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Key Drivers in Purchasing Online

Thinking about the Key Drivers in Purchasing Online, issues that impact on a customer when purchasing online (or even purchasing through a traditional route i.e. in-store or from a sales call). Objections could be seen as “needs” in disguise. By answering these objections can help in the decision-making process

  • Why should I
  • Do I really want too
  • Am I ready

In the online world there are often indicators to encourage purchase

  • Timers – countdown how long the product on offer for
  • Counters – showcase – sales being made (and hence how much stock left)
  • The number of people viewing this item identified
  • Sold out slapped across products to illustrate that others were prepared to buy
Key Drivers in Purchasing Online

10 Factors for consideration

#1 No Hurry

  • What’s the rush to buy?
  • Are you encouraging purchase by offering a limited time % off
  • What is the time challenge that will encourage a customer to purchase

#2 No Money

  • A customer might want to buy now (see point 1) but might not have the available cash. So how can the customer purchase
  • Can you offer alternative payment mechanisms / approaches that allow the customer to purchase?

#3 No Belief

  • How much do they trust your brand, product / service, promises?
  • Do they need a guarantee?
  • Do they need a leap of faith?

#4 No Ability

  • Have you considered that your proposition might be so complicated they need specialist skills or knowledge to interact?
  • Are your systems both people and technical geared up to help?

#5 No Time

  • Can the person buy from you in the time they have
    • Amazon is a master of this with its “Buy Now” button if you are an existing customer
  • How complicated is it to buy from you for the first time?
  • Has your desire to capture data complicated the purchase process?

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#6 No Fear

  • Would I like to buy what you have but I “perceive” that there might be a threat?
  • The classic comment of “This site / retailer looks dodgy” lets buy from a reputable established supplier
  • Fears and worries are hard to discern and will vary significantly amongst your different customer personas

#7 No Awareness

  • Does anybody know about you
  • The fundamental challenge to get found or to communicate with those who might be customers
  • Your product might be brilliant but if nobody is searching because they don’t know what to search for you will remain unknown

#8 No Understanding

  • Do they get your offer quickly?
  • Can I easily differentiate between the levels of service that you offer?
  • Can I easily establish the value provided?
  • Example

#9 No Feeling

  • Do They want to feel good? Now this might sound strange but I recently purchased a connecting cable for my I-phone a £7 product purchase, that when I actually got the product made me feel good. They adopted 3 key approaches that could be adopted by anyone selling physical products. If you would like to receive the case study email me

#10 No Next Steps

  • Is it easy to see what the steps are in making a purchase?
  • If I can see them can I take them 1.2.3

Key Drivers in Purchasing Online

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