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Manufacturing Reshoring Advantages and Disadvantages

Manufacturing reshoring background information.

Many UK manufacturing companies took the approach of offshoring their manufacturing and production facilities a few years ago when the costs for manufacture appeared significantly lower than could be achieved on home soil. In a rapidly changing global economy the offshore manufacturing model may no longer be as viable.
Global numbers indicate that cost savings on manufacture may mean it is only 12% lower cost to build abroad. China is looking at becoming increasingly middle class with 13% salary increases predicted

Manufacturing reshoring the advantages

  • In the majority of cases new products tend to evolve as opposed to being invented, its an evolution as opposed to a revolutionary approach. Evolution often comes about as a direct result of the process of manufacturing. Having the manufacturing facility on site means that efforts are constantly directed at seeking improvements and enhancements
  • Keeping your eye on the manufacturing processes allows you to develop an optimum approach with the rationale of then rolling out to other plants or subsidiaries. The classic example of this is Bosch who make everything in Germany
  • Its amazing but one of the areas that continues to be difficult to maintain when manufacturing is taking place overseas is quality. The very nature of having product on the water for so many weeks means that in the event of a quality issue, replacing components has significant implications
  • Intellectual property if your developing a complex product its difficult to patent

Manufacturing reshoring examples

  • Within the food and drink industry “Pot Noodle” are now made in Yorkshire
  • Manufacture of furniture to Dunelm and John Lewis is now made in the North East
  • BT, Aston Martin and GSK all reshoring

Reasons given for manufacturing reshoring

  • Be near to the actual customers
  • Get closer to the national innovation centres
  • Move away from the risk centres

Manufacturing Reshoring Advantages and Disadvantages

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Embroidered Work Polo Shirts – Matching Men’s and Women’s Styles

Choose from a range a stylish, high performance polo shirts, many with matching men’s and ladies styles..  These styles can be easily embroidered with your logo or design. Choose a reputable decorator (manufacturer) who will manufacture to the highest standards ensuring your logo is clear and sharp.

Embroidered Work Polo Shirts – Personalised

Once you place an order you can typically expect a sample of your embroidered logo for your approval. Choose specialists in embroidering logos onto garments as the quality of the work will be based on expertise, modern machinery, quality embroidery thread. Once you have approved the sample the manufacturer will complete your order and embroider the polo shirts.

Your embroidery design – What we need from you

  • You will need a clear copy of your design a simple JPEG is fine. The higher quality the jp the better
  • Some manufacturers will accept a compliment slip, business card, or even a sketch  of what you are looking for
  • A good decorator will be able to offer advice to ensure the final result will be excellent.

Your pantone references – matched to thread

Where you have specific pantone colours in your logo design it will be possible to match cheap clomid these very closely  using pantone thread guides to allow matching to the correct colour thread. Note : There are multiple pantone colours so many decorators won’t hold all thread colours. This means that if you want an exact match you may have to wait for thread to be delivered
Ensure that top quality rayon thread is used so you will no concerns about fading or the colour running.

The costs – origination of your logo and embroidering

Most decorators will charge a “once only” origination cost with your first order this is to cover the cost of converting the file from a jpeg or other image file type into a format that will be suitable for the embroidery machine.  Note once this has been completed the file can be used on future orders (so you if you repeat an order you should not be charged another origination fee) If you are having particularly large embroideries a decorator may charge you more for their origination. Standard embroideries could be considered as the left breast, sleeve and back of the neck and typically cost around £2.00 per garment.

Welding Inspection – Criteria, Reasons and Approach

Welding Inspection is a crucial role and there are three certification levels available. These are

  • Senior welding inspector
  • Welding inspector
  • Visual welding inspector

In many instances it is the role of the senior welding inspectors to manage and supervise welding inspectors team to complete the welding inspection to deliver compliance of welded structures and products.

Welding Inspection – Criteria

There are many characteristics of a weld that can be evaluated during welding inspection. Some of these relate to the size of the weld,  whilst others relate to the presence of weld discontinuities. Weld size can be extremely important, as it often directly corelates to the weld’s strength and performance. For example a weld that is undersized may not be able to withstand stresses and strains applied during operation.
Depending on the size and/or location of the weld discontinuities (these are the imperfections adjacent or within the weld) these can prevent the weld from attaining the desired level of performance. Weld discontinuities are commonly referred to as welding defects, which have the potential to cause earlier than anticipated weld failure due to added stress concentrations or a reduction of strength within the welded component.

