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Huntingdon Manufacturers Association

Huntingdon Manufacturers Association Supporting Local  Companies

I recently attended an event organised by Huntingdon Manufacturers Association that had the purpose of demonstrating a range of innovation topics from within the area. A leading composite company spoke about their approach to innovation as they developed leading edge products. A presentation from a leading authority on graphene was given to showcase the potential from a product that was new to many within the audience. From looking at new technologies to providing information on potential funding opportunities Huntingdon Manufacturers group appear to be an exemplar manufacturing cluster group.

Huntingdon Manufacturers Association Committed

The Huntingdon Manufacturers group is based on a committed group of business leaders from within manufacturing companies, who are working with the support of Huntingdonshire District Council and Huntingdonshire Regional College to provide a valuable information resource to the manufacturing business community. The HMA aims

  • By being an association to be the voice of its members, representing them to those who can influence their future and achieving what cannot be achieved as individual companies.
  • Through its collective strength provide services to its members helping them achieve more and enhance their knowledge through networking.
  • Through forward thinking embrace encourage and nurture new manufacturing innovation and ‘making’ technology for the greater good of all members.
Huntingdon Manufacturers Association marketing for manufacturers companies blue dolphin business development
huntingdon manufacturers association marketing for manufacturing


Through contacts and intermediaries the HMA can provide information on

  • Business Grants, Funding and Incentives
  • Research and Development Initiatives especially for with the local Huntingdonshire area
  • Energy Savings
  • Training – via both academic and third party providers
  • The benefits of International Trade and what support is available
  • Insight into the general economic climate and provide a valuable barometer of how Huntingdonshire is performing within the local area
  • A direct representation to Government

Huntingdon Manufacturers Group are keen to encourage interaction with like minded manufacturers, to know more about what we offer and how you can engage with the HMA please contact them directly. For more information on Manufacturing for Marketing as opposed to Huntingdon Manufacturers Association simply click on the click here

The Importance of Regional

Regional manufacturing associations play a vital role in promoting and supporting the manufacturing industry in a particular region. Here are some reasons why they are important:

  1. Advocacy: Regional manufacturing associations advocate for the interests of the manufacturing industry in the region. They work to promote policies that support manufacturing, address regulatory issues, and lobby for government support for the industry.
  2. Networking: These associations provide opportunities for manufacturers to network with each other and with other businesses in the region. This can lead to new business partnerships, supply chain connections, and collaborations that can help businesses grow and succeed.
  3. Training and education: Regional manufacturing associations often offer training and education programs that can help manufacturers improve their skills and knowledge. This can include programs on topics such as safety, lean manufacturing, workforce development, and more.
  4. Resources: These associations can provide manufacturers with access to resources such as market research, industry data, and best practices. This can help manufacturers make informed decisions and stay competitive in their industry.
  5. Community: Being part of a regional manufacturing association can provide manufacturers with a sense of community and support. They can connect with other manufacturers who face similar challenges and share insights and advice.

In summary, regional manufacturing associations are important because they advocate for the industry, provide networking opportunities, offer training and education, provide access to resources, and foster a sense of community among manufacturers in the region.

huntingdon manufacturers association marketing for manufacturing
huntingdon manufacturers association marketing for manufacturing

The Importance of Networking for Directors of SME Manufacturing Companies

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, networking has become an essential tool for professionals across industries. This holds particularly true for directors of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) manufacturing companies. Networking offers numerous benefits that can help directors enhance their businesses, stay ahead of industry trends, and build valuable relationships. This article explores why networking is important for directors of SME manufacturing companies and highlights the advantages it brings.

1: Access to Industry Knowledge and Trends

Networking allows directors to connect with peers, industry experts, and professionals from related fields. Through these connections, directors gain access to valuable industry knowledge, market insights, and emerging trends. By staying updated on the latest advancements, technology, and market demands, directors can make informed decisions and adapt their strategies accordingly. Networking provides opportunities to attend conferences, seminars, and trade shows where they can learn from experts, gain insights from successful industry veterans, and stay ahead of their competitors.

2: Collaborative Opportunities

Networking provides a platform for directors to collaborate with other professionals in the manufacturing sector. Through networking events and industry-specific groups, directors can find potential partners, suppliers, distributors, and even investors. Collaborative ventures can lead to shared resources, joint marketing initiatives, knowledge sharing, and the ability to tackle challenges collectively. Such collaborations can drive innovation, improve production processes, and help SME manufacturing companies expand their reach.

3: Business Development and Sales

Networking plays a crucial role in business development and sales for SME manufacturing companies. By connecting with potential clients, industry influencers, and decision-makers, directors can generate leads and secure new contracts. Networking provides a chance to showcase products and services, build brand visibility, and establish credibility. Personal connections formed through networking can foster trust, making it easier to convert prospects into loyal customers. Moreover, networking can lead to referrals, recommendations, and positive word-of-mouth marketing, further boosting sales opportunities.

4: Knowledge Exchange and Learning

Networking allows directors to exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices with other professionals in the manufacturing industry. Engaging in conversations with peers facing similar challenges can provide valuable insights and solutions to common problems. Directors can learn from the successes and failures of others, gain perspectives from different angles, and implement strategies that have proven effective for their counterparts. The knowledge exchange facilitated by networking can save time, resources, and prevent costly mistakes.

5: Personal and Professional Growth

Networking contributes to the personal and professional growth of directors in several ways. By interacting with professionals from diverse backgrounds, directors can broaden their horizons, challenge their perspectives, and enhance their problem-solving skills. Networking events often feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops that provide valuable educational opportunities. Additionally, directors can find mentors or advisors through networking, who can offer guidance, support, and valuable industry insights.

6: Keeping Abreast of Regulatory Changes

In the manufacturing industry, regulatory compliance is of utmost importance. Networking provides an avenue to stay updated on the latest regulatory changes, standards, and industry-specific regulations. Directors can connect with professionals in legal, compliance, or government agencies who can provide guidance and updates on evolving regulations. This knowledge helps SME manufacturing companies ensure they remain compliant, avoid legal issues, and adapt their operations to changing requirements.

In summary

Networking is a vital tool for directors of SME manufacturing companies, offering a range of benefits including access to industry knowledge, collaborative opportunities, business development and sales, knowledge exchange, and personal and professional growth. By actively engaging in networking activities, directors can stay ahead of the competition, seize new opportunities, and build a strong support system of industry professionals. In the fast-paced manufacturing sector, networking is an indispensable asset for driving success and growth in today’s interconnected business environment. For more information contact Andrew Goode

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