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Car Rig Photography

Car Rig Photography Get The Best Shot Of Your Vehicle

Perhaps you’ve not heard the phrase “car rig photography” before, but chance is you’ve almost certainly seen examples of it. It’s the technique used to capture those fantastic images of cars, vans or motorbikes that give the appearance of speeding down the open road.

The type of images  you see in adverts selling premium quality cars.

Only it’s not half as dramatic as it looks. The cars aren’t speeding for starters. They have a long metal boom attached with a camera on the end and they are being pushed to minimise vibration.

Car rig photography is typically used to capture dynamic shots of cars in motion, and is often used in automotive advertising, marketing, and editorial content. Here are some specific scenarios in which car rig photography may be used:

  1. Car commercials: Car manufacturers and dealerships often use car rig photography to capture footage for their commercials. By showcasing their vehicles in motion, they can demonstrate their performance and features.
  2. Automotive magazines: Automotive magazines frequently use car rig photography to capture shots for their editorial content, such as road tests and feature stories.
  3. Car photography: Car enthusiasts and photographers may use car rig photography to capture shots of their favorite vehicles in motion, either for personal use or for sale.
  4. Film and television: Car rig photography is also used in the film and television industry to capture car chase scenes or other action sequences involving cars.

Overall, car rig photography is a useful technique for capturing dynamic shots of cars in motion, and can be used in a variety of contexts to showcase the performance and features of vehicles.

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Car Rig Equipment

These fantastic motion shots are achieved by using  car rigging equipment. Car Rigs comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with

  • Adjustable poles of varying length to suit the vehicle
  • Adjustable poles to suit the demands of the area view to be photographed.
  • Quality Suction Cup mechanisms to secure equipment to the car
  • Pole clamps
  • And importantly a secure camera mounts are crucial.

When the equipment is secure (remember the adage check twice it only needs to fall off once) the photography fun starts.

With car rig photography, car motion and camera shutter speeds, together these elements create fantastic motion shots that conjure an image of speed and motion.
Photography rigging is a popular tool used in automotive photography that attaches to the car or vehicle.  Achieving fantastic results by the physics of the car and camera moving in tandem.

Car Rig Photography

John Owen specialises in high detail, extremely sharp car and bike photography. He can achieve great shots either on location or in the studio.

John tells us  “Cool, sharp, breath taking – stunning rig shots take a special skill set and a good kit-bag of tricks. We use different rigs systems on cars dependent on the type of vehicle and the end effect required”.

Talk to John Owen he is a complete petrol head and passionate about taking images that capture the joy of the car or motorbike

Contact Andrew Goode an experienced business development professional who can help you commercialise car rig photography and to see further examples of great car rig photography.

car rig photography John Owen Photography website design blue dolphin
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Automotive Photographers Making Metal Look Sexy

What makes a good car picture

There are lots of people taking automotive photographs. The reason for this could be that to many cars are such an emotive item people / owners  want a photograph of the vehicle to provide a long term memory.

  • Whether its a picture of your current pride and joy,
  • A photograph to show off your first high performance vehicle,
  • Images of a lovingly restored vehicle
  • A picture that showcases both the vehicle and the driver
  • A sexy provocative image that can be used to sell products or grab attention

Automotive Photographers What Makes A Great One

For many people photography is a very subjective skill. To the automotive photographers who have spent days composing the shot, creating the ideal lighting conditions, identifying the correct props etc their great automotive photograph could appear as just a nice picture to a non photographer. With so many people having could quality digital cameras (outside of the millions with point and shoot digital cameras) what makes it that someone can create a high impact (in fact stunning) automotive image.
The following is possibly a list of what constitutes great automotive photographers

  • A passion not only for photography but equally a 100% petrol head
  • Somebody who understands design and branding and can associate the context in which a vehicle (and its owner) should be photographed
  • A people person who can get to understand what the vehicle means to the owner / user, and the sense of joy / fear / excitement that the vehicle provides
  • The photographer will also be a owner of high performance cars and motorbikes and will be able to understand the context of the vehicle
  • Someone with immense creative talent who can transform an automotive snap (that can be used as a screen save) into a monster canvas that you will want on the wall, that will enthuse you and others every time its viewed

Electric Truck Vehicles Economical, Quiet & Easy To Photograph

Electric Truck Vehicles Can Save You Money

Do you match one of the following scenarios.

  • You are a manufacturer with a large industrial single site or perhaps you have a number of large sites all located within a close geographic area (perhaps just tens of miles from one another)
  • You are a large single or multi sited university or college campus. With accommodation, halls of residence,  lecture rooms and theatres, workshops and a multitude of lecture rooms and stock rooms to keep stocked and operational
  • You are a facilities management company responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and general day to day running of a large science park, industrial estate or retail complex

In all the above cases you may well benefit from using an electric truck which would offer a number of significant advantages over an equivalent petrol or diesel vehicle

The advantages of an electric truck over an equivalent diesel utility vehicle in the above scenarios

  1. If you are typically driving up to 60 miles a day of short continuous stop start driving then an electric truck should from a fuel cost perspective will potentially yield a significantly lower running cost
  2. Electric vehicles are incredibly easy to drive, some typical comments about Fox EV electric trucks include
    • “The electric vehicles are so responsive it makes driving them a real pleasure”
    • “Having to travel around the campus both early morning and late at night the quiet operation of the electric truck makes it an ideal method of transport”
    • “The narrow width and excellent manoeuvrability of the Electric Trucks makes them ideal for using on pathways / narrow limited access areas unsuitable for  a larger diesel vehicle
    • “I love the fact that apart from putting on charge last thing, electric vehicles are virtually maintenance free”
    • “We need to use our vehicle to drive to sites throughout the city and the vehicle is great to drive on the road”

Car rig photography and other marketing activities

Car rig photography is a specialised technique used to capture dynamic shots of cars in motion. The process involves several steps, including:

  1. Planning: The first step in car rig photography is planning the shot. This involves deciding on the location, time of day, and type of shot you want to capture. You also need to decide on the type of rig you want to use.
  2. Rig setup: Once you have planned the shot, the next step is to set up the rig. A car rig typically consists of a camera mount, a suspension system, and a vehicle mounting system. The camera mount holds the camera securely in place, while the suspension system reduces vibrations and ensures a stable shot. The vehicle mounting system attaches the rig to the car.
  3. Camera setup: Once the rig is set up, the next step is to set up the camera. This involves adjusting the focus, aperture, and shutter speed to ensure the best possible shot.
  4. Safety checks: Before you start shooting, it’s important to perform safety checks to ensure that everything is secure and there is no risk of injury or damage to the equipment or the car.
  5. Shooting: Once everything is in place and the safety checks are complete, you can start shooting. The goal is to capture the car in motion from different angles and perspectives, using the rig to create dynamic shots.
  6. Post-processing: After the shoot, you may need to do some post-processing to enhance the final images. This may include adjusting the colour balance, exposure, and contrast, as well as removing any unwanted artifacts or distractions.

If you would like to know more about car rig photography contact Andrew Goode MBA, MSc, FCIM Click here to arrange a call

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car rig photography of a fantastic Renault 4

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