Welding Inspection Reasons

Welding inspections are conducted for many reasons, the primary being to determine whether the weld is of capable quality for its intended application. In order to evaluate the quality of a weld, first you must have criteria on which comparisons can be made of the weld’s characteristics. Standards and Codes have been developed specifically for a variety of welding fabrication applications. These are used during welding inspection to dictate exactly what levels of weld discontinuities are acceptable. Note it is vitally important to choose a welding standard that is intended for use within your industry or application. If you are welding components for aerospace then potentially the standard for civil engineering construction may not be appropriate

Welding Inspection Quality Acceptance

There are several sources from where quality acceptance criteria can originate. The welding fabrication drawings or blueprints will typically provide information on length and location of welds along with other dimensional information. The dimensional requirements are most often established through design calculations or alternatively taken from known proven designs that meet the performance requirements of the welded connection..

Storage Silos

There are a wide range of Storage Silos available. The types of storage silo includes.

  • Hopper bottom silos
  • Flat bottom silos
  • Square bins

A number of manufacturers of Hopper bottom silos are capable of designing, manufacturing and installing.  Silo design should be based upon the pressures and loads derived from either the German DIN 1055 1987 or Eurocode 1 part 4 with structural calculations based on BS 5950 part 5 or Eurocode 3.

Typical hopper bottom silos range from three metre diameter offering fifteen tonnes storage to ten metre diameter often one thousand seven hundred tonnes. Choose only hoppers that are designed for high cyclic loading, e.g. frequent usage of product fill and empty at large tonnage rates. Typical standard hopper angles are forty five degrees and sixty degrees hoppers though other hopper angles are available. For construction silo roof panels, silo wall sheets and stiffening struts (up to three mm thick) are cut and fabricated from a minimum of G600 galvanised steel sheets. Typically stiffening struts (which should be thicker than three mm) are cut and fabricated from black steel and hot-dip galvanised for protection.

Storage Silos Supplier Considerations

When identifying storage silos suppliers choose a manufacturer who can design and manufacture at a single site. The benefit of having a manufacturer with these capabilities is that they can manufacture non–standard silos and hoppers.
An advantage of hopper silos is that they can provide temporary wet grain storage as part of a grain drying process. Additionally they can be used as “buffer bin” applications in silo plants. Possible applications include

    • Storage of other free flowing granulated products,
    • Feed pellets and wood pellets in relevant industrial plants.
    • Where a faster discharge of larger batches of grain are required (typically sea and river ports, breweries, malting, mills).

Hi Viz Workwear – A Test Case In Understanding Search

When we work with manufacturing clients we often come across some miss perceptions about the web and how it can help them grow their business. In this article Hi Viz Workwear I wanted to test some of the assumptions out there with a real life test case. The Hi Viz market appears to be absolutely rammed with suppliers who are keen to ensure that those who work in potentially dangerous / hazardous environments can be seen.

It should always be the case that the safety of workers is taken as a maximum priority. For this reason legislation plays a powerful role in ensuring that employers have a duty of care and provide employees with the correct Hi Viz clothing and protective equipment.

Hi Viz Workwear – What’s Important To The Customer

For me this is a great marketing question as the customer wears (literally) many hats. The purchaser of the Hi Viz Workwear is probably looking for the lowest cost possible. They possibly think that the clothing wont be looked after by its wearer. I must admit that as I drive around the UK, I am amazed at the number of Hi Vis Jackets and waistcoats that I see lying in the side of the road. They are probably looking to have the Hi Viz Workwear branded with the company logo or name. This serves two purposes, one it provides instant advertising and gets the brand name out and secondly it means that they are less likely to go walkabout and end up on the shoulders of people who have to buy their own High visibility workwear.

Now for the wearer of the Hi Viz Workwear, they are possibly looking for the following

    • Highly comfortable clothing that just because its highly visible still fits well
    • Well designed clothing that they are confident and keen to wear (born out by the number of people who wear in their cars etc travelling to /  from work )
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