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E Mail Marketing Peterborough Business

E Mail Marketing Peterborough Business Case Study Shows Significant Benefits

E Mail Marketing Peterborough Business Rationale

The recent conversation with a prospect client is typical of many who are considering e mail marketing (well actually they just want to increase sales but the first thought is which tactic can we use).
I asked the question “What are all the business cards doing piled up on the shelf?”

Prospect Client- “Well we have been doing allot of networking recently (over the last few months) so have had conversations with about 300 businesses. We always get business cards from business prospects / customers who walk into the showroom. We’ve exhibited at a couple of trades hows recently where we got over 100 enquiries and we ran a seminar which attracted about 40 delegates.

So I comment ” Wow that’s great you have developed a list of over 400 people how are you using it?” (cause I like asking blindingly simple questions).

Prospect Client – ” Well I have emailed and spoken to a few people but i didn’t know how to best progress so its just sitting on the shelf”.
So this is where I pipe up and comment on some of the great, rock solid sales and marketing observations

E Mail Marketing Peterborough

E Mail Marketing Peterborough Observations

  • The longer that you leave it before you re communicate with the customer / prospect the harder it is to re engage with them and ultimately make a sale
  • You have a pile of business cards, you don’t really have a customer list. We need to get these details into a spreadsheet (or ideally a CRM system – but will leave that for future articles) and we need to start filtering out those who have potential and those who dont
  • We need to develop a programme (campaign) of regular communication to see who within the list is interested, and once we know who is interested we can start to use both online and offline marketing activities to help make the sale

 E mail marketing warning and tips

  1. If you are trying to sell to prospects – e mail is initially 7 x harder than direct mail (unless you follow a sequential and progressive approach)
  2. You need to be very careful about e mailing a big list in bulk. Now in the case above the prospect client had personally gained details of prospects over quite a short recent timeframe

So with that the client said ” I think we need to embark on an e mail campaign then?”
The results of the activities will be published over the next few posts. If you cant wait then click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 and he will tell you the exact campaign performance results. For more information on e mail marketing Peterborough businesses click here .

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