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Exercise Tyres A Marketing Challenge

Exercise Tyres Creating A Customer Need

Exercise Tyres The Extremes Of Pricing

The fitness market is a great example of a a market where you can partake in the activity for almost free or be enthralled by the hype and start spending thousands of pounds for the latest gizzmos and gimmicks. This was brilliantly illustrated to me this week when i heard about tyres for exercise that cost almost two thousand pounds.

So from a marketing perspective this got me wondering what drives a consumer to spending loads of money when they can get a directly equivalent alternative for FREE.

Exercise Tyres A Marketing Challenge

Exercise Tyres The Low Cost Option

When you think of the vast number of agricultural, construction and haulage vehicles in use you can see that there will be a high availability of used used / worn tyres. To many people once these large tyres are worn and have been replaced they become a liability as they will need disposing of. So if you can find these you may be able to acquire these for free, it will just need you to collect them (which will possibly mean you will need some kind of van / pick up truck to collect them. Alternatively you might find large worn out tyres suitable for exercise in a scrapyard (or possibly at a tyre fitters). You may be able to purchase these for just a few pounds.

So all you need to do now is make sure that the tyre has no rough edges on the inside and give it a really good clean with a pressure washer

Low Cost tyres suitable for all tyre type exercises cost £10

Exercise Tyres The High Cost Option

So what can we do to the humble tyre to make it more expensive (in marketing terms lets call this adding value). So in no particular order

  • Lets not call it a tyre (or even a tire) lets give it a really funky name e.g. Tyyrre to make it sound edgy
  • Lets wrap the tyre in a brightly coloured wrap and for added effect lets print a tyre pattern on it
  • For each of the different weights we can have different coloured sleeves that way even though they are all completely different sizes it will be easy for a fitness person to identify
  • Then we can create messages like Dont Be Intimidated its not an exercise tyre its a Tyre which is edgy and funky in a cozy sort of way

High cost tyres suitable for all tyre type exercises cost £1000

So which tyres would you choose?

Exercise Tyres A Marketing Challenge

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