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Car Rig Photography

Car Rig Photography Get The Best Shot Of Your Vehicle

Car Rig Photography

Perhaps you’ve not heard the phrase “rig photography” before, but chance is you’ve almost certainly seen examples of it. It’s the technique used to capture those fantastic images of cars, vans or motorbikes that give the appearance of speeding down the open road. The type of images  you see in adverts selling premium quality cars.
Only it’s not half as dramatic as it looks. The cars aren’t speeding for starters. They have a long metal boom attached with a camera on the end and they are being pushed to minimise vibration.

Car Rig Photography

Car Rig Equipment

These fantastic motion shots are acheived by using  car rigging equipment. Car Rigs comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with

  • Adjustable poles of varying length to suit the vehicle
  • Adjustable poles to suit the demands of the area view to be photographed.
  • Quality Suction Cup mechanisms to secure equipement to the car
  • Pole clamps
  • And importantly a secure camera mounts are crucial.

When the equipment is secure (remember the adage check twice it only needs to fall off once) the photography fun starts.  With car rig photography, car motion and camera shutter speeds, together these elements create fantasic motion shots that cunjure an image of speed and motion.
Photography rigging is a popular tool used in automotive photography that attaches to the car or vehicle.  Acheiving fantastic results by the physics of the car and camera moving in tandem.

Car Rig Photography

John Owen specialises in high detail, extremely sharp car and bike photography. He can achieve great shots either on location or in the studio. John tells us  “Cool, sharp, breathtaking – stunning rig shots take a special skill set and a good kit-bag of tricks. We use different rigs systems on cars dependent on the type of vehicle and the end effect required”. For some examples of click here or talk to John Owen

Contact Andrew Goode an experienced business development professional who can help you commercialise car rig photography. To see further examples of how great photography can be used click here

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