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One Page Business Plan To Improve Your Business Performance

One Page Business Plan – Helping In Your Business  Development

One Page Business Plan The Key Elements

Setting The Scene

  1. For along time in business the rationale that if you write an objective down and put it in a highly visible place then you will have a greater chance of achieving it.
  2. If you wanted to take a journey to a new destination but you didn’t have a map or route then the likely hood of you reaching your destination quickly or efficiently The same is true within business if you don’t have a plan then what chance do you have in achieving your business objectives
  3. For many companies if the planning process is onerous or results in lengthy documentation then the chance is it will neither be completed or reviewed in the future
One Page Business Plan To Improve Your Business Performance

A One Page Business Plan developed by the business should therefore provide a number of benefits

    • The process to create a written plan means that you have something to refer to
    • Having to set targets / objectives now means that you have something to measure
    • Whilst a one page plan will still require some serious thinking, having some key headlines to work towards should be achievable

One page business plan key elements

There are 5 key elements within the plan

  • You need to identify the key results that you want the business to achieve over the month
  • The key sales drivers need to be identified and quantified. Examples of sales drivers could be
    • Number of quotations sent
    • Number of referrals gained
    • Number of new customers
    • Testimonials provided
    • etc
    • These will vary among every company
  • The key cost and cash drivers – these are the elements within the business that control costs. So for example within a consultancy the hours worked by each partner are key drivers
  • The key underlying success drivers – these could be letting employees explore new ways of working, development of added value customer service , or simply allowing staff to spend time seeing how they could do things differently
  • There needs to be a vision. This is the underpinning basis for why you are in business . As an example Coca Colas vision at one stage was to have its product within a specified distance x metres of over a x percentage of the worlds population.  

One Page Business Plan To Improve Your Business Performance

To get a written copy of the One Page Business Plan simply click here and Andrew Goode will send you one. If you would like more information about business planning , marketing strategy and business Development news click here

Business Plan Important Information

Banks appetite for funding

At a recent event the HSBC announced that they had allocated £100 million to support businesses in the Peterborough & Mid Lincolnshire. Importantly the HSBC are able to make quick decisions and over 70% of requests from micro sites are decided instantly. At the time of writing over 80% of formal borrowing requests are currently being approved. So if funding is available what does a lender look for in a plan.

What does a lender look for in a business plan

  • Details of your skills, how your business operates and your future goals
  • Confirmation of your own financial investment
  • Clarification on the purpose of the lending and how the investment will benefit
  • Confirmation on how you evaluated the amount of money required

A business plan will

  • Help to define your business strategy
  • Identify the next steps for business
  • Identify and plan for cash flow peaks and troughs
  • Help you clarify strategy to others

Appetite for Growth

  • 75% of businesses report an ambition to grow over the next 3 years
  • 15% indicate a substantive growth ambition
  • The department for business innovation and skills conducted research in understanding growth in small business and identified 3 key areas sectors that impact
    • The Market: i.e. competition and finance
    • Vision : i.e. Planning and risk
    • Capacity: i.e staff, cash, skills and premises


Businesses that achieve growth have

    • Faith that business improvements yield benefits
    • Capability to implement improvements
    • Realise their full potential
    • Have the appropriate mindset
    • A desire to grow and follow through on actions
    • A determination to grow which can be clearly demonstrated through their ambition, opportunity and capacity for growth

Peterborough Opportunity City Future Expectations

I attended a recent Opportunity Peterborough bondholders meeting and was fascinated to hear the following predictions. Below is a summary of some of the key business benefits that the council and OP are confident that will be in place by 2025

      • The east coast rail system will be significantly improved with the HS1 upgrade by 2019 where the 150 mph trains will get us from Peterborough to Kings Cross in 38 minutes. Thus providing significant opportunities for Peterborough businesses to do more in London
      • 25,000 houses will be built in the city by 2025
      • The city will definitely get its own university. Hopefully this will eventually materialise meaning that Peterborough isn’t playing second fiddle to its local neighbours
      • The city will continue with its progress as a smart city

With great aspirations it looks like the next 10 years in Peterborough could be very exciting for businesses

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