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Blue Dolphin at BBH Expo 2022

BBH Expo 2022

The Brightfield Business Hub Expo on September 22nd featured a wide variety of Peterborough based businesses, Peterborough based experts delivering workshop / seminars and a secret millionaire

Mike Greene opened proceedings with a talk about business growth for SME’s and shared some interesting insights. The top 3 snippets I picked out were

  • Who do you spend your time with – you are the average of the 5 people you spend time with
  • How much time are you losing / wasting by being on social media? Careful management could save yo a working day per week!!
  • Marketing is a professional activity at the heart of your business. You need to understand your customers and their changing needs to survive and grow.

Seminar speakers at the event included Dez Calton from Optimyzd who covered Google Ads specifically for charities. Alan Todd from UK Centric Supply Chains spoke about factors impacting manufacturers. Andrew Good from Blue Dolphin presented n interactive workshop on how to improve the performance of your website

Brightfield business Hub Expo 2022 Blue Dolphin Exhibiting
Mike Greene Presenting at BBH Expo 2022 Blue Dolphin Exhibiting

Mike Greene – Secret Millionaire sharing his systems and secrets to success

Brightfield business Hub Expo 2022 Blue Dolphin Exhibiting digital security

The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre explaining the challenges to cyber security through Lego

Peterborough companies marketing

The Workout Hub winners of the BBH Expo Blue Dolphin Hamper. Ellie & Alise receiving the hamper from Judith Goode

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