdown how long the product on offer for
  • Counters – showcase – sales being made (and hence how much stock left)
  • The number of people viewing this item identified
  • Sold out slapped across products to illustrate that others were prepared to buy
Key Drivers in Purchasing Online

10 Factors for consideration

#1 No Hurry

  • What’s the rush to buy?
  • Are you encouraging purchase by offering a limited time % off
  • What is the time challenge that will encourage a customer to purchase

#2 No Money

  • A customer might want to buy now (see point 1) but might not have the available cash. So how can the customer purchase
  • Can you offer alternative payment mechanisms / approaches that allow the customer to purchase?

#3 No Belief

  • How much do they trust your brand, product / service, promises?
  • Do they need a guarantee?
  • Do they need a leap of faith?

#4 No Ability

  • Have you considered that your proposition might be so complicated they need specialist skills or knowledge to interact?
  • Are your systems both people and technical geared up to help?

#5 No Time

  • Can the person buy from you in the time they have
    • Amazon is a master of this with its “Buy Now” button if you are an existing customer
  • How complicated is it to buy from you for the first time?
  • Has your desire to capture data complicated the purchase process?

#6 No Fear

  • Would I like to buy what you have but I “perceive” that there might be a threat?
  • The classic comment of “This site / retailer looks dodgy” lets buy from a reputable established supplier
  • Fears and worries are hard to discern and will vary significantly amongst your different customer personas

#7 No Awareness

  • Does anybody know about you
  • The fundamental challenge to get found or to communicate with those who might be customers
  • Your product might be brilliant but if nobody is searching because they don’t know what to search for you will remain unknown

#8 No Understanding

  • Do they get your offer quickly?
  • Can I easily differentiate between the levels of service that you offer?
  • Can I easily establish the value provided?
  • Example

#9 No Feeling

  • Do They want to feel good? Now this might sound strange but I recently purchased a connecting cable for my I-phone a £7 product purchase, that when I actually got the product made me feel good. They adopted 3 key approaches that could be adopted by anyone selling physical products. If you would like to receive the case study email me

#10 No Next Steps

  • Is it easy to see what the steps are in making a purchase?
  • If I can see them can I take them 1.2.3

Building an Ecommerce website to overcome key drivers in purchasing online

Building an ecommerce site may be simpler than you imagine. It very much depends on the products or services you are looking to sell and also the number of items within your product portfolio. There are now ecommerce solutions that do most of the work for you, in terms of adding product imagery, descriptions and pricing.

This allows you to build an ecommerce site but you still need to understand what’s offered and what your site needs. If you research thoroughly, you can identify a platform that allows you to create a functional site that grows and evolves with you in the years to come.

Below is listed a super simple process

  1. Select your perfect ecommerce platform WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify etc
  2. Purchase a domain name. e.g
  3. Find a developer. e.g.
  4. Pick your ecommerce theme.
  5. Customize your ecommerce template.
  6. Add your products – now if you only have a few products this can be easily completed manually, if you have thousands you might be better off importing them
  7. Set up payment options – how are you going to take payment Stripe, PayPal or another merchant system
  8. Sort out your shipping settings. In our experience this is one of the elements many businesses getting involved in ecommerce forget about and get horribly wrong.
  9. Preview, test… and publish your online store.
Key Drivers in Purchasing Online- ecommerce websites Blue Dolphin

Things to consider when choosing your ecommerce system.

Several systems have to work seamlessly to give your customers the best ecommerce experience. Look at how your preferred ecommerce platform works in the following areas to ensure it performs optimally both now and for future online trading.

Website performance

Make sure the platform works consistently and has a strong uptime record, so your website is available when customers want to shop. Unlimited API calls help make your site easier to manage, and pages that load quickly give customers the best experience.

Traffic capacity

Can the platform meet your current traffic needs? Does it have the scope to grow with you as your business expands? Does it handle big days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Mobile optimization

More consumers are shopping on mobile devices, so it’s essential that your platform can optimize your website for an excellent mobile encounter. Look for ways to enhance customer experience through mobile technology, like geolocation, which helps customers find the nearest store.

Secure payments and data

The platform must be able to protect your data and your customer’s data. SaaS solutions include security, like SSL and PCI, as part of their monthly plans. Self-hosted and open-source solutions require you to have a greater understanding of security, as there’s a higher chance of attack.

Key Drivers in Purchasing Online

